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  1. i found this info on the citizens advice website: If you have had your goods for more than six months when they go wrong, you can still ask the trader to repair or replace them, but you may have to prove that they were faulty when you bought them if the trader doesn't agree. You can ask for a repair or replacement at any time up to six years after you bought the goods (five years in Scotland), as long as it is reasonable for them to have lasted this long. If the goods go wrong after six years (or five in Scotland), you no longer have the right to ask for a repair or replacement. If the
  2. Hi Any help or advice here would be much appreciated. I bought a dvd recorder about 18 months ago from comet which was an ex display model with no remote (cost £50 which was a bargain, or so i thought). Got the unit home and it seemed to work fine - i could record programs onto the hard drive and set to record at specific time - Great. After about 2 months i came to watch a dvd - 20 mins in, the player resets itself. i thought that might have just been a glitch so i waited for the reboot and then ffw'd to my place in the film. 10 mins on and it cuts out again. A week later
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