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  1. You need not do anything. Its for them to prove you owe a debt, not for you to prove that you dont. If you get any more aggro then just post back here & you'll get plenty of help
  2. Could be another weapon to use against the DCA's? CURIA - Contacts
  3. Firstly stop speaking to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they ring you. Its up to them to prove that you owe a debt. He wouldnt send you anything coz chances are theyve got no proof whatsoever. Do nothing for now & if you hear anything else from them, then just report back here for assistance
  4. I suspect he had to go rushing to the manager to ask "What do i say to this awkward customer ive got on the phone here who keeps asking questions that he shouldnt"
  5. Yes thats all it is..the standard DCA bulls*it full of if's & maybe's
  6. Report them to the OFT, trading standards & the info commissoner...just to really put the cat amongst the pigeons for them
  7. Its amazing how these DCA monkeys cannot answer questions for themselves either.... On numerous occassions, he had to put me on hold whilst he went away to get an answer to something straightforward that i was asking him
  8. Looks like 1st Credit are not doing well from that report..too busy giving away TV sets
  9. Advantis have no legal rights to any personal info off you whatsoever. Refuse to answer security questions if they ring you...
  10. I decided to ring BCW this morning to see how my "account" is getting along Anyway - i ended up in a bit of chat with them & was acting all innocent/pretending not to know anything etc.. I was told that BCW are "officially governed by the OFT" - his words I originally asked them (all innocently) how i can stop them from holding any info on me whatsoever, to which his response was that they can do that & the individual in question has no say in the matter effectivley and after i started mentioning the likes of the OFT etc..thats when he said that they were governed by them 8)
  11. This will be stand up comedy at its best
  12. Refuse to answer their security questions & make an official complaint about them to all the relevant authorities.
  13. When will these DCA clowns ever learn eh
  14. If any of their doorstep collectors turn up (highly unlikely) then simply tell them to go away & call police if they refuse.
  15. Do not set up any payment plan with a DCA - they lie,cheat,bully & generally act shoddy all round. What youve been told by Wesclot is standard bluster full of if's, could's & maybe's. They have no powers to any money off you whatsover - only a court does.
  16. I agree with the principle that if you have the money to repay then you should repay it, however if you dont - then the court system is there is assist you/help you out & until then, the DCA's can bog off effectivley.
  17. DCA's dont do court, its not in their best interests to take anyone there as it will cost them money & the court would be on your side in terms of whats in your best interests..not the DCA's. They just rely on the threat of going there in the hope that it frightens you into paying up. They are now realising that people are not frightened anymore.
  18. They have no powers whatsoever..if anyone turn up (highly unliklely) then just tell them to leave & call the police if they refuse.
  19. Stop talking to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they phone you. They have no legal powers over you whatsoever.
  20. Standard nonsense by the Wescot muppets... They have not supplied the CCA = no enforcable debt = no payments = report them to the authorities. "Normal collection activity" just means more threatograms
  21. I havent had one of these letters personally, but if i had...they would get 1 LOD & then that would be the end of it. On the end id put something like "No furthur correspondence will be entered into" Thats because i know how the legal system as a whole works more so than alot of other people on here & i say that with the greatest respect... The next time they would ever hear from me would be via a county court room in a, take me there or p*ss off sort of way.
  22. Its just a game of letter ping pong you have to engage in with these clowns..they say you did it, you say you didnt....and so on
  23. I was gonna go to a display tonight..but ive just took one look outside and weather is horrible....so would rather stay in.
  24. People in this country moan about there being a recession etc....yet they've no shortage of money to spend on fireworks
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