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  1. Thanks to all Site Team for coming back to me so promptly. I am way out of my depth on this im afraid. I am unsure as to wether I have an enforceable agreement Ukaviator ? I suppose I must if they are taking me to court. Everyl etter they have sent me I have sent back the request for them to provide me with a copy of the relevant CCA for Barclaycard to which they have sent me a copy of an application made which is within the thread ! I heard nothing from them since November 2008 then this bombshell. I have claimed no charges back from Barclaycard. Called a local soliciter today for s
  2. Please can someone HELP !! I hve recieved a letter from Turnbull Rutherford soliciters stating that they ae acting on behalf of HFO & are now taking me to court for alledged debt. Return date - 19/06/09 Hearing date - 26/06/09 I have kept all my paperwork for HFO and have heard nothing from them since October 2008 when they sent their last request for me to settle the alleged outstanding account. I replied with the standard account in dispute letter that I have sent to them each time & have also enclosed a copy of all the other letters that I have sent to them each time. I have b
  3. Godmother - Sorry to be a pain again - Nothing at all has arrived in my inbox. I see palomino has posted a comment which I see what he means. If the letter is in the temps library I will try to find it. I had hoped to use your tried & tested letter but if its causing an issue or will get you into trouble then I understand.
  4. Godmother - Sorry its the pest again would you be able to post that shotened dear "morons" letter that you have so I can send it off to these morons? Sorry to bother you again just wanna keep ahead of these so called people - with your help of course :grin: sorry if your busy. thanks again for your assistance. really appreciated
  5. you choose whatever you think will suit my situation. Thanks again
  6. Godmother - Sorry its the pest again would you be able to post that dear "morons" letter that you have so I can send it off ? Sorry to bother you again just wanna keep ahead of these people - with your help of course
  7. Godmother MANY THANKS - I will send this right away. I take it a £10 postal order is fine ? You mentioned in link 59 that I should send HFO a dear morons letter ? They still havent supplied the paperwork requested in Novemeber. Could you supply me a colourful template for this. I have a letter from moorcrap saying the missing £200 has been paid direct to b-card ? Thanks again for your assistance.
  8. Godmother could you please help me with this matter. You have mentioned that you have some letters I could use to send to these people. I keep getting the same letters from hfo & have now started to get phone calls as ell. I have caller display so I ignore the unavailable calls, the hfo office calls, the strange mobile numbers or indeed the 02030 number which I think is an international number for croydon !!. They havent sent me any info requested but do keep increasing the alledged debt
  9. Godmother - Congratulations on your new arrival. Hope you are both well - Sorry to be a pest but could you advise on this letters you mentioned in link 64 of this thread if you get 5 mins. Had another letter today - dont want to say too much in case they are watching & perhaps work out who I am !!
  10. leedsangel I understand what you are saying I will just keep an eye on your dealings & hopefully pick up on the track that way. I have a thread on here ref HFO too so was looking for a bit of assistance but understand your caution.
  11. leedsangel - I am fighting HFO at the moment. I would gladly join your crusade. Im not too hot on contact details & e-mail adresses but if you could advise me of the details you are using I too will follow up . I have a thread on here that has ground to a halt a little & I am awaiting some feedback. If you have a few spare moments I would appreciate any assistance - thanx
  12. pt2537 - Are you available to offer some advice on latest saga - Godmother has been off line for a few days now so think she is perhaps busy at the moment. I could do with some more help if possible ? Sorry to keep pestering you.
  13. Not sure if your in labour or pretty busy right now - . Please can you help when you get some spare moments. Could do with those templates you mentioned - Thanks
  14. Godmother - Sorry to bother you - Can I take you up on your offer of Kindness :o Could you sort me out with a letter to this HFO muppets & also a letter so that I can get an SAR from BC ? Can you advise what I do to send the SAR to BC as well ? I understand the £10 p/o applies. If you get 5 mins do you think ive done the right things so far ? Once again your a real help & its appreciated
  15. Godmother - Almost forgot - Should I have sent B/Card a SAR at the start of this whole thing ? Unsure what one is actually but everyone talks about it !! Should I send them one now ? If so HOW Thanks
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