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  1. Please keep us updated with your progress. I've also had my tax credits passed over to Concentrix. My payments have been reduced in the interim because I think the HMRC are questioning my self-employment. Tax credits cannot make any amendments because it is being handled by Concentrix, which leaves me short of childcare money. Further problem is that the Concentrix systems have been down continuously for 2 days now, after being told yesterday morning that it would be a couple of hours - it doesn't inspire confidence.
  2. Hi Jadeybags, Yes, my partner has rung them. They've thrown out the claim as they found us to be living as a couple - I could dispute this but won't (how does remaining on electoral role prove anything?). The false element of the claim added around 4k to the payment (single persons element is around 1k per year, my modest income clawed back at 70% or so accounts for 3k). All I have found out is that claims can be backdated up to 3 months, but only in some circumstances. Assuming they cannot backdate at all, and we put a new claim for the true circumstances, then the issue comes down to repaying the money (elsewhere I've seen they may take 10, 25 or 100% of new claim). Based on current income minus debt repayments and everything else, I doubt that there's 100 per month spare, and zero equity in the house. I was wondering if any others out there had gone through this process? And yes, around 2500 of the claim was for the disability element of childcare.
  3. Are you sure you cannot backdate a fresh valid claim - I'd just like to know on what you are basing your statement? Using the HMRC calculator, we should still have been eligible for a tax credit of £7k for this tax year. Even so, with an income of 17k plus 7k tax credits for next tax year minus all household bills, tax and child care, what are people's experiences of repayment conditions?
  4. Is there anyone who can advise on this? I know how easy it is to judge people, and I admit to having done wrong here, but my concern is to leave enough so as my disabled son can still be cared for adequately.
  5. My partner received a letter this morning stating that due to checks being made on Electoral Role and Credit File, that they have cancelled this tax years claim for tax credits and are seeking repayment of a £11k overpayment. This has arisen due to our relationship being somewhat on/off, but we can accept that we did not inform tax credits as and when we should, so are mainly looking for advice as to how the amount can be re-assessed on true information or paid back over time. Also, can the Tax Credits people go back beyond the current tax year, which would be an enormous worry? Whilst I accept that there is an amount of overpayment to resolve, it seems very unfair that the entire payments are being called in, including the disability element which is requred for our 5 year old son. In rough figures the true picture should have been a combined income of 17k (10.5 plus 6.5 - both self-employed) instead of just the 6.5 Many thanks for any help you can provide
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