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  1. Everytime a DCA sends out threatening letters/or makes a phone call to someone who has a debt...how much does it cost that company on a monthly/annual basis? If everyone simply ignored these DCA's - surely they would go out of business eventually as their overheads would become too much...
  2. They really are such idiots that they actually would reduce it to 0.00 & still threaten legal action to recover that amount - no doubt with a standing order mandate....
  3. Along with all the other nonsense i get from Meritforce...i seem to get alot of "reduced settlement offers" - does anyone else get these? My original debt is for 6 & half thousand. They've reduced it to 5 and a half, 5 exactly, down to 4 and a half, even furthur down to 4......back up to the original amount, down again,up again...you get the idea. On each occassion they state how generous their offer is & say that no such "kind" offer will be made again. I'll tell you what MeritFARCE - write to me saying your reducing it to 0.00 and then i'll agree to that
  4. Hi... I know exactly what MH will do, they will pass your case onto Meritforce (same company) who will then start sending you letters including standing order mandates which you havent asked for & wanting differing amounts paid on various dates. Trust me...i'm having so much fun with MH/Meritforce at the moment. They are useless with a capital U
  5. 3 different letters ive received off them in the past few weeks, each with a standing order mandate for differing amounts to be paid on specific dates. The fools cant even decide how much they want paying Each one has been tore up & put in the bin of course.... But i wish they'd get a grip
  6. Would you like a friendly bet that we will get to this time next year & still no action will have been took?
  7. Is this "company" an expert is threatening things if never actually does? For about a year or so now, they've been threatening me with door step visits & legal actions. 12 months on....still nothing, other than "we intend to take legal action"
  8. I tried to apply for a loan with these on-line, that was until i discovered that they charge a fee which horrified me as i dont pay upfront fees for any loan. I rang them to say "thanks but no thanks" effectivley, but ever since ive been getting text messages every day telling me to contact them so the loan can be processed etc... Errrr...excuse me but i told them i didnt want to go ahead with it - so why wont they take no for an answer?
  9. I've had a basic bank account with them for about 6/7 years now & recently they approved me for their ultimate reward current account. They gave me a small overdraft on it as well to start off with. Now correct me if im wrong...but banks dont issue current accounts easily, if they thought you were a risk etc...i assume they would decline you? So...i thought i'd push my luck a bit & try for a small loan with them of which they declined. Just wondering why im considered good enough for a current account & overdraft but not for a loan with them?
  10. They honestly dont bother me to be honest as i know how the legal system works & how to use it/twist it to my advantage if need be 8-) They'd had no response from me whatsoever like i said - i just get the letter, read it & then tear it up straight into the bin :grin: If it ever got to the stage were it did actually go to court - i would just cry poverty and end up paying £1 per month of which legally that can be done so i discovered. On a £7000 debt - can you imagine how long that would take to pay off? I'd still be paying it off in the afterlife & the afterlife after tha
  11. I've read alot of threads on here referring to a company called Meritforce who are apparently Mackenzie Hall, who are apparently 1st Credit.....blah blah Anyway...they have been sending me letters for a debt since the start of this year threatening legal action,door step visits...the lot. We are now at the end of November & still nothing I fully admit that i do owe the debt, but it must be well coming towards that magic 6 year mark In that time...they've had no response from me in any way shape or form. I've lost count of the amount of standing order letters ive received off t
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