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  1. Hello all! I have a credit card debt with GE Money (Paypal credit card) of approx. £3000 (the limit on the card was £2500 but last I knew charges etc had taken it up to around £3k). I missed some payments and had a few default notices, and they barred my access to the online payment facility. I then moved house, called them up and made a token payment and told them my new address. They seemingly never updated my address or did it incorrectly because I never heard from them again (and couldn't make any payments - I couldn't do it online, I wasn't getting statements/payment slips in the mail, kept failing security when I called on the phone - probably because of whatever they had updated my address as). I then went travelling in Australia and by the time I get home I will have been out of the UK for a year and it will have been around 18 months since I last made a payment. While I was still getting letters from them it appeared to have been passed to a few debt collection agencies - but Paypal/GE Money themselves still took a payment from me over the phone, so I am guessing these were in-house debt collection agencies. But when I get home, I would like to repay this debt. How do I find out who 'owns' this debt? Do I just call up GE Money themselves and ask? If they've sold it on, does it mean I definitely can't repay it directly to them? If it has been sold to a debt collection agency - how do I ensure that once I pay them, no-one else turns up asking for me to repay the same debt again (original creditor, other DCAs etc)?
  2. After a bit of reading, I decided on the following: I hope to at least get them passing it about a bit more, hopefully some more gaps with no contact from any DCA, until I can get my own place in a few months. That way they wont call/send letters to my boyfriend's parent's house, they can send them to mine, and I can go about my business ignoring them completely.
  3. I have been receiving "threat-o-grams" from Debt Managers LTD, Scotcall & Wescot regarding a supposed debt to Lloyds TSB for approximately £450. I had an overdraft with Lloyds TSB but this was paid off in full (using a student loan installment paid into the account) and I then opened a new account with Bank of Scotland (Lloyds TSB were refusing to give me a student account because they said my HND college course didn't 'count', ha. Despite the regular payments of student bursary & student loan into the account). Since then there have been no payments into the Lloyds TSB account, and no withdrawals, I also didn't have any direct debits etc at all. I imagine, if this debt even does exist (I have heard nothing from Lloyds TSB regarding the account, 2 years ago I moved address though and didn't give them my new one, I didn't see the point as the account wasn't active at all with a balance of £0 as far as I am concerned and I had no plans to ever use it again) that it has built up somehow starting from an unpaid bank charge I wasn't aware of. I can't think of any other explanation. I ignored Debt Managers LTD, but Scotcall (I'm sure it was just Debt Managers LTD in disguise though) started threatening doorstep visits, and as I am living with my boyfriend & his parents I thought it best to do something, so I sent them the following via email: They gave up fairly quickly, replying the next morning: Ahh, I find the fact all their pretend employees are named after colours amusing. I didn't hear anything else about the matter until recently, when Wescot started writing to me, and calling the house as well (no idea how they got the phone number). Now my boyfriend's parents know about it, which is embarrassing, but they agree that demanding money without explaining what the debt is supposedly for is ridiculous. If someone came up to me in the street and demanded £450 without explanation, I'd tell them to take a run & jump. So I sent the following to Wescot by email & also in letter form for them to sign for: Rather infuriatingly they replied the next day with the following: Obviously I'm not going to do their own jobs for them, but I'm not entirely sure how to approach this & what to say in reply - any suggestions?
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