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  1. I understand people make mistakes and i accept that. From what the FOS said they wont offer any compensation.... However i feel something should be offered as a gesture of good will.... But im not holdingy breath
  2. I understand what you are saying, but hypothetically, if something had happened to myself or my partner, there would not have been enough to cover the mortgage as they sold us a decreasing policy and should have sold us a level term policy. I also feel an apology wouldn't go amiss for the upset and distress this has caused and they betrayal we feel after trusting the IFA!
  3. Hi Back in 2006 we took out an interest only mortgage and were sold an insurance policy to run along side it, should anything happen to myself or my partner. The mortgage and insurance were sold to us by an Independent Financial Advisor. A few months ago, we found out that the we had been sold a mortgage decreasing policy instead of a level term policy. After speaking to Legal and General, they confirmed that the decreasing policy was no good for our mortgage, we should have been sold the Level Term Policy. They also stated to put a complaint it, but they could not deal with it bec
  4. really? I thought it would be fine to be fair as it has outlined the reasons for the resignation (if she gets this other job of course) Plus, wouldn't know who to send the complaint to because no-one ever responds :/
  5. Below is copy of the letter.... it hasn't been handed in yet so any advisable changes would be appreciated (I have removed names, as you never know if the people are on this site lol ) Dear A**** / V**** It is with regret that I write this letter to tender my resignation and inform you I will not be returning due to the reasons outlined below, because I feel I have been messed about since starting with S****** **** in October 2013. 1 When I was first offered the job by G****** I was told that if I wasn’t full time, I would have a minimum of 30 hours a week, but you
  6. Hi, to be honest, she has a trial for another job tomorrow and should be told at the end of the trial if she has got the job. I have done a letter ready for her, so if she gets the job, the letter will go straight in. I just wanted to make sure I had the right information so my letter doesn't jump back and slap us lol. Could I upload the letter onto here for you to look at before sending it?
  7. Hi...any help would be appreciated. My daughter works part time and on interview she was told she would get £6.31 per hour. She was offered the job and was paid £6.31 per hour for 6 weeks then was told her rate was dropping to £5.03 per hour because she was not 21. She was 20 when interviewed and offered the job and they knew this. When she hit 21.... the following week her wage was paid at £5.03per hour and was told it was because it was the previous weeks hours. The following week she was again paid at £5.03 per hour and was told the accountant was holding her money back because
  8. Oh, with regard to the screen protector..........have taken it off and still get the same problem, so have put a new screen protector back on
  9. Hi again. Just to let you know I have emailed Roger Fogg, but up to yet have received no response at all. Also, on Monday of this week I received a call from someone at Tesco telling me to go out and purchase a cheap handset to use while my handset is in for repair. To be honest, I don't find this very good customer service, especially as they keep telling me they will send me a jiffy bag to return my handset.........and almost 6 months later I have still received NO jiffy bag!!!! Any further advice?
  10. Hi Thank you for your replies....the issues with the handset are:- Touchscreen phone.....when you answer a call you have to swipe the slider button on the bottom of the phone, this then answers the call...........when he tries to answer a call he swipes the button but it doesnt answer the call,,, you swipe the button and the phone just keeps ringing..........it can take several attempts of someone ringing him before he actually manages to answer. The other issue is when he tries to make a call, he rings the number then it just cuts off....again, he can try several times to make
  11. Can anyone advise please? My husband is on Tesco mobile and has had his contract just under a year. He has been having problems with his handset for almost 6 months now and has spoken to Tesco handset support on several occasions where they tell him they will send a jiffy bag for him to return the phone for repair and it will be back with him within 21 working days.....he explains he cant be without his phone for that period of time, but there is nothing they say they can do. Up to yet, he has rang them several times and been told the same thing and up to yet........no jiffy bags have
  12. if it isnt paid off in the first month......it stays on your record for 6 years regardless of whether the debt has been cleared?
  13. hi there sorry if i have placed this in the wrong place, but its just a general question. If you have a CCJ against you.......how long does it stop against you? i mean......how long does it stay on your credit rating? is it a certain length of time only, or does it stay against you until the actual debt is cleared? thankyou
  14. You dont see the big deal? sorry but thats not much help is it! I have paid good money for something that isnt working correctly after only just under 7 months! I have done what the store told me to do and it still isnt running correctly! what i'm worried about now is.....if i take it back to PC World, that they will fob me off! Whats the point of a guarantee if it only covers hardware? Im not a "computer buff" and dont know a lot about them, so how am i to sort a software problem?
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