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  1. The contact number mentioned is for a recruitment company, so you'd have to ring them to find out the specific details of who it actually is? I believe Mercers are meant to be based in Liverpool - could it be them?
  2. So its a recruitment company you have to contact before-hand.... Obviously the DCA doesnt have the guts to say who they actually are upfront
  3. It would be interesting to ring up & find out just what company it is doing the advertising exactly?
  4. I might ring up to apply for it & when they ask me to tell them about myself...i'll mention that im a member of CAG
  5. Ive just clicked on the original link above & it took me straight to the vacancy - so i havent a clue whats going on there
  6. Right sorry...i dont know whats happened there as it was showing up ok before i posted the link? Anyway the ref number is WSQ/125175 if you want to read or apply for it yourself I like the bit were debtors are described as "Delinquent customers"
  7. Errr thats odd...it was ok before????? I ll check & get back to you all with what it said asap
  8. Yes its a standard nonsense reply..they need to supply the CCA = end of.
  9. I had these on my case last year for a short while...they are easily disposed of when told in no uncertain terms were to go.
  10. Ive always been of the impression that credit files/ratings are not worth the paper they are printed on anyway. It took years for the myth that debt collection companies had powers over people to be shattered. This is yet another myth that has some way to go before being fully shattered as well
  11. That grabbed your attention http://www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk/Internet/jobDetails.do Anyway..from reading the details of this vacancy, you get the impression thats what they really mean
  12. More chance of Lord Lucan turning up than anyone from these clowns...
  13. I wonder what other obscure sections of the Consumer Credit Act there is just waiting to be exploited?
  14. TC247... I appreciate that you are in state of worry/panic tonight, but you really have nothing to be worried about here. You are getting good advice from all the Caggers here, so with the greatest respect - please take a deep breath, relax & follow what is being said to you here.
  15. No do not get into any conversations with them - do not answer security questions & if they keep on ringing just blow a whistle down the phone or something like that....or just leave the phone by the side without hanging up, it will be their bill.
  16. This lot have no legal powers over you whatsoever & can simply be told to go away. Only a county court has the power to obtain money off you. If they dont go away, then report them to all the authorities that i mentioned before.
  17. The government will simply end up causing chaos all round as it does with everything it attempts these days. Thank goodness they will be kicked out next June.
  18. Refuse to answer security questions when they ring - insist everything in writing only. Report them to the OFT,trading standards & the police (not 999) if they dont stop harrassing you after being told to go away.
  19. I wouldnt be suprised if ACS were in the process of closing up shop at the moment given what a farcical failure this has all been for them...
  20. Section 140A eh?....hmmmm might be worth while the Caggers looking furthur into that
  21. Mandleson & his hated government are heading for an almighty defeat at the next general election anyway. As for ACS - i suspect either the photo copy machine has been worn out or the postal strike is having an effect on them?
  22. They say it will be passed onto a debt collection agency - oh how deluded they are
  23. Alot of judges are senile old fools & havent a clue what they are going about. It all depends on the judge you get on the day as well - its random pot luck were thats concerned. Fear not anyway, if worst comes to worst - you wont be made to pay back anymore than can be afforded after all outgoings are taken into account.
  24. The 1st rule is to refuse to answer security questions. They'll soon get bored when they realise they are getting nowhere with you.
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