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  1. Thanks for the offer Pete but it looks like nothing can be done. I have read lot's of interesting advice on the forum but my bosses on the other hand were not convinced. As the car belongs to the company, they have paid the fine and it will come out my wages:(
  2. Yes, i have read lot's of the posts but it seems to be a mine field. Also as i understand, attempting to collect money without issuing a warning notice is a breach of code of conduct set by the British Parking Association.
  3. I have read loads of other posts and am not sure what to do. I have a company car so the vehicle is registered to the company not me. I went into the clacket lane services M25 which is controlled by CP Plus. My wife was desperate for the loo so i pulled into the empty coach park which has the door closest to the toilets. While i was waiting in the car the attendant came over and told me I shouldn't be in the coach park ( i explained that i was waiting for my wife) but he didn't tell me to move or issue me with a charge notice. A month later a letter from Trethowans solicitors,
  4. Seems as you asked nicely for a hello message i thought it only polite to post one! Found you by google searching about private parking charges. I will now head off and search for the relevant advice:D Olly.
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