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  1. Thanks for the reply. ok I've uploaded the pdf in this post. From 2007 I can't recall. I switched to Scottish Power but I don't know for sure if that was why the meter was installed. If I have anything from back then I'll try and find it. I'll look into the backbilling rules, but if you have a link that would be great, thanks again. SAR is the way to go then, I have to do all this chasing now and put time aside, but if I ignore the letter which I'm sure is incorrect for several reasons, will they call the bailiffs for a 2007 debt? It looks like you said an automated, computer letter in error, doubt a human really try for something from 2007. BritishGasPaymentRequest_2007.pdf
  2. https://imgtc.com/i/2KjnBVq.jpg https://imgtc.com/i/89qzP2T.jpg I have been sent a letter out of the blue asking for a 2007 outstanding payment. 1 I don't recall any of this from 2007. I don't know if I have any letters from 12 years back to cross-reference anything. I'll have to look. 2 Even banks give up chasing debts (even though I don't beleive this is a real debt) after 7 years? How can they do this after all these years? Is it a [problem] letter? It looks genuine, envelope looks genuine too. What should I do? Thanks. EDIT: I am with Scottish Power currently.
  3. I'm with Scottish Power pre-payment meter with key. Put £15 on card as usual. The gas meter read "error call help". So rang up and had the gas machine replaced with a new one. The person on the phone said they'll give me +£10 credit. Got new card in the mail later. Placed £5 to test. No extra +£10 credit, just the £5 I put on, and I still have the receipt of the original £15 and the old card. What are my options if they say they can't do anything about the £15? Not too bothered about the promised credit.
  4. Sent them an email for now, but they also have an address and telephone number to contact them with. I'll ring them up if I don't get an email confirmation.
  5. spark sparkenergy.co.uk They misspelled my first name too. I've got until 13th April to change my mind.
  6. I switched energy supplier, am on pay as you go thing with the key (electricity) and card (gas). Someone at the door persuaded me, all fine, got a cheaper rate. Everyone here is fine with it because it's a cheaper rate. Thing is I just live here, I don't pay any of the energy bills here and I told them this clearly. The previous contract wasn't under my name and am 100% sure a credit rating check would deny any other form of payment method lol. Any pitfalls? This contract is under my name now. In the future if I or anyone else wants to change provider for this house, they can do so right (after the contract runs out)? Any new contract doesn't require me? I can cancel the application at any time according to the email during the initial phase before they send me a new key/card. As I said it's not a big deal because everyone here is fine with it, but would like any input.
  7. I have a paypal account that's in the minus of around $50 and in limbo for over 7 years. Haven't used ebay since. They won't do anything. It's all about Amazon tbh.
  8. I usually am very wary of third party sellers on amazon, and only ever buy very cheap things I can afford to not get too upset about if things don't turn out right. I usually buy from the official vendor, but have had to return things before and Amazon were very accomodating with the process with no resistance.
  9. Insane that they claim this will make people use less electricity by charging more at peak times. Also how can you legally stop them installing new smart meters? They'll just do it by force and say "gubment said so" like the plastic bags with a big smile on their face.
  10. " There are other ways to avoid paying the 5p charge for plastic bags. You can be given a plastic bag at the till if you're purchasing uncooked fish, meat or poultry products, unwrapped blades. Takeaways, unwrapped food, loose seeds and flowers and unwrapped blades are included in the list too. " Can be but won't. The clerk will just say "would you like a bag?" and add it to the bill before sorting out the contents where those products might be hidden underneath the rest. And it's not like people will have the wherewithal to argue over it anyway. I think tesco said they won't be giving out free bags for any reason to avoid confusion since someone can have 9 items that qualify for a free bag but have 1 that doesn't and that's all that's needed for the qualification to fail. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/11908754/Carrier-bag-charge-failing-to-pay-5p-levy-no-different-from-stealing-food-says-minister.html
  11. Don't ISP's already cheat by throttling internet connections to advertised speed for the first x Megabytes so that all those "internet speeds tests" websites you see scattered around report what you're advertised. When really the go back to slow speeds after a while. How does one prove anything in those cases when the ISP can just say "well no, you're lying, see".
  12. Thanks for the history lessons (labour/thatcher etc.), but anyone got any summary/cliffs to what these (proposed/current) cuts are and austerity in general? thanks.
  13. This is really bad as I bought a lot of stuff with the £10 minimum in mind. This will probably make me spend less or buy over longer periods of time to bulk buy only necessary things. Before I would be more frivolous with purchases now I will be more cautious. Thanks Amazon?
  14. Just to bump with a related question. . . In the black, so all good, still got charged just for being in my authorised overdraft though. Before it was just interest that was added, but now these are labelled as "charges" on my bank statement and are more expensive than the simple interest that was taken before. Don't "charges" negatively affect your credit rating? So just using your authorized overdraft can lower your credit rating? I already used my free trial of credit checking some weeks back so don't know if it shows up as a mark against the credit rating or not. Anyone know?
  15. Everything from Amazon Prime type things and xbox live auto opt-ins should be illegal. And those are just for minor things not financial products.
  16. Don't know if this is the correct forum, so feel free to move if necessary. So I got two seperate letters from Standard Life pensions. One was a standard single letter and another more detailed set of letters accompanied with a terms and conditions booklet. Apparently someone has set up a pension using my address (but a different name). What do? I am not going to ring up some £3 minute line, plus the Standard Life website has 3 phone numbers and none of them match the employeezone.co.uk one on the letters. The employeezone.co.uk one doesn't match the one on the letters either. I am not going to talk to someone trying to divulge my personal details just to let them know something is odd since they may be the point. I have scanned the letters and removed any details if you want to look at them here: Also I don't want to have my address on some black list, or go through stringent checks just for being a victim of fraud. What is the best course of action? Hi, I've attached the PDF with all the scans. Hopefully someone using my address is a mistake of some sort but I doubt it. edit: The persons date of birth (but blacked out by me) is before I lived at this address, but I've been living at the same address for around 30 years and the persons birthdate is only 1-3 years before that. Doubt they would be registering anything back to this address, assuming the persons details are even legit.
  17. You can check your police record with a £10 sent to the police in England, don't know about Scotland. Caution is a legal term with a legal definition, not "wot he said to me". There are two types of checks you can do in England (sorry don't know about Scotland), standard police check or the extended Police check, each cost £10. Standard will show convictions and other stuff of recorded nature. http://content.met.police.uk/Article/Making-a-subject-access-request/1400005855548/1400005855548 Standard: " Application 1. Access to Information held by the MPS on the Police National Computer [PNC] - You should use this form if you need a check to be made against your conviction history records. This will include court convictions, police cautions/warnings, reprimands and Penalty Notice for Disorder [PND]. " Enhanced: " Application 2. Access to information about yourself, held by the MPS on MPS databases; i.e. Crime Reports. " Second one is basically "Neighbours accused me of whatever", but cops didn't find any evidence apart from hearsay and won't show in employment checks, unlike cautions which will. If you committed a minor crime before 2006, there was a high chance it would have been wiped off the computer entirely like it never existed, if the police where so inclined to be nice. Now it's on there forever and will show on employment/immigration checks no matter what.
  18. The classic "extraordinary circumstances" rofl. This is gonna be a big blow for these airlines and a great win for customers knowing that if there are delays they have a good chance of compensation and be less of an uphill battle.
  19. The fact that it's illegal to pay via cash for hotels is what leads to things like that, also this: http://lifehacker.com/5815138/why-you-shouldnt-use-a-debit-card-when-paying-for-a-hotel-or-rental-car They say it's so the authorities can track criminals on the run or something.
  20. ok thanks. I will budget accordingly with this in mind. I know I will charged for a few days because I'm over currently over -£15. However, if I do not get charged I can either be somewhat thankful, but I would still be confused why I wasn't and my original question will still apply. If anyone is interested in the results I can update in a +months time.
  21. Many thanks for the quick reply.
  22. I'm on a barclays bank account type (aka "bba") and i've gone past the £15 buffer a few times, 3 or more days past the buffer before paying it back, but have never been charged the £0.75 a day charges on any of the days I've been past -£15. As of recently I've been on for a period of 3 or more days now over the buffer to see if I would be charged the interest. This is recently though, and I could be just assuming the fees will appear at the end of the month and are not added day-by-day so they won't display on my online banking summary. http://www.barclays.co.uk/CurrentAccounts/Changestooverdraftsandwaystoavoidfees/P1242663274269 After checking the calculator shown at the bottom page of the link above I can see I should have been charged 75p per day on numerous occasions, but never have. I'm pretty sure my bank account is just a bba too as it says "bba" in the account type in online banking. Which theoretically means I should have been charged. Just wanna make sure since I want to buy something and it will cost close to the max on the overdraft before paying it back in a week and don't want a it to spiral into those £30 a day stuff going into an unauthorized OD with the 75p a day charges if they surprise you with them at the end of the month with a bulk charge. I guess I could phone them up but don't want to sound like a cheapster or tip them off to "correcting" my account status plus paying back what I "owe" them or something. So anyone know? Do they add these charges at the end of the month in one big lump or are they supposed to show up trickle-by-trickle every day? Thanks in advance.
  23. Long time ago jobseekers used to able to talk to someone about something at the place if they wanted to, now the glorified desk sales person and advisor tells them "you have to ring up" depending on the request. I remember having to get a letter to show I was on benefits for dental work. Some roundabout way to get ppl to ring up, makes sense now.
  24. I just want to say 5 weeks is killer for those not in the know. Feel sorry for jobseekers coming in already on the down and out and then hearing they'll have to find other means to fund transport etc.
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