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  1. Many thanks for your help. One last thing, should I do a SAR to the supplier to get the account details to validate the discrepency in amount or just submit the set aside request?
  2. Unfortunately I do not have the corresponding paperwork for the solictor. However I would have thought it was for a final bill as that is the correct amount.
  3. One hopefully is easier as it is for the wrong amount, by about £80. The solicitors one I was hoping to dispute as I did not receive the paperwork and they know it because they rang me at a my mother's house where I had temporarily moved to while me and the Mrs split up for a few months (stress of the whole situation!). Yet they served it to my home address when they knew I did not live there at the time.
  4. Thanks for that. I do have reasonable arguement for set aside as neither company had a credit agreement with me and as such I was incapable of defaulting. I accept I owe them the money for which I am willing to pay. I guess if they can't set it aside on my behalf I will have to go through the courts. Thanks
  5. Ok can I put this another way? What is the likelihood of the companies I owe money to agreeing to remove the CCJ if I offer to make payment in full? And is this possible?
  6. Ok this is a brief history of my last 4 years so you can see where I am coming from. My business collapsed in late 2007 leaving me in all sorts of financial problems. The problems compounded themselves with my stupid decisions to take out more finance etc. Well having struggled through all manner of things including using the dreaded Log book loan companies and losing my car and payday (read crazy interest) loans I am happy to say I have now reached the position where I have paid all my debts in full apart from 2. I was so stressed by various things at the time that I didn't res
  7. Hi all I hope someone can give me advice on this as I've trawled the other threads and can't find the answer. Basically the story is this: I had a Ltd company which took a lease on a premises, however I wound that company up "a franchise" and tried to go as a sole trader in my own name to rescue some of my losses. After 9 months I admitted defeat and closed the business. Now the tenancy for the premises was to my Ltd company and the non domestic rates were too. Upon changing from a ltd company to a sole trader the council changed my addressee for my non domestic rates to me. As I was in
  8. I hope someone can help me. I took out a loan with mobile money over 6 months. Unfortunately on the 6th month I couldn't afford to pay the balance and as such had their representatives wait outside my house to take the car away. I obviously did not return home as tipped off by my neighbours. They say they have reported the car stolen to the police and I will be arrested if seen driving the car and have to give it to them immediately. Can they do this?
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