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  1. hi bit confused over 6 months ago sent a letter to reclaim my charges on a yorkshire current account. The account is no longer in use but I owe them a £400 overdraft made up of excessive bank charges. Recieved a letter back saying they put the complaint on hold until the result of the test case this was several months ago. Now I have a DCA chasing me for £580 complained to Dca and yorkshire. Their reply is that they have the right to sell the account? Do they? any help appreciated thanks:)
  2. Its a credit card,they've just crossed out my income and increased the amount,I'll have a go uploading it will be this evening, thanks
  3. Hi this is my first post so pleeeez bare with me! hoping its in the right place? Can any1 give their advice: CCA'd Yorkshire Bank,they replied with a copy of my original application form (that turned into an envelope when moistened!) This had been tampered with after I'd signed it: my income had been crossed out and they'd added an extra £200,the PPI box was ticked on my behalf, the expenditure was altered to include £300 car costs-I dont drive! lol also the bank account number(I bank with them too) is incorrect. After joining Consumer Action Forums(you people are brill sharing you're experiences and knowledge to beginners like myself) I complained all the above excluding the account number querie (I'm hoping this may be the winning bullet!) they replied after exactly 6wks saying that their responce to my complaint was not upheld ??? also I then heard nothing for 2wks then today I recieved a letter from Jeremy Suttcliffe saying they were commencing legal proceeding. Any advice will be truly appreciated:)
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