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  1. thankyou for the information dx, my 1st step would be to request a SAR. Also does anyone know about this five star policy is it like for like or new for old, on their website its called brightcare now and that is new for old but since my item is from 2014 its kind of confusing. thankyou
  2. Well ive phoned them and they said the item would have to be like for like and that it will be a 3 year old washer the same as ours. They refuse to fix ours which looks brand new. Im confused regarding the like for like and if that is acceptable, I have been paying for the five star package since 2014 and thankgod I have only 2 weeks left, If only I could claim back all that five star insurance they told me I had to have or no item.
  3. hi sorry to say I haven't got my agreement contact from 2014, im not sure they even gave me one all I have is statement of credit agreement from jan 2017. My agrrement is from 2014 which it is like for like swap as stated on their agreements before 2017. she is saying that they cant replace it because the item is 3 years old and worth zero and that they cant find a machine 3 years old to replace it with.
  4. Hello. Had a whirlpool washing machine off brighthouse which I have been paying for 3 years with insurance cover and only have 2 weeks left to pay. The washing machine bearings have gone and brighthouse sent a guy to fix it and he said they will right it off and left a form. I contacted brighthouse and the lady said because it is 3 years old she is having trouble replacing it and would I like a new one with a reduce price which I refused. Now the lady is saying if it is replaced it will be one that is 3 years old. I am a bit confused on their website it states if they cant fix the item they will replace with new. She also said because our washer is now 3 years old that it is not worth anything and the price for it now is zero and she doesnt think she can find a like for like. I need to phone them back tomorrow so any advice would be great thankyou.
  5. Hi, The CAB said i will have to take it up with the council office and try and get them to take weekly payments which i did and basically the council said it now stays in the hands of the bailiffs and even though i am willing to pay £20 a week it needs to be cleared in full. The debt is so high because we have ignored it basically it has been coming out of our wages but with us working part time it just has been building up over the years. We both work part time because we have 4 kids the youngest being only 19 months and was born 3 months premature with all kinds of problems with her brain,so we work it so i work at night and my parnter works during the day so one of us is always the for our youngest child,The other 3 go primary school and someone needs to be there when they finish school. We get working familys credit to boost our money up but we are always short of money due to have four kids and i simply can not find this type of money to pay the bailiffs off. I just dont no which way to turn do i let the bailiffs in as my only options and levy our goods or do i not let them in and face imprisonment. Also would seeing a solicitor help in any way? thanks..
  6. I Currently Have with standing council tax arrears of £3.640 and the debt has been passed on to Dukes bailiffs ltd. I have had a bailiff come to my door which i did not let in and provide me with the letters with the debt explaining they are instructed to enforce the court order. I contacted the bailiffs by telephone and explained me and my partner only work part time and we have 4 kids and are on family credit and could only afford £20 a week to clear the debt off and basically they have said i have 7 days to pay the full ammount or they want to come and do a walking possesion to levy goods.This will leave me and my kids in hardship if it is carried out and im not prepared to let them in. I contacted the council explaining our situation and they say there is nothing they can do and it now stops at the bailiffs even if im willing to pay it off weekly at £20,they also told me if it does come back to them they will apply for imprisonment. My partner currently has council tax took out of her wages but she like me is only part time so its to little. I have been to the CAB and they can not help me so i have no were to turn,I have a solicitors appointment to see if they can help but i very much doubt it. I just do not know what to do it is killing me with worry,Is my only option to let the bailiffs in and do a walking procession and take what little goods we own? Any advice would be great thanks..
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