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  1. Thanks ericsbrother I've just found my email to them and actually I said "We have decided to halt with the production of full plans and the building control application for the immediate future" surely that is fairly cut and dry?
  2. Hi all I approached some architects for quotations on drawing up plans and obtaining planning permission for a loft conversion on my house. I received a quote back from one company that had two distinct parts 1) drawing up plans and obtaining planning permission 2) To produce full plans and apply for full building regulations approval (this was not something I had requested) I wrote to the company stating that I wished to proceed with the first option of drawing up plans and obtaining planning permission. They carried out the work and I duly paid them. They then recommended some structural engineers to carry out a structural survey - we chose one and they billed us directly as a totally separate customer and contract. I thought I had better make myself clear that I did NOT want to proceed with the second part of their quote (as having spoken to contractors they told me that full plans were not required) so I emailed the architects telling them to hang fire on that part of the service and not to proceed. They emailed me about a week later with the full plans and the application for building regulations! I waited a few days to see what would happen next and sure enough I have just received an invoice for this.... Where do I stand with this? I have only ever given the go ahead for part 1 of their quotation, and in fact specifically asked them to hang fire on the second part? Don't really feel that I should be paying for something that I didn't want and didn't give permission for them to carry out on my behalf - thoughts please
  3. So nobody else feels that the train companies make buying a ticket over complicated and don't go far enough at the time of purchase to explain what ticket you are actually buying and what the restrictions of it are? I would be amazed if that were the case frankly
  4. And that is what I feel is miss leading - all I got was an email confirmation stating "Return journey: by 26 Jun 2017" - if this had said something along the lines of "Return journey: by 26 Jun 2017, subject to ticket restrictions, please check that your intended return journey is covered by this ticket" then I would have done just that..
  5. I can see your points however to me the info button simply stating "You may be required to travel at specific times of day, days of the week or on a specific route." does not really tell me much (ie what times/routes) and as I hadn't yet collected the tickets I couldn't see if they said anything. My point is that it should be made clearer I guess
  6. Hi all I booked a ticket via the GWR website several months ago. At the time of booking, I specified my outward journey but not my return. I purchased a ticket based on a journey that satisfied my outward requirements and that told me simply "Return journey: by 26 Jun 2017". I received an email confirmation stating the same. A few days ago I rang to book seats on the journeys only to be told that I couldn't travel on the mid day journey back that I wanted on the ticket that I had bought (a super off peak) but would need to either wait a further 4 hours before I could get the first train that met the ticket criteria or pay a further £50 to do so (almost as much as my original ticket). I was also told that if I did this on the day on the train, it would cost me £80 to quote "rectify my mistake". I asked why was I not told at the time of booking that I would be limited to certain trains for my return journey and was told "did I tick the terms and conditions box at the end of the transaction - because that explains the ticket types" I find this HIGHLY miss leading and a near deliberate attempt to con travellers into having to pay more for their journeys when finding themselves on a train they apparently should not be travelling on. I also asked if the difference in fair would have been cheaper had I paid the difference at the time and (due to my only finding this out a week before travel) was told it would have been significantly cheaper. Anyone else feel this is miss leading too? I would really like to complain about this practise to the highest I can - who should I send it too? Thanks
  7. Thats what I wondered renegadeimp. So if they tried to enforce the debt here, wouldn't it have to be under UK law - in which case maybe I wouldn't be liable for it anyway as the debt was never mine? I think that's why they have tried to switch the balance to a shared account - so they can say I was personally partly responsible for it. But my signature certainly wont be on any of the paperwork
  8. Thanks for the great and speedy reply. Thus far, I have only received notification from my lawyer in Athens that their legal team have been in contact to ask what I intend to do to clear the debt. I had considered emailing them (as they have not even informed me of what the debt amount is, though I believe its under 40K euros) but would my best course of action be to just remain silent for now? Thanks again
  9. Hi Hope someone can offer some much needed advise please. I recently inherited from my Greek father and he had a debt with a Greek bank. I am a UK citizen with no joint nationality. Under Greek law, a debt is passed onto the inheritor and becomes their responsibility. The debt was taken out in my fathers name only but I have seen the bank attempt to shift the negative balance for the debt to a shared account that I had with him. My question is this, can they attempt to persue me for this debt here in the UK? Obviously, the law there is totally different than it would be here (wherre I would not be personally responsible for the debt of a deceased relative). So, if they tried, could I appeal by saying that under UK law I would not be liable? How far do you think they would get if they tried? Thanks
  10. Tought I would just finnish this one off - my new log book arrived in the post today (with two days to go before the tax expires) - must be a result of the previous owner sending in the V5C. So as I thought, they had it all along. Glad I've got it and in time but I really wouldnt want to go through all that again!! Thanks to those who answered my questions
  11. No worries Gertie - thanks for the help. Just saves me a half day off work if I know for sure before hand
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply and your agreement that the problem was the DVLA telling me to return the new keepers slip with the form in the first place! Call me stupid, but I sort of expected them to know what they were talking about when I rang them. Just one more thing, I have been told that you used to get a "grace period" of about 2 weeks after the expiry of a tax disk to get it re-registered. Is that still the case? Also, in theory I should take the vehicle off the road and declare SORN - but I see I cant do that EITHER because: a) I'm not the registered keeper (yet) b) You have to declare SORN by the 15th of the month in which the tax expires Ha - as you say - truly stuffed! I thought people might be interested to see the reply I got back from the DVLA - at least they admit that I "had cause for complaint" though I dont really know what help that is. Dear Mr .... Thank you for your email of 20 November 2007 about the difficulties you have encountered since the purchase of vehicle (reg number removed). I offer my apologies that that the service you received failed to meet your expectations and that you had cause for complaint. It may help if I explain some background information relevant to the issue. When the vehicle is sold, the seller completes the change of keepership details on the Registration Certificate (V5C) and returns it to the Agency for the record to be updated and for the Registration Certificate to be issued to the new keeper. At the same time they are required to pass the New Keepers Supplement (V5C/2) to the purchaser. The notes on the reverse of the V5C/2 clearly advise the new keeper that it acts as a “receipt” which is valid for a period of two months and is intended to allow the new keeper of the vehicle to apply for a tax disc, whilst awaiting the issue of a new Registration Certificate. Provided we receive notification from the seller, the new keeper can usually expect to receive a certificate within a few weeks. As the seller remains responsible for a vehicle until transfer of keepership has taken place, the emphasis is on them to promptly notify DVLA of any changes. If this breaks down, for whatever reason, a process exists for the new keeper to confirm acquisition using the alternative V62 form. If the V5C/2 is attached to the V62 the fee of £25 is not required. When a V62 application is processed, security checks are made in an attempt to ensure entitlement to a certificate. These include the automatic issue of a letter (V712) to the registered keeper. The intention is to alert them that an attempt is being made by another party to obtain a certificate. Following the issue of the letter, no action is taken by the Agency for fourteen days to enable the registered keeper to respond. If the keeper notifies us within this period that they still have the vehicle or it has been stolen, we use the opportunity to delay the issue of a certificate so that the police can investigate. We aim to issue a Registration Certificate within 4 weeks of receiving the V62 application. However, the form does specify that 6 weeks should be allowed before making enquiries as advisors will not be able to affect changes in the security processes. I was sorry to learn that you felt DVLA staff were unhelpful towards your predicament. You are assured that all staff receive a high standard of training to enable them to deal with a wide range of enquiries in a polite and informed manner. However, this does not mean that we can provide the customer with everything they want. While I can understand your wish to have form V62 and V5C/2 returned to you, it may put matters into perspective if I explain that the Agency receives anything from 60,000 to 80,000 items of mail daily. I am sure you will appreciate that it would have been an impossible task to locate your individual application until such time as it had processed and entered onto the vehicle record. I understand that you asked to speak to a Manager. I am grateful that your call was transferred to a supervisor but I am sorry if you felt that the information provided was not relevant to your personal situation. I hope that I have clarified the position and trust that your future dealings with the Agency are trouble free.
  13. Thanks to patdavies and Gertie100 for all your answers. You are quite correct Pat, I got hold of the seller last night and he has indeed binned the reminder. Just a couple more questions: 1) Could he ask for a copy of the reminder? 2) Who is liable for the tax on the vehicle as things stand? Cheers
  14. Hi Gertie100, I don't have a problem with filing two V62's but didnt you still have to produce the new keepers slip from the origional V5C (log book) or some other part it in order to fill in the form? Sorry to ask again but I want to be sure before I take half a day out to go the local office. Thanks
  15. Hi Gertie100 and thanks for the reply. I do have a local office near to me but won't I still need the new keepers slip (which DVLA Swansea now have) to fill in the V62?
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