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  1. Okay so it carries on, Lloyds supplied what they said was the DSAR again missing many items, so this has now been reported to the ICO, who have a six month backlog. Lloyds then said we will not correspond any further you will have to take us to court. LBG know they are in breach of contract but hope we can not raise the £10k + upfront to pay for the N1 and solicitors. LBG solicitors Eversheds then replied to the below letter (names take out) saying they will discuss once I have solicitors write to them. Directors of Lloyds Banking Group CO Eversheds Sutherland (International)
  2. Firstly contact details are incorrectly removed as we have permission from Lloyds bank To update you on what is happening, we received yesterday an e-mail from Lloyd's telling us they need a 60 day extension for the DSAR, as the DSAR was only made on the 10th August 2020. We have pointed out again that the DSAR was made in 2018 and 2019 and we discussed the missing information in January 2020 and that Lloyds even replied on the 24th January 2020 in writing about the missing information and we would received it ASAP as the delay was unacceptable. This reply was from Vanessa Murden a
  3. hope these numbers are helping people out let me know if you have used them or need any other numbers
  4. Happy to be of help. let me know if you don't get what you need
  5. Group CFO: William Chalmers, mobile and office numbers 07766304450, 0208 9365656, email address [email protected]
  6. Group Customer services director and chief operating officer: Vanessa Murden, mobile numbers 07342082417 and 07593624752, email address [email protected]
  7. All Lloyds directors contact details will appear under the contact post started 2 September 2020
  8. Head of customer services: Sarah Harrowsmith, mobile number 07468755999 e-mail address [email protected] Retail transformation director: Stephen Noakes, mobile number 07341071137, email address [email protected]
  9. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] how many of the senior team do you want I also have all the telephone and mobile numbers of the senior team
  10. If a company is in the wrong, has ver poor customer services and thinks they are more powerful than the law be prepared for the long fight do not give up and go to the top. If you have all the proof you will win in the end. I am posting over the next few days all the directors contact details to help everyone with their own individual fights
  11. Yes give her a bell she is just back from vacation and should be available
  12. Head of Complaints Sarah Horrowsmith ‭07468 755999 Sarah Harrowsmiths manager is Vanessa Merdan how is the chief operating manager
  13. I have managed over the last few years to gather most of the directions and senior customer service staff contact details, emails phone numbers etc. This evening someone called Jessica From Lloyd’s bank gave permission for these to be posted in a public form. Starting at 9am tomorrow I will start posting if you need details hey please DM and I’ll forward
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