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  1. Is there an authority Moorcroft can be reported to for wasting paper?
  2. I would also consider making a complaint for seemingly trying to influence you before going into the court room
  3. Lowells/Red & Hamptons are the same company and well known on here. Dont speak to them on phone & refuse to answer security questions if they ring you. Report them to the OFT/trading standards
  4. Make a complaint to your local police (not 999 as of now) & get a crime reference number etc... Give them as much details as you possibly can and they will be obliged to look into it as the public servants they are - refuse to be shrugged off by them. The man tresspassed & made you feel threatened/intimidated - there are laws against that last time i looked. This rogue needs to be flushed out and taught a lesson
  5. Their threatogram machine is programmed to churn out this daily threat nonsense without even stopping to think before they programme it
  6. Stop speaking to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they phone you. As you are already paying the OC..then this lot to get stuffed and report them to the OFT/trading standards etc..
  7. No CCA = no enforcable debt = no payments = end of. Report them to the OFT and trading standards.
  8. Firstly do not speak to DCA's on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if any phone you. They are sneaky to the core - will tell you one thing and then do something else. I would recommend making an official complaint about the situation to the likes of the OFT,trading standards, the info commissoner..the lot of them/more the merrier etc.. If anything shows up on your credit file when there is no proof that you owe anything, then that can easily be dealt with if & when the times comes.
  9. You could turn it round on them & say that an "Attempted legal action" was made
  10. Contrary to popular myth...a county court works from a perspective of what is in your best interest,not the DCA's
  11. The desperation of the DCA industry knows no bounds sadly...so i suspect others will crawl out of the woodwork in the forseeable future to chance their luck. With help from the Caggers, they will be seen off just as easily as well
  12. Its the usual standard nonsense replies they come out with when when confronted with the fact that forums like this exist. We are a threat to them & they know it
  13. Maybe you personally went to their office in Leeds & asked if you could make a payment at reception there and then and then changed your mind at the last minute
  14. The nonsense the DCA industry come out with just beggars belief
  15. It seems to be the new buzz phrase in the DCA industry these days "Attempted payment".......
  16. Lowells are great with the threats, but utterley useless when it comes to actually carrying any of them out...
  17. Firstly stop speaking to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they phone you. They will say anything to scare you into paying up. A charging order is usually only used a threat & is very rarely carried through with. If you dont own your own home, then its totally pointless. If you do, then it can only come into force if and when you decide to sell up and move. I dont think you need to have had a CCJ in the 1st place in order for someone to obtain a charging order? - perhaps other Caggers can clarify that for me????
  18. Moorcroft dont even have a pre intelligence division, never mind a pre legal division
  19. Just tell them youve sought proper advice from your friends on this forum
  20. Credit files are not worth the paper they are printed on & the sooner that myth is shattered, the better
  21. Thats what the DCA's are like unfortunately, some are better/worse than others. They are bound by the laws of this country just like anyone else, so the sooner they are made aware of what it what...they will soon leave you alone
  22. I would check if these fees are actually illegal? After all...thats whats happening with the banks at the moment and they are being forced to refund charges/fees to everyone. As for the DCA...they are easily dealt with...so just ignore them for the time being
  23. Firstly do not speak to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they ring you. They need to provide proof that you owe this debt. If they dont quit with the phone harrassment then report them to the OFT, trading standards and your local police (not 999) Mr Smith/Green/Brown/White & whatever other silly name the industry makes up, does not exist except in their over active imaginations, designed to frighten people into paying up. If anyone ever shows up again, then just politely tell them to leave and call police (999) if they refuse.
  24. Tooth Fairy Finance were on BBC breakfast news this morning...the guy didnt look too happy when told of sites like this
  25. Stop speaking to them on the phone & refuse to answer security questions if they ring you. They have no legal power to money off you - only a court does. Muck Hall dont do legal action anyway, they just rely on threats. They are well known on this forum.
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