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  1. Or ask for costs? I don't understand that they CANNOT get a judgement against you but CAN take the case to court. Am I being thick here and missing something or is that just stupid?
  2. Thats great news. Im at the same stage where I'm waiting for documents to be sent as they are contacting their client and mirrors your case.
  3. So the claimant would benefit by the case not going ahead and it being stayed then? Because as you say the clock has stopped on SB and will not restart again until the case is discontinued or it's struck out. It will never become SB if the case continues to be stayed. Whereas if the case continued and was then either struck out or discontinued the SB clock would continue and then become SB next year.
  4. Why? I've said I'm comfortable with my own case and I'm not posting about my case and think the question I have asked is very relevant to the original poster. I'm not trying to hijack the thread but merely offer a reason of why the claimant would be wanting to stay the case. It may also be something that has been overlooked by the original poster and a bit like yourself I'm trying to help!! The more minds the better!!
  5. I'm in a very similar position to this with the same mob and the same story except I'm right at the start and just received the claim form and don't want to start my own thread straight away as feel comfortable handling it. What got me thinking with this though, is like mine, the account is nearly SB and by you agreeing to the stay, will that effectively override the SB? i.e. SB will not count because the case has been stayed by the agreement of both parties? My first thoughts with this mob were that tested the water with phishing letters and people that ignored th
  6. Hi everyone..............Sorry for the lack of updates. my health has took a turn for the worse and Ive been quite ill with Arthritis of the spine and knees. Had a feeling I had it for about a year ago because of other problems but had it confirmed in January because of flare ups that have been happening since October. with regards to the costs its something that has took a backburner due to the problems I have had. Been in quite severe pain and currently off work at the moment and basically had bigger things to worry about. My main aim was to defeat them and I have. I did want costs
  7. They are going to be all over your thread now until the hearing. Hope they come around when you trash them!!
  8. Sam I can see you're online, how did it go?
  9. Morning to our 2 guests. Good Luck today Sam
  10. Just reading their WS and at the top headed in The Northampton County Court, Sam said earlier it has been transferred to his/hers local court. I'm pretty certain that Athlea Hamilton is working off templates because the Skeleton Argument she sent me was also headed in the Northampton County Court but her previous WS was headed in my local court!! My point being that allot of claimants moan about defendants using the net and templates from it yet they seem to case by case do exactly the same.
  11. Is that their WS? all 5 points? I think HSBC think they have this in the bag. No mention of the DN!! Sam, can you go through CB's points and answer them
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