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  1. Hi, the answer I need is on the jsa claimant commitment of " most hours I can work each week". The reason is I have a long term disability, 2 years ago on my claim I had this on 24 hours. I started work and claimed working tax credits on 24 hours. but my employer was pushing my hours in a very demanding job for my disability up to 50 plus hours per week. I complained to head office and got no where so resigned from the position. I made a claim for jsa today and the "work coach" said that as I had done 50 hours then 40 hours full time would be on my claim for "hours I can w
  2. Hi, as someone who deals with w/p - cwp programmes for a similar company, from what I see and hear not enough "successful outcomes", job starts are being produced. This entire system runs on a payment by result basis, meaning these companies are not getting enough money because they cant get enough people into work. So in my area the screws are being tightened up, J6s, esa claimants in wrag are being brought in for employability workshops, anything to get the claimant sat in front of a pc, to induce "intensive job search activity". As said before they are only supposed to support you, but beli
  3. thanks to you people i sleep well at night. in view of the present economic climate im sure many more people will need you and will be sending a contribution first thing tomorrow. and to all the **** who never thinks it can happen to them, hello.
  4. Hi any one got any knowledge of this firm of dcs based in glasgow ? Any info would be appreciated, as debt moved from capquest to scotcall who i ccad and they backed off, now jb are acting on behalf of capquest. I sent them a cca today but its reassuring to find out whom your up against when dealing with these morons. And finally just to say my grateful thanks to you all for such a wonderful site, It gave me the confidence to deal with these people.
  5. with regard the "MIG". there was a court case that clarified this position, and i understand that there is "no time limit" for the insurer to try and recoup whatever they paid the mortgage company. I personally am still being pursued by royal and sun alliance for this relating to a mortgage in 1989. Any one beat 18 years ?
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