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  1. Which ever way you look at it...Guy fawlkes was a terrorist & we are effectivley celebrating an act of terrorism Anyway..seeing as it was our own parliament he tried to blow up, then he can be excused
  2. When i phoned before, they told me that it was just "1 of their incentives"...the mind boggles at to what the others are?
  3. So they send you a threatogram to say that they will pass your account to another threat department....amazing that 1st Credit
  4. Well just PM me one of the account numbers ODC...knowing 1st Crud, it wont bother them if the personal/security details are not correct, they'll just want payment regardless
  5. Lowells/Red/Hampton Legal are all the same company, just different desks in the Leeds losers threat centre...
  6. I recommend everyone reading this thread ringing them up before the close of business tonight & asking for a free tv
  7. Well i just phoned 1st Credit to ask if i could have a free tv....but they said i needed to have an account with them
  8. Well done Proof if ever needed that DCA's are full of cr*p & when it comes to their threats & simply cave in when it comes to the crunch so to speak...
  9. The DCA's make laws up as they go along. Its a culture shock to them when they are forced to comply with real laws
  10. If the last payment made was on or before 5/11/2003 then its stat barred = end of. Report these BCW clowns to the OFT.
  11. Solicitors have no legal powers over you whatsoever - only an actual court does. Its not for them to say what you must do etc... If they dont go away, then report from to all the authorites.
  12. Well thats nice to know...is any of your debt legally enforcable though?
  13. I have a great idea for Lowells... Why dont they buy back their own account & then the account is theirs.
  14. Anyone else being contacted by this lot at the moment? They seem to flit in & out of my life every so many months and now they are back on the scene
  15. Hows about they give you the gift 1st before you make any payment?
  16. If they got the person to answer the security questions, then they'd be able to discuss it
  17. Perhaps the court bailiffs might be a better idea
  18. Now you have to contact them to ask for their permission for furthur time to pay due to the postal strikes Today is the second day of the two day national walk out, after months of smaller strikes, and there are more strikes planned for the coming weeks, with the next ones expected on 29 October 2009. It is anticipated that there will be more frequent strikes as the run up to Christmas continues. As instructed by our clients, we have issued further claims against alleged copyright infringers. Should the defendants wish to contest the claim and file a defence, there are deadlines
  19. MH are full of nonsense, ignore them & they soon go away.
  20. Things must be really bad inside the DCA industry right now that they havent even got the courage to advertise directly themselves anymore
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