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  1. I am going to sit down and have a read on here tomorrow as I have ben a bit busy, I will also try get some scans of the past reports.
  2. There are pot holes there at the edge of the road in the same place my car got damaged, but the google images are from 2008.
  3. I hit a pothole back in August which damaged my tyre and wheel resulting in me having to purchase a brand new wheel and tyre. I reported the pothole, and got a reply that the hole did require attention. Once I had my car repaired I sen the council a claim form along with photo's of the hole and damage to my wheel. And I'm pretty annoyed right now as this is the reply I received from the council legal department: (I had to take a photo of the letter as I have no scanner right now) Page 1 Page 2 Could someone out there in the know point me in the right di
  4. I will let them know of this up coming law... A couple of other quick questions, are they alowed to log my car details on a database? are they allowed to touch my car? There are no displays saying a car needs a parent badge! As they consider this an inconvenience caused on my part, I feel there is aninconvenience on there part for joining so many member to the club that the car park is over flowing to the point it can take 5 minutes of driving around to find a space.
  5. So I come out of the gym to find this under my windscreen wiper.. This has annoyed me a fair bit as yes I was parked in parent and child space but at peak time there are often times when there are no regular space. It annoys me that this letter comes across kind of threaten , I am a member that pays £135 a month for a joint membership. This is a private car park own by the club and they are threating to operate a wheel clamping system, this ticks me off. What are my rights here? I would like to write them a stern letter explaining why this wrong. I would also like to say i
  6. Ok thanks, are there any template letters around for this sort of issue do you know?
  7. Hey DJ, thank you for dropping in on this thread its much appreciated!! So there phone calls are nothng to worry about? I'll add some bullet points of info that hopefully shed some light and clarify my situation: I was in arrears of about £1900 I think. I sent my letter requesting them to investigate the PPI, the letter was dated 2nd sept When I spoke to Santander recently they said the date the whole loan was handed over to Moorcroft was the 4th sept Santander agreed to pay back PPI and interest etc I recently phoned Santander to see what was going on because I hadn't
  8. Cheers for help DX, managed to get a PM sent off to dj1971 tonight so hopefully they will take a look. Moorcroft are calling me everyday at the moment so I expect I will see a letter in the post soon.
  9. Tried to send him a private message but his mailbox is full so wont send
  10. Hi the breakdown of the amount paid back to me was as follows. A - Total monthly paid premium = 3304 B - Interest on (a) at date = 716 C - Pro Rata Rebate Figure = 2165 D - Minus PPI rebate used when loan repaid = 612 E - Rebate outstanding C-D = 1552 F - Total (A+B+E) = 5573 Hope this helps? Basically for me, I'd like to carry on paying the remain of monthly... I deffinately can not afford to pay Moorcroft £4900, and they actually called me today
  11. Hey.... OK so I have had some success but still have a problem!! SO... The abbey (santander) have agreed that I was not provided sufficient details when to make an informed decision while taking out the loan... A. I was self employeed B. I was told I had to have the insurance to have the loan. Santander have paid back a total of £5573.39 Now this is where it gets stupid (in my opinion)... My PPI claim letter sent to Santander was dated 2nd September, I was behind with payment to the total sum of about £1900 pounds and still had a remaining 11000 to pay off the loan
  12. Sorry I didn't mean to copy the reply bit, I was just wondering if that letter was suitable to send for now? while I try and get the rest of my details from sending SAR.. My main worry is that this has already been handed over to Moorecorft, and I have paid more PPI than I actually owe in arrears.. So I want to get something to them ASAP for piece of mind..
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