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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for the warning. From now on I am going to be very careful with overdraft limits. I opened another current account with the Alliance and Leicester, I am not going to be with LLoyds for much longer. MJ replied positively to my request for a revised settlement contract. I have posted the signed copy back to them. Now I shall see how long it takes for my account to be credited. For all those who are worried, stop worrying. The money was fraudulently taken from your accounts. Demand it back and stick to your guns.
  3. This is the response I sent this morning: Dear Sirs: I refer to the settlement offer you have sent me. I confirm that this is agreed subject to the following:- 1. the amount of the claim be increased to include the interest accrued since the claim was submitted on 11 May 2006, to the present date. (See attached revised schedule of charges); 2. the deletion of clause 4. Yours faithfully,
  4. I've just read that it is Stafford. Remember you agreed and Lloyds agreed an overdraft limit. If you passed the agreed limit the contract has been broken.
  5. You will need a copy of the Mc Namarra interview on CD and a transcript. A copy of these should be sent to the solicitors acting for Lloyds. You need to make a clear case stating that the charges applied to your account are penalty charges not service charges. The interview with McNamarra explains that the charges are necessary to cover the expense of running free banking. Several members of this forum have requested the recordings of their telephone calls to Lloyds, in which customer services have confirmed that the charges are penalties. Ask the moderators for copies of these reco
  6. You are the antagonist, if you want to stop the agony write to the court and say you wish to withdraw your claim. Lloyds cannot stop it. In my case, I waited until the last day until I submitted the allocation questionaire, as soon as Lloyds received it they offered me a settlement for the full amount. This isn't a murder trial, no one is going to prison. I would advise you stick to your guns. Unless you are finding that the stress outweighs £5000.
  7. Thanks for the advice. I forgot to check with the Court on Friday, but today, Saturday, I received a letter from Martineau Johnson. Two pages explain why they will win and why I my claim is unreasonable in the eyes of the law. A further two pages offers my money back as long as I agree to their terms. These terms are that I must maintain my account within the agreed limit, that payment will be full and final settlement of this claim and that the terms of this agreement should remain confidential. I am going to write back on Monday, asking for the outstanding accrued interest since the cla
  8. Hi, I gave the customer services department a ring on 0845 300 0000.
  9. Today I recieved confirmation from the County Court that my Allocation questionaire has been processed. Lloyds have still not put theirs in, although the deadline was last Friday. If they are still dragging their feet by this Friday I'll see what the court can do about it.
  10. Hi, Congratulations on your win. It just occurred to me that you might have written to the County Court to say that you wish to terminate proceedings before receiving your money from Lloyds. You haven't done that, have you?
  11. Try making the same request under the Data Protection Act. I am suggesting this, as I know that the Metropolitain Police have a duty to provide transcripts of the calls you have made to them and which they record, if asked for under the DPA and accompanied by the usual £10.
  12. Hi, This is the final version I submitted. I tried to post it as an attachment but I couldn't get it to work. Hope it is useful. 1. The Defendant is a high street bank. The Claimant has had with the Defendant a current account, number ????????, sort code: ??????, with a personal overdraft presently set at £????, since 24 November 1992. 2. Between 27 April 2000 and 3 April 2006 the Defendant deducted various amounts in respect of: ‘unauthorised borrowing fees’/‘overdraft usage fees’/‘overdraft excess fees’. These were at first levied daily and later monthly, if the account debit balan
  13. Lloyds have filed an acknowledgement of claim with the County court. This now gives them until the 16 June to file a defence. I wonder if Lloyds are paying their solicitiors per letter, as would be the norm. If they are this must be costing them £10,000s. Having said that I am unsure how much a defence prepared by a solicitor costs. Does £200 sound normal? Has anyone been to a solicitor for a quote on what the fees would be?
  14. Hi, That is wonderful news, I'm so glad you posted your success.
  15. p.s. I reworked the version I posted. If it is the part. of claim you were thinking of, I can post the final version I submitted.
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