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  1. Fools No CCA = no enforcable debt = no payments = end of. Report them to the OFT & trading standards if you wish....
  2. Scotcall wont actually do anything other than send threatograms & try to scare you into paying up. They have no legal powers to any money whatsoever. Tell them to get lost & if they dont, report them to the OFT and trading standards.
  3. They werent undertaking any collections activity in the 1st place anyway..so theyve got nothing to cease..all they were doing is sending threatograms
  4. They should put a limit on how much can be won on these lottos. It is just rediculous when it rolls over constantly & someone gets a big pay out like that. Great for them that theyve won it etc....but it just makes a mockery of everything in this country when something like that happens.
  5. Its not them personally that im having ago at....its just the whole principle of the thing, that people can just be handed £45M in an instant when the rest of the country is suffereing.
  6. The media make me sick as well - they are lavishing so much praise & attention on them, yet dont give a second thought to the millions in this country with nothing.
  7. Call it jealousy,envy etc....more than happy to admit that. But in all seriousness though...dont you just think its just a bit peverse that somebody wins £45M in an instant like these euro lotto winners just have when the country is struggling in the worst recession ever. For them the recession is well and truely over - but for millions others, they struggle on to another day
  8. Firstly stop phoning them & refuse to answer security questions if they ring you. Everything must be in writing only. It will cost them money to take you to court, thats why they get all aggressive with you and want payment asap. Its not for them to say what they will or wont accept - its upto you to offer what you can afford (even if thats a £1 per month) A county court would not make you pay anything more than you can afford after all outgoings are taken into account. Do not worry about bailiffs - only court bailiffs can turn up & that would only be as a last resort after y
  9. They will only escalate their tactics if they sense they are getting to you, with the greatest respect. Once you start telling them to sod off a few times, they'll soon give up and pick on someone else. The CAB are a fat lot of use in reality..."write to them" they say - oh that will really get them off your back Follow all advise given on here to you so far - just report back here if and when you need to & you'll be fine
  10. It is anti social behaviour which ever way you look at it & this government have made a big issue of that in recent years. Perhaps the DCA's can even be given ASBO's
  11. I dont know these 2 personally, but no doubt they are part of the same set up in some capacity. The tenticles of the DCA industry speads far & wide
  12. Companies only want to "help" customers as to whats in the best interests of that companies profits....usually
  13. In reality its nothing more than the postman delivering these silly cards & the DCA makes it look like it was them that visited & missed you....
  14. They clutch at straws in whatever way they can to secure a payment. No CCA = no payments = end of.
  15. Never have such a company with such a name....in reality actually have no power whatsoever
  16. Im sure consumer direct mean well (just like the CAB) but in truth, they do not understand the real world & how things really happen etc... I would report the DCA to the OFT & trading standards. Also consider reporting them to your local police (not 999) - usually they can be warned off in that way. Oh & refuse to answer security questions if and when they do ring.
  17. The CRA's are the DCA's best buddies, so are only too willing to assist them when it comes to things like this. The good news is...they can find out how many spots you have on your back for all it matters, they are legally not entitled to a penny off you - only a court is.
  18. When they say "Disregarded", do they mean that you took 1 look at their page of s*ite and then just tore it up....
  19. BCW are idiots...they are harrassing me at the moment & i am just giving them the run around in every way possible. I even feel sorry for them sometimes that i ring up to see how my account is & have a chat about it
  20. That has to be one of the naffest threatograms ive ever seen...by any DCA standards
  21. Refuse to answer security questions when they ring.
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