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  1. Awesome news. Thank you dx. I was about to send them a SAR but i am guessing it's not needed.
  2. Thank you dx Stated client on the letter is British Gas. I have been living in the same property for the last 10 years or so. Never moved and the debt is belonged to same address. I just dont know how they come up with this debt years later. In that case, i won't be ringing them. Do i just ignore it? Can British Gas still place a default on my accounts? I have a good payment history since then and i dont want it ruined because of this. Btw, they have also sent me an email and asking me to contact them by replying to that email or call them.
  3. It's not Lowels. It's Lucas Credit Services. Never heard of them untill now. Should I be paying or ignore it? Can they put a default on the CRAs?
  4. Hi everyone, hope all ok here. I have just received a letter from a debt collection agency asking me to pay a debt owed to British gas. Upon checking my credit scores, i can see this debt shows up as settled and closed in 2016. Started in Dec 2015 and closed in July 2016 with £0 balance. I have no recollection of owing anything to British Gas. It's a very small amount (around £40) but it has been bugging me. Any idea if i should be paying this company? Thanks for all your helps in advance.
  5. Hi bazzas, Yes they do accept that i have international minutes. I used to have 30 but increased to 60 and then to 138 followed by 180. I even receivd a text message confirming that. I asked for confirmation because i know this would happen. They still had not responded to my second complain letter. What should i do? Thanks.
  6. Any help on this? Second time i contacted CEO but no luck. Does anyone know what furher steps i can take to get them take me serious? Thanks
  7. I sent them a letter few weeks ago and the respond i had was that they couldnt do anything and that the bill was right as i made international calls. I just sent another email to CEO at [email protected] I sent the below email which is just similar to one above with a 7 days deadline to respond: But is there anywhere else i can complain to? And if do, how do i get around doing it? Many thanks for the respond.
  8. Hi; I have a problem with T-mobile i would to get your opinions on. All my problems started about a year ago. I have been on T-mobile for quite a few years now. Last year, they charged me extra £400 for things i shouldn't have been charged and all done without my knowledge as i pay by direct debit. But after long phone conversation, they refunded all the amount back. They said i made calls to 08 numbers and lyca mobiles. Who would know what numbers are lyca and what not! Anyone can just transfer their existent number and you wouldn't know. To cut the long story short, i told them i wanted to leave. They have given me a great package for £27 which was called the Full Monty (1000 minutes, unlimited text and internet). They also added extra international minutes as i do make calls abroad. I was also told i would use my minutes to call 08 and lyca numbers without being charged extra. Now, each and every month they are charging me over £70 and claiming i made international calls. I argue and explain the situation, they look at the system and they say sorry and tell me they will credit it to next bill but when the next bill arrives, the same thing happens. This has been going on for months and i do suffer from Behcet syndrome which is a rare syndrome where the immune system attacks the good body cells and also cause cognitive problems which results in panic attacks. I have few other problems caused by the desease. The reason i am mentioning this is that i already suffer alot on a daily basis and stress is the last thing my immune system needs. I cannot afford spending £70 for a phone bill and they hours on the phone trying to get my money back. It literally affects my everyday life. This has been going for a long time and i really don't know what to do anymore. They know i am right, they see it all in the system but fail to do anything about it. And this month they are telling me they cannot do anything because i made international calls and called lyca mobiles in UK. Can anyone please advise me and show me the correct path way to get tmobile to sort this out. I am happy with the network as long as they provide me with the service they promised. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Kindest Regards...
  9. Hi; I am writin gon behalf of my friend who is very vulnerable and is affectively homeless. He has few serious life threatening conditions such as Behcet Desease, Plysystic Kidney Desease, blood pressure problems, panic attacks, anxiety and few others caused by the behcet desease (mouth and body ulcers are the common ones) He had applied for housing and was provided with a non-shared hostel room with sink and toilet. He had numerous of letters from his doctors, behcet specialist professors and his GP explaining the seriousness of his conditions as well as from his psychiatrist. He was told that he would be put on a emergency list and given a bidding number within 2 weeks. Its been over 3 months and they are asking him to provide all his hospital attendance letters and records from the hospital whenever he was seen and descharged. He went ahead with the hassle and get his papers from the hospitals. However, now they are saying it is not clear and they want more information. His doctors wrote many letters (4 pages long in fact) explaning the seriousness of his health problems and without him having his self accomodated place, he wont ever make any improvement becaus he also has neurologic complications and his mood always changes. And the stress makes his condition even worse. Is it right of the medical team of the council to request such documents from someone so fragile? And is there anything we can do to speed to process or make complain to certain department? I believe this is just unacceptable of them to promise him a bidding number in 2 weeks and not even bothering to keep him updated and then after 3 months, asking him to provide more documents when he already provided everything possible (even by the doctors) If they need extra information, arent they supposed to contact the hospitals themselves and request the information or maybe talk to his doctors? I would be grateful if you could shed some lights on what we can do. Many thanks...
  10. Anyone has any input on this one? They sent me an email suggesting that I speak to Ombdusman as the issue wasnt resolved between us. What should I do?..
  11. Hi everyone; I have been on 3 network for more then 8 years now with few additional contracts on the same network. In January, my Sony Xperia S was taken for repair to a 3 shop, it had random restarts, freezing, yellow spots on the screen and loose back cover. 4 days later the phone was back and i received a text to go collect it. They done a hard reset and sent the phone back without the back cover. I notified the store that the cover was missing, and they asked me to go back there following week. I work full time so i went back within 2 weeks and cover still wasnt there. 4 months went on, i called costumer services once every month. Finally, decided to take the un-repaired mobile back to the shop for repair on the 10th June. They never called me or informed me with the status even though i have been to the shop 3 times to check the progress. Finally, when i called the three costumer service on 25th August, they told me the phone was at the store since 23rd July and i should go collect it. Apparently, they replaced it with a refurbished one. So i collected it on 2th August. But guess what? The back cover was still missing. Frustrated, i called 3 to complain and cancel my contract. They wont let me without paying the early termination fee. I signed up for a contract with them and they failed to provide me with the service i signed up for. I have been without a mobile phone for the last 7 months which i have been paying. They stole (literally) my back cover and wont give it back to me. Since they failed to provide me with the service, do i have the rights to cancel the contract? If so, how can i do it? I dont want to pay any fee. Also, while on the phone to this rude guy at the complain department, he tried to talk to me about an ipad contract under my name without even confirming with me. I tol him he had no rights to mention me the ipad contract while i am disputing an account. Can anyone help me where do i stand with this? I even asked for early upgrade possibilities and they said i had to pay fee for that as well. 10 years i have been with them and this is how they treat me! T-mobile replaces the faulty phones the next day and they even do collection from your house. They take your faulty phone and replace with a new one the next day. I am never coming back to three ever again and pulling out all my family members and friend i subscribed to three once their contracts ends. Any help on this matter will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Any advice what to write on grievance letter? Any template maybe? Also could you please help me on how to put in the employment tribunal claim?
  13. During my research i have come across with this: Unlawfull deduction of wages: Sections 13 to 27 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA 1996) set out the provisions that protect workers from unauthorised deductions from their wages. * * * Protection against unauthorised deductions * Section 13 of ERA 1996 prohibits deductions from a worker’s wages unless: * The deduction is required or authorised by statute or a provision in the worker’s contract; or The worker has given their prior written consent to the deduction. According to this, i should still be eligible for the full 6 weeks of pay. I have been told that from the date of sick leave, i have only 3 months to dispute. In my case, i have only till 22nd July to issue employment tribunal! I have a feeling that they are trying to get past the 3 months period so they dont have to deal with the subject matter! Can anyone suggest me what to write on a letter as i need to start grievence process asap. Thank you.
  14. I have recovered from the surgeries. However i still have sudden and sharp pain under need my appendicities scar throughtout the day. My doctor sending me off for a ultrasound scan before he can comment on it. Also i am very stressed! My sleeping paternt went upside down. I am scared when i get back to work, i will fail attending work on time for a while, although this is not my concern at the moment. I still dont know what to do! My employer is the only reason i am in such a bad state mentally and financially! Any help on what i should be telling them? How can they expect me to afford travel costs untill next pay day when they cant even pay me the sick pay i am entitled to?
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