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  1. Hi All,I have a number of contact details for Barclay’s senior staff, e-mail and phone. If you are having difficulty getting Barclays to respond to you or accept serious complaints please PM me with who you need to contact and I’ll pass the details on
  2. This is what I replied Dear Mr Harvey, Let me start by saying how disappointed I am in your response to the many problems that Laskys / Comet have caused myself. The response below doesn’t cover many of the points that have been brought up or address the issues, below are all points I would like you to address fully by return. · The reason that I was without a camera for Christmas is due to the fact my wife never received a call back as promised. Would you be happy to of bought a new camera as you don’t want to miss memories of you young children growing up and then miss the photo opportunities over Christmas due to the lack of care by the company the purchase was made from? · Why was no call back again received on the 30 December · If customer services had responded to their failings, they would of tried to regain my confidence by making sure I had a camera for new year, why was the fact we had already been failed not taken in to account · Why was I told Laskys and Comet are totally different companies when this is not indeed the truth. Many companies operate under different trading names but still have links to each other just like Laskys and Comet. These links can be used for the good of customer services which in turn is to the good of the group. · Why have you not addressed the fact that Peter Johnson lied about who he was, accused myself of breaking the Camera, and told me it was my fault I had no camera for Christmas and new year · You have not addressed the fact that a member of your staff called myself an idiot. Please provide a full report on this matter and have an apology made to myself from the person concerned. · Why did I still not have a working camera over 28 days after the fault was first reported · Why did I have no response to my e-mail 31 December asking for a full refund so I could purchase a new Camera for new year’s eve. · I have wasted about 7 hours of my time and gone to the expense of making a number of calls to have this matter addressed what are you going to do about this · You do not address the comments made by Jane Beauchamp, do you think these comments are satisfactory · No response has been made over Bob Drakes comments · Do you personally condone how this matter has been dealt with and the fact my family was left without a camera for Christmas and new year, · Personally do you think a refund covers everything that has happened, the time and expense we have gone to, the upset caused by not having photographs of our children over Christmas and new year and the fact it is now more expensive to buy a camera due to the VAT rise. I look forward to you reply by return and within 4 hours, as I do believe this is normal comet procedure alternatively please feel free to call and discuss.
  3. Dear All, Please find below the response from Comet, I note the contents of your recent emails regarding your Fujifilm camera. Although we are not always available to take calls, we do have a team of colleagues that are trained to deal with the necessary issues that you have raised and the authority to make the decision they feel is relevant for the situation. I am sorry that you had a delay in your call being returned, unfortunately, although we have completed extensive internal investigations, we are unable to trace any call for the beginning of December, and therefore unable to trace who it was you spoke to regarding your faulty camera. I understand that when this was reported again at the end of December, although we were unable to agree to your request to a replacement at that stage, after speaking with Peter Johnson you reluctantly agreed to have the camera inspected as per Laskys policy of which I believe was explained. I am sorry that it was not made clear to you at the time regarding the relationship between Comet and Laskys, and although we are part of the same trading group we do operate separately, which is why you were not at that stage referred to Comet. However, I understand that when you spoke to Jane Beauchamp, although this is not a procedure we would normally follow, on this occasion after discussions with Peter Johnson, she did arrange for your camera to be collected by one of the Comet stores so that they could refer this to the manufacturers on Laskys behalf. As the nature of the problem you had reported was not one that could be determined over the phone and once this fault had been confirmed by the manufacturers, as a gesture of goodwill it was agreed that since there was no alternative camera to offer, a refund in full was offered. I am sorry that you felt the service you were offered by both Laskys and Comet colleagues was unacceptable. I would expect all colleagues to speak to our customers in the appropriate manner and apologise for the way in which certain colleagues addressed you and would like to assure you that this has already been dealt with internally. In closing, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience you have been caused. Yours sincerely Hugh Harvey Managing Director
  4. Have just called head office and asked to speak to Toby Lousada to discuss above as it was mailed to all directors yesterday, recived a read receipt from Toby yesterday also. The opperator put me through to customer services someone called Amy answered at customer services the call went as follows CS: soory if you have had a long wait how can I help you? donotletthem: I was on hold for Toby Lousada CS: sorry what does that mean, is it posh for you have been waiting a long time donotletthem: no Toby Lousada is the customer services director CS: who's he does anyone in comet customer services actually fnow what customer service is? Connif thanks for your reply have alsready looked at contract law, SOGA and some EU directives Comet are in breach many times over
  5. The problems below stem from what could have been a very simple process if only the customer service department had done as promised. We do understand that new electrical items do from time to time develop faults. It is an expectation that the company these goods are purchased from would do there upmost to make sure any faults are rectified and the items concerned fit for purpose. A call was made to the Laskys customer care number on Thursday 2nd December concerning a fault with a camera that had been purchased at the end of July as a birthday present for a Birthday Mid-August. During this call the fault was described and the customer service operator said we would receive a call back so pickup could be arranged as the camera needs to be inspected. During the call it was also asked if we would have the camera back in time for Christmas in which we were told most definitely. This call was made from our home telephone number and appears on the itemised telephone bill. With the lead up to Christmas we totally forgot about the camera and it had slipped the house holds minds that we hadn’t received a call back and the camera was still away boxed in its safe place. It was only Christmas Eve when getting the camera out to charge that it was remembered the camera wasn’t working so we would be left with no pictures of our young children. Not only did we miss Christmas photographs but it is also a birthday of one child 3 days after so due to the extended bank holidays this was also missed. On the 30 December a call was made to customer services, during this call it was explained about the first call and that we had no camera for Christmas and we would like to have a camera for New Year. The response was no call had ever been made 2 December and the camera could be picked up on the 7 January. This response was found unacceptable so it was requested to speak to a manager we were told no manager was available and a call back would be received within four hours. After four hours and no call back yet again customer services were called the problems described and a request made for something to be done so we would have a working camera for New Year. After being told nothing could be done until after New Year it was requested to speak to a manager. After being told someone would call back in four hours we refused this and said that we would hold the line until a manager became free. Five minutes passed and then the next person came to the phone when asking their position custom services team lead was the response. The problems were again described and to have a working camera for new year was requested I was then asked how did I expect to have a working camera in time for new year my response was I could take the camera I have to my local comet store and have it replaced. The customer service person told me this was impossible as Laskys and comet are total different companies. I questioned this and was told there is nothing that can be done and then the phone was cut-off from customer services. By now I decided enough was enough and started a little research into Laskys a trading name of comet, comet and Kesa electronics the parent company for comet. As part of this research I obtained all the directors information for comet and head office details. The next step was to phone comet head office to speak to Toby Lousada customer services director. Upon calling and asking for Toby I was put through to customers services. I asked for Toby when speaking to customer services and was told they had no way of putting me through I would have to call head office it was explained this is where the original call was made to the reply, there nothing we can do to help. Comet head office was called again, I was put through to customer services again, this went on for four calls, on the fifth my first words were please don’t put me through to customer services as I’m requesting to speak to Toby Lousada not customer services. The response you must be an idiot if you think someone will help you today. By now I was starting to get upset at what was unfolding and also had been taken back in disbelieve that this was deemed a fit was to treat a customer. Recap so far 2 December no call back, 30 December no call back, lack of knowledge concerning the company customer services work for, Lack of willingness to help, refusal to solve problem, verbal abusiveness directed at a customer. Still no working camera and it is now 28 day since it was first reported faulty. 31 December and number of further calls were made to both head office and customer services, customer services mainly as this is again where head office put the calls through to even so requested not to call backs had been promised nothing yet again returned, so the calls to customer services and comet continued. Finally a call back was received (by now it must have been realised that I wasn’t going to just go away and except I had been failed and by comet) from Peter Johnson, Peter introduced himself as the head of Laskys, and that there was no one more senior in Laskys, this statement of course was untrue. The lists of problems to date were described to Peter apology requested from the switchboard operator and a working camera also requested for New Year’s Eve. Peters responses were somewhat bemusing · I would receive a call back and be apologised to (this of course have never happened) · A call on the 2 December was never made (we do have the itemised bill showing this call) · Comet and Laskys are totally separate companies (not according to the legal structure of the business and the websites for both businesses) · Nothing could be done about the camera and I would need to send it in to Laskys after the new year at an expense to myself · It isn’t Laskys problem that we haven’t had a camera for Christmas and will not have one for new year · I had probably broken the camera myself Due to the response above I e-mailed Laskys asking for a full refund so I was able to purchase a new camera for New Year’s Eve. (Of course this didn’t happen) Starting the 4 January after now not having a camera for Christmas and New Year I repeatedly called to speak to Toby and on a number of occasions have been subjected to verbal from the switchboard operator, it seems this is acceptable from a comet corporate policy as it continues to happen although brought to the attention of staff. In the end customer services agreed that the camera would be picked up by the local comet store to be looked at but that comet will not replace the camera but repair it all in good time. The camera was picked up on the 6 January. (Again I had been told the camera couldn’t be taken to comet as Laskys and comet are totally different companies, but now someone from comet will pick up the camera?) 7 January called and spoke to Jane Beauchamp a team leader in the MD’s office customer services to confirm that the camera had been received and ask how long until I had my refund or a replacement. Jane told me it was normal policy to take 28 days to which it was explained it has already been over 28 days and we had missed photographs of our children for Christmas one birthday and new year and the reason a new camera was bought was to have good photos. I also explained that it was my others daughter’s birthday in less than 28 days and we didn’t want to miss photos for this. The response obtained was also somewhat disappointing “Well if I had young children I would have gone and bought another camera” During the last 2 weeks I have been repeatedly told the matter is being dealt with to a satisfactory level and what else did I expect. The expectations originally where to have a working camera for Christmas and since this would to be discuss all failings with Toby Lousada and expect a full and complete response. Taking in to consideration the many aspects of failings by laskys. On the 11 January a further call was made to the director’s office customer service team to get an update, the response the camera is still in the comet store. All of the above is highly interesting considering the comments of Bob Drake Commercial director for comet “we do everything we can for our customers” I would welcome an open reply to this letter from a member of the comet director’s team within 5 working days and a call from Toby Lousada within 24 hours to further discuss. For those who want to listen to some of the calls and despicable comments made by the switchboard operator and customer services team look out for the YouTube video which also adds some humour to the situation, this will be posted once that mater is closed we just don’t want to miss any further calls that may take place.
  6. Sorry they started to also take the direct debit payment and I had asked the bank not to touch the money until the matter had been resolved
  7. Last month I contacted my high street bank about a personal loan to see if they could better the best rate that I could find. They said they could by £1 / month and would send the paperwork by courier. This was during the postal problems so didn't think anything of this. The next day the paperwork arrived but at a more expensive rate than agreed so I didn't sign. The bank told me I would have to pay for the costs of the courier as I wasn't taking the loan. A week later the money appeared in my account. I moved this in to my savings account so it wouldn't get spent and told the bank not to touch it until they had let me know why this happened. The bank removed the money. I have since this undercovered many floors in the operational and customer services running of the bank and am considering posting a open letter as the banks cotemer services director has said they are closing my account for complaining. The bank has illegally removed the monies from my account. Can anyone advise what you think I should. Thanxs
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