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  1. hi there thanks for responding. i have had loads of credit in the past 10 yrs and paid everything , so really i should be able to get credit anytime . i just dont understand as to why im getting refused and not getting any reason to why im being refused . whom do i see or contact to find out why i keep getting refused . mr cred report from experian tells me im clear . thanks ad
  2. Hi can someone help me with this please. i have a clear credit history through checks with credit expert , yet when i apply for credit ie mortgage i am being declined due to poor credit score . i am totaly flabbergasted and dont know where to go to find out whats causing this problem . no one will ever give me the reason to why i have failed credit check . can someone advise me where to go from here much appreciated thanks ad
  3. hi all my situation is . i have a teenage daughter to which i have ,you could say joint custody of. now to book leave i have to contact childs mother in which turn she need to sort out her booking at work . we cannot plan this as there would be other people involved . ie in laws and so on . now when it comes nearer to the skool holiday time we can then start to work round family and ourselves to who can look after her as and when . now when it comes to me and my place , theres no leave at them times . so how am i supposed to look after my daughter . not only in this situation but in others too . ie i dont hardly take leave and have loads of days available yet on our leave list i can have one full day in the next 3 months or 2 half days in that period . i will have loads of leave left when it comes to the year end and can only carry so many forward and will lose the rest . surey something can be done about this . i have not been able to book a days leave for the past 3 months too .. our leave system is based on hours. example if some one wants an hour off, that full leave day has gone !! please help
  4. hi there yeah ,checked both all seems ok . when you say coincidence .all was ok before it went to the dealers ,but once drove out of there it happens . so im in a dilema now on what to do . what arguement would or can they have ?
  5. hi all took my car (307 peugeot) to dealership for recall and the whole electronics system renewing . they say thy have done this . i was driving my car home form the dealers and was in rush hour traffic when the temperature gauge started rising fast .it graduall got upto 2/3 s when i got to my destination. left it for a day then took it on motorway run . when i started car it the gauge went upto 1/3 staright away .then on high speed just below half way . tthen when in stand still traffic ,it rose to 2/3 again .. something tells me this is the fans . now all was well before it went in for these repairs . the question i need to ask . who would be liable to pay for this is , is it the dealers or myself . thanks ad
  6. well heres an update for all those who read this and all i can say is just be patient and persistant . Thanks to all the guys and [email protected] CAG for all your assistance and giving me the confidence to take these people on .In normal circumstances i would have cracked and gave in . lowells/barcalycard - no cca lowells/ cap 1 - letter to say they will leave me alone( not enforcable) lowells/ halifax - no cca just got two little small battles with AKTIV not sure on these ones, as one is for carpet world i think and dixons . if these are store issues are they the same proceedures as credit cards ?..can i CCA on these ?,they may even be SB as they are that long ago ad
  7. ok found that its not a CCj . the situation now is that i requested a CCA and recieved a application form with no prescribed terms (30 days after it was signed for ).yet they have still persited in sending me letters . whats concerning me is this TAKE NOTICE that legal proceedings are currently being prepared to be sent to court for service upon you .Should you want to avoid this happening you should contact us within the next 3days to arrange settlement of your debt and them saying that they are sending no more correspondence regarding this matter. will they be taking me to court ? and will sending this template be too late ? Account no xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Re: my request under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ad
  8. will the courts be able to give me the info if i have no full reference for it (ref number) ? if i give them an estimated time of when it happened would they give me the info? also can experian be able to retrieve the info , surley they must recognise what lowells took over . thnks for the tip by the way , i will delete info straight away
  9. im sure it was dealt with back in 2002 with northampton courts(deafulted then). now lowells have taken over the debt it does not state it on my experian report . so now i have no information regarding the debt at all and its history im worried that they are to start a claim, this is the letter TAKE NOTICE that legal proceedings are currently being prepared to be sent to court for service upon you .Should you want to avoid this happening you should contact us within the next 3days to arrange settlement of your debt now this comes across that its not a ccj - so im a bit confused . also the letter ddint come till after 3days .so i cannot contact them in time . and when i do it will be by letter its well over the timescale .
  10. ok that letter you supplied would be appropriate if its not a ccj , but if its a ccj then that wouldnt make a difference , like you say ccjs dont go away . am i right ?
  11. odc - they bought this debt from halfax in nov 07 (shows on experian). im 99% sure it was a ccj back in 2002 . i requested a ccj ,but was sent application forms (the usual, no prescibed terms and so on ).. if it is a ccj - what do i do if its not been ccj d - what do i do. thanks
  12. thanks for that .. i wouldnt mind im offering payment too .so why all the hassle . one last thing i need to ask . if a ccj has been actioned but has not been persued for payemnt in the 6 year term and is removed of your credit report, can it still be chased up by a dca ? i have two that is up (6yrs)in may and oct will clear of experian .what would my future be regarding these 2 ccjs . thanks
  13. just to add they have stated that no further reminders will sent .
  14. ODC - lowells notice of intention to issue county court claim . answer to your question . i sent this letter to them to them two week ago and got intention to issue a county court claim today With reference to the above agreement and outstanding I did request a original copy of a CCA to which you did not comply by sending me an application form with no prescribed terms .Also may I add from checks that the amount outstanding was £xxxx ,yet it is now £xxxx. I am willing to sort this out with yourselves even though you have not provided evidence of the original debt (how much the debt was taken out for and when payments were made) .But also I want to know the reason why this amount has risen by £30.51. I am willing to set up a standing order starting the date of xxxx, consisting of 1x £xxx 10x £xxx 1x £xxxor £xxx if there is a substantial reason as to why you had not complied with the above and why the charges had been placed. I look forward to hearing from you with an agreement with your account details enclosed for standing order to be set up. the agrement im offering is very good and if went to court i would proberbly get the payments down even less . The question is the 3 days are up (only recived the letter today) . so will they now proceed with court ?
  15. hi there . by experian its £xxx , but according to lowells its £xxx. Its for a county court judgement back in 2002 (halifax card)and this is what is outstanding . I requested the history, they sent me application forms . i sent a letter and proposed an agreement to which i have had no response . my letter above is the one i want to send now , but need to know from you guys if its ok and no too threatening and will they proceed now with court as its been over the three days ? thanks
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