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  1. Sent the prove it letter and had a reply entitled final response, the contents of which include:


    'I note that you dispute the account being owed by yourself, but I would draw your attention to the call made to our offices on the 25th February 2010, the same date as your letter, where you admitted liability for this debt and indeed made an offer of repayment.

    As such we do not consider this account to be disputed and we cannot in light of the call made to our offices consider you not liable for the balance owed. However, I will place this account on hold awaiting your comments.'


    They have then enclosed a leaflet about the Financial Ombudsman Service and stated that they should be contacted within 6 months from the date of their letter.


    As my partner telephoned them to ask what the alleged debt related to and did not admit liabilty for it in writing and has not made any payments towards it, what should the next course of action be?


    Thanks in advance


    It doesnt matter how many times they were phoned up & what offers were or were not offered...they are just trying to confuse/intimidate you.

    If its stat barred then its stat barred = end of.

    If they dont stop harrassing you then report them to the OFT/trading standards & the FO.

  2. It warms my heart to read how desperate the DCA monkeys are these days.

    They know their industry is finished & crumbling down around them.

    Yet they come onto this forum and have ago at what they see is the reason for that.

    Its like they think they are "wreaking revenge" or something - except it only makes Caggers laugh at them even more...

    Just sit back Caggers, happy in the knowledge that the battle is being won! lol

  3. DCA's have a bit of a bizzare mentality like that....they dont like people taking the initiative & being the one to offer them payment, it always has to be a payment made as a result of a demand or threatogram from the DCA.

    Natually..they then dont get anything at all.

    The industry is so barmy it beggars belief :rolleyes:

  4. The simple fact is that there are very few people left in this country now who dont have a bad credit report/rating to one extent or another.

    This is one of the main reasons why the banks wont lend anymore even though they've been bailed out - the system wont let them effectivley.

    The country is drowned is debt, defaults,CCJ's etc...

    The rest of the world is out of recession - Britain is not, that tells you everything about what a mess the whole thing is.

    The personal debt mess/credit file system, is a big problem for the government in this country.

  5. The debt/finance industry has created many myths over the years.

    Everyone thought DCA's had powers over people = how wrong that turned out to be.

    Everyone sadly still things that credit reports have this almighty significance in society etc.. = how wrong that will turn out to be eventually as well in the near future.

    We have simply been brainwashed and been a victim of the industry & big business in general...

    That is no more and people now realize that being in debt is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Thank goodness for the internet, thank goodness for forums like this & thank goodness that slowly but surely, the financial establishment is being brought to its knees :)

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  6. CDUK (wasnt that a music show in the 90s?) have no legal authority to any money off you whatsoever,only a country court does.

    They will accept what you offer them in a like it or lump it sort of way.

    Refuse to answer their security questions if they ring.

    Report them to the OFT/trading standards if they dont leave you alone.

  7. Not everyone who posts is quite all that they seem :(


    I suspct we will hear, in the fullness of time, from someone claiming that ACS have won a massive case against them, for some astronomical sum, where nobody is quite able to find any details of the case :rolleyes:


    No worries on that score...CAGGERS will be keeping a careful eye out on anyone who dares to post such nonsense designed to frighten people :cool:

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