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  1. i found this info on the citizens advice website: If you have had your goods for more than six months when they go wrong, you can still ask the trader to repair or replace them, but you may have to prove that they were faulty when you bought them if the trader doesn't agree. You can ask for a repair or replacement at any time up to six years after you bought the goods (five years in Scotland), as long as it is reasonable for them to have lasted this long. If the goods go wrong after six years (or five in Scotland), you no longer have the right to ask for a repair or replacement. If the trader agrees to carry out a repair or provide a replacement, they must do this within a reasonable period of time, and without causing you any significant inconvenience. If you ask the trader for a repair but this turns out to be impractical or to be too expensive, the trader doesn't have to repair your goods, but you can choose to have a replacement instead. In the same way, if you have asked the trader to replace your goods and this turns out to be impractical or too expensive, the trader doesn't have to replace them, but you can choose to have a repair instead. If neither repair or replacement is practical, you can ask to get some or all of your money back. You can also ask to get some or all of your money back if: replacing or repairing the goods would cost more than giving you some or all of your money back, or the trader did not replace or repair the goods within a reasonable period of time, or the trader was not able to repair or replace the goods without causing you significant inconvenience. How much money you can get back will depend on how much use you have had out of the goods. You will probably only be able to get some of your money back if:- the goods had worked for some time before they went wrong, or they still work but their appearance has got worse, or only one of their functions has failed. However, if you have been able to get no, or little use out of the goods, and/or repairs have been unsuccessful, then you will probably be able to give back the goods and get all of your money back. firstly, i think the player that was sold to me was faulty. secondly, i have had no use out of the dvd function of the unit (cant record either), pretty rubbish for a dvd RECORDER. thirdly, on 2 occasions they have failed to repair the fault. I reckon i can get a replacement out of them. Any Thoughts? Thanks
  2. Hi Any help or advice here would be much appreciated. I bought a dvd recorder about 18 months ago from comet which was an ex display model with no remote (cost £50 which was a bargain, or so i thought). Got the unit home and it seemed to work fine - i could record programs onto the hard drive and set to record at specific time - Great. After about 2 months i came to watch a dvd - 20 mins in, the player resets itself. i thought that might have just been a glitch so i waited for the reboot and then ffw'd to my place in the film. 10 mins on and it cuts out again. A week later after being sent round the houses on the phone, they agree to send an engineer out who spins me some rubbish about energy saving light bulbs and dirty freeview signals. I dont have a disc with me so he cant see the fault and he leaves. i should've tested the unit again straight away but i left it for a few months. tried to play a dvd - same problem. I took it back to the shop with a detailed description of the fault. 3 weeks later the unit comes back and they say no fault found. Get the player home, few months play another dvd - same problem. The unit is now out of warranty but still has the original fault from 9 months ago. Is there anything i can do here? Thanks A
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