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  1. I've just moved into new accommodation and they have wireless internet access which is secure. How can i get my laptop to conect to it. Many thanks J
  2. Thanks everyone, Fendy..it's nice to hear from a fellow yorkie I've just had a successful claim against Halifax and i had to play a waiting game so no problems there. Mine is a claim against a closed account...does it make a difference and if so what? i take it they wait until the 40 days are up to send statements too eh..ah well like I said...I can wait...soon be the summer hols
  3. I phoned my branch and was advised by a seemingly nice lady that because my account is a closed one that I should send my request to a freepost address in Boreham wood. Anyway it was deemed as being delivered on the 7th June. Guess it's a waiting game now....did a previous claim against the halifax which went smoothly....what are Nat West like ?
  4. Hi all I need to send off my SAR to Natwest, can anyone advise which address it should be sent to? Thanks in anticipation. Owl
  5. Well FINALLY the Halifax have coughed up....FULL AMOUNT went into my account today....thank goodness that's over. Thankyou everyone for all your support and guidance. Can I ask.....which part of the notice of issue do i fill in and send back to the court?
  6. Oh I don't know though, could be lots of fun
  7. I hope so Lewhay they have to file a defence by a week tomorrow.
  8. SSL I do a very nice line in stickers or certificates
  9. I second those sentiments abot SSL Lewhay Halifax have until the 7th June to file a defence against my claim....hopefully my money will be in my account before then....I had hoped to go car shopping this half term break ...but I can wait until the 6 weeks holiday I guess.
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