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  1. So its the creditor who should have an agreement with our permission to share data with CRA... But if we buy products from mail orders online without signing a form, does it means they have CCA? Is it enforceable? I have 6 defaults on my credit file. They all are within their 5th year and by the July 2011 they all should expire. Do you think it is worth fighting for those or should i just wait for another 10 months till they are stat barred? Thank you for the info silverfox, that was very informative...
  2. Thank you very much BB, that was a very helpful information. Its good that i dont need to send CCA and cut it short straight to default removal... Is it ok if i write a template for both DCA and CRA and paste them here for a review as i am not that good in writing professional letters! Another thing is, bought it from LxDirect which doesnt exist anymore! I am not sure if i can find their contact details but i will try to find it. Many Thanks...
  3. I mean can they just share any info as they please? Aren't they supposed to ask for a copy of CCA to see whether we have given permission to the creditors to share our data or not? Is there a way that we can contact straight to CRA and ask for a proof and removal of the information from our credit database if they failed to do so?
  4. Hi; I bought a kettle from Littlewoods (LxDirect) 3 or 4 years ago when they had sale using a credit account. The kettle was less than £30. However, after having it for only 2 weeks, the kettle stopped working and the plastic base melted. I called up Littlewoods and was told that someone would collect it on a specified date. They came on the date but did not take the kettle away and said it had to be in a box! I mentioned that i didnt have a box to put it in and was told that they would come back another day with a ox themselves only to come back with no box AGAIN! Therefor, they didnt collect it back! After a while, i gave up chasing them and decided not to pay the satement when it arrived and i did email them at one point but i cant find the email as i dont know which email addressed i've used! No Phoenix Recoveries Sdfs have placed a default on my credit file for £108. Start date17/12/2005 and the default date is 06/03/2007. I really do not want to wait till 2013 for it to be removed from my file and want to remove it asap. Could anyone help me how to go around this? Do i send them CCA mentioning section 77-78 of DPA 1974 or do i choose another pathway to avoid they send me a blank application form? I am sure they do not have a credit agreement as i applied for the account online and have not signed anything! Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks... ps. i found the email i sent them on the 1 May 2006.. So i do have a proof of email sent but nothing else!
  5. Does anyone know if we have any right to ask for a refund on Xperia X10 we bought? At the time of buying it, we were promised Android 2.1 update by September. And now it is delayed even further... In theory, we were lied and was made to buy the phone hoping we could get an upgrade. We spend £400 on a phone and now it doesnt worth the half of what we paid? Where do we stand? Any help will be appreciated...
  6. Thank you very much for your quick respond Michael. That made it clearer now. The nick name i have used is not completely ficticious. For example, instead of Charlie Brown, i may have used Cherl Brewn. Also, what is the case number it is asking on the second letter above? Is it the claim number on the claim form or something different? Thanks again. I really appreciate your time and effort.
  7. Also, on the second letter above it says Case No! Is it the claim number on the claim form or is it the account number? Sory guys. Its the first time i am dealing with such thing!
  8. Hi again. Andy, you said i should send an N Letter to them stating i do not acknowledge the debt. But in the other hand, i was told to acknowledge the claim form through moneyclaim.gov.uk! I am a bit confused here! I have the letters ready to be sent tomorrow! But sould i accept the debt throught moneyclaim.gov.uk or not? Plus, when i log onto moneyclaim, it asks defendants full name. Here, should i enter the nickname i have used when i opened the account or my real name? Letter came to the nickname i have used. Thanks...
  9. Hi Andy, thanks for your quick respond. And yes, it has my correct address its just not the same name. I have used a nick so they could spell my name easily. Like instead of iceboy, i use iceboi... Same door but opened at different agle... Would that be a problem?
  10. Hi guys, thank you for your replies. 42MAN, thank you for guiding me and for the nice template letters. I think i'll send the first one as it was easier for me to understand what it says! The form i have recieved is the Claim Form from Northampton Court with all their details. I will acknowledge the claim as advised by you through the moneyclaim.gov.uk site. I assume i should defend all parts, right? And there is one more thing. I have no idea what the debt is for but the name on the account is my nick name i use for shopping. It doesnt include my original full name. Would that be problem in the court? Would they ask for a proof of id to confirm it belongs to me because i cant prove it! Again, thank you very much for your help, time and effort...
  11. Hi guys, I am desperate for your help! Phoenix DCA sent me a court order which i have to reply within 14 days of recieveing the court order! Its a purple letter with 3-4 pages. And it says, if i dont act, it will register a CCJ on my credit files! What steps should i take? Should i send them a CCA letter and ask them to withdraw the court order if they cannot supply me with a signed true copy of the agreement? If this is what i should be doing, can anyone point me a sumple letter as i am no good with writing letters! I'd be gratefull if you could help. Thanks
  12. Hi; I have finally sent my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) letters to Barclaycard and Capital One for myself and my firends. Thats total of 5 letter. However, only 1 of my firend has recieved his statements since 1997 to date. Im not sure about the steps i should be taking now. 1. What should i do about the banks who hasnt responded my SAR requests? (Letters were sent recorded delivery) 2. What should i do now with my friends statemetns. Do i calculate the fees and request the sum? If yes, how should i request it and what template should i use? Also, do i add the 8% on top or not? Any help will be appraciated. Many Thanks edit: sorry, i was meant to open this thread under the barclaycard section and mistakenly opened it here. Can mods please move it to correct section. thanks.
  13. Erm, sorry to bother you guys but, i have ordered my CAG stickers a week ago, paid by paypal (paypal problem solved) and nothing showed up yet! Im waiting for my stickers so i can send my letters. Can anyone update me please? Thanks
  14. Can someone please please answer the followings? I just want to know the answers to the questions. Im curious. It is much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. You are right. Im going to get them remove the default (hopefully) and so it will be a short term problems as you have said. Scaled...
  16. thanks hippy chick. i'll use the first one than. as you said, its shorter, simple and clear. i do not have any other choice to recieve their responds. So i have to provide them my new address. Those creditors doesnt appear on my experian report, but i believe they will show up there as well as soon as i tell the DCA of my new address
  17. will search the faqs on experian and see what i can find. Thanl i'll come back Also, searching by address is just awfull! what if i was sharing a flat and living with a person who has an awfull credit? That would effect me big time if they did the search by address!
  18. Thanks for your quick respond hippy-chick. i havent much played with the letter. Just as you suggested, changed the beginning of it. Here it is: Do you know which address should i be putting on the upper right hand? or, do i give them my previous addree? if neccesarry, how should i provide them in writing? Thank again NEW ADDRESS??? Street County, Town Post Code December 1, 2007 Lowell Financial Ltd PO Box 172 Leeds LS11 9WS Dear Sir/Madam I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY. With reference to the alleged debt of £699 between iceboy and Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd, I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of this credit agreement. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (Sections 77−79), I am entitled to receive a copy of our credit agreement on request. I enclose a payment of £1.00 which represents the fee payable under the Consumer Credit Act. I understand a copy of my credit agreement should be supplied within 12 working days. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with a request for a copy of the agreement under these sections of the Act. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully ICEBOY OR, SHALL I SEND THE FOLLOWING i have found on CAG Your address xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx 5th February, 2007 DCA Address xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Sir/Madam I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY. With reference to the alleged debt of £699 between iceboy and Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd,, I request that you send me a true copy of this credit agreement relating to your previous letter (shall i write this green bit? i dont have any letters anymore nor the date they sent the letter!) I understand that this is my right under the legislation contained within section 77 (1) and section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and am entitled to receive a copy of my credit agreement on request. Your obligation also extends to providing me with a statement of account.(didnt much get what that statement means? is it SAR? because if it is, im going to ask for it after i recieve the CCA) I enclose a £1 postal order which represents payment of the statutory fee payable under the Consumer Credit Act. I understand that a copy of my credit agreement should be supplied within 12 working days from the date of this letter. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act, creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with a request for a copy of the agreement under these sections of the Act. Also, since you are a Debt Collection Agency, I would also ask that you supply a signed true copy of the executed deed of assignment for the above referenced agreement. This is an obligation, whether you are the original creditor or not, under section 189 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. In summary, I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THIS DEBT AND THEREFORE REQUIRE YOU TO SUBSTANTIATE THIS BY PROVIDING THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTATION BEFORE I CORRESPOND FURTHER : 1. True copy of original credit agreement 2. Statement of account 3. Copy of the executed deed of assignment from Capital One to Lowell Financial As you are aware, a credit agreement that is not properly documented and signed by the customer is totally unenforceable under the CCA and therefore is a complete defence to any court claim that is issued. Take note at this stage, that any legal action you may contemplate will be both vigorously defended and contested and consider this matter to be “in dispute”. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from you within the statutory time limit. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Your Name
  19. Hi; I am going to send CCA letters a few company as soon as i get my CAG stickers. However, i do not remember any of my reference/account numbers. And i have changed my address since i was defaulted and they dont know my new address. They appear on my credit reports (Lowell Portfolio, Abbey, London Scottish Bank...) but it doesnt show the reference number or code and i dont remember anything other than my old address. In this case, how can i request my CCA? Can anyone give me a sample as my writing just isnt good at all... Thanks
  20. Hi; My brother applied for a Capital One Credit Card. However, the credit search shows on my credit report! He has no account or credit cards and i assume he has no credit report either since he never asked for one because he has no financial accounts. Why when he applies for a card, it shows on my credit report? How does it work? I mean does the search is based on names or addresses? if they do a search at for example: 777 London Road Does the credit search shows on everyones file living at that address sharing the same surname? They are searching for lets say, iceguy surname and credit report appears on iceboy surname! Im so confused!
  21. Well, first of all, disconnect from internet if you are connected. Remove all the spyware programs like ad-aware, antispyware, windows defender... Becuse if you have more than one, it will confuse your system. Than install ONLY ONE spyware program. You can also get 12 MONTHS FREE MCAFEE virusscan plus SUBSCRIPTION. Its an all-in-one protection Which includes antivirus, firewall & antispyware. I dont know if i am allowed to give the link here. Please someone tell me and i will put the link here so everyone can get it. Otherwise, pm me, and i'll send you the link. Firstly i advise you to install a much stronger antispyware software first. SpyDoctor and the XoftSpy is the best ones so far. You can get them for very cheap amount of price. Than do a spy search. SpyDoctor wil def find the problem and solve it. You dont need to go to tech service and pay money. And you do not need to format your pc either.
  22. hi bankfodder, thank you for your respond, i appraciate it. What should i say to Information Commissioners? Im not really good at this so i dont know! Should i send a letter or apply online? For both, what is their addresses to make a complaint? And what is the address for Equifac and Experian to send a notice? I do appreciate your for spending your time to answer me. Many Thanks.
  23. thank you for your respond tom. I'll send the letter on monday as im planning to send a few others also. Do you know where i should be sending it to? Does the address differ or all the enquiries goes to sama address? Thanks again...
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