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  1. well said tide turner (says a HUGE Steven fan lol) its like waiting for the baby to arrive, inevitable but still full of dramas and dangers, i doubt the 'goverment' dares allow the banks to continue they current charging for fear of a huge public protest...hmmm.. decend on parliment and have a picnic? the point is strong and growing public opinion does effect life, despite the test case despite the 'stays' we MUST keep putting these claims in, because the moment this test case is concluded the banks and the courts will be totally swamped and i would like my claim to be at the top of that pile thankyou very much huggles (cos thats wot trolls do best)
  2. am i totally out of touch? or missing the point? (think Children of Men...if any of you saw it?) IS this the FIRST lifted stay and court case going ahead that i have seen so far on CAG!! (since waiver and stay became the 'norm') i have enquired on a few threads but found nothing else like this.
  3. has anyone seen http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/nationwide/121676-bank-charges-stay-lifted.html
  4. hi there Paperdos seems our situations are very similar CAG is certainly the right place to be huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
  5. then i guess this is what i'll be trying to do *evil giggle* does CAG know of ANYone that has managed to overturn the banks waiver? huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
  6. did you know that... for ducks kept in captivity there needs to be an average 6 female per male or they literally bonk them to death lol (think no other males to fight of or terratory to defend) hmmm looks at my 2 'males' and wonders lol (bet you are really glad i mostly post sensible stuff on CAG? poor yahoo360 & multiply) hope ya all having a FUNtastic weekend huggles (cos its what trolls do best)
  7. a valid and interesting point Maybelline, think of the wider implications if ANY bank did actually fully or even partially refund whilst the 'stay' is in place? i think this needs more 'looking into' smacks of human rights, doesnt it? the loss of input to my usual blog pages is CAG's gain it seems lol hmmmm huggles (lol cos thats what trolls do best)
  8. in many ways i agree with both of you my point was even the benifits offioce do not take my sons DLA as income when considering other benifits because it is his benifit not mine usual huggles
  9. has anyone recieved settlement in full? partial offer? since the stay was announced? has anyone actually recieved payment under the 'hardship rule'?
  10. sorry steven yes NW sent the form which states ALL over it in capitals monthly (hhhmmm....why has that irritated me so much?) huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
  11. again JonCris we are on grey and untested ground partly because of the 'stay' situation, i dont know of ANYone thats recently been fully refunded on any grounds,(or even partially refunded) least of all on hardship, and with the 8 weeks many cases now being looked at by the FOS might directly clash with the 'test case' and who knows what tricks the goverement might allow the banks to pull then (grrrr). another argument for a whole different thread might be the banks claiming that a full refund in effect leaves them totally unpaid for their ummmm services lol anyways i will need to call FOS to clarify, i mean do i include my sons DLA awarded to him but paid into my account. again in reference to a comment i made recently on another thread, i'm lucky in that i DO have the time commitment support and dare i say (ohh i'll get shot) intelligence to struggle through this process but to be sure it is MOST daunting, i am now like a wide-eyed pilgrim, preaching about CAG wherever i go, whilst people like those here care for each others interests we can only grow stronger huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
  12. thanks JonCris perhaps another call to FOS monday? have them state in writing wether i have to fill this form or not *evil giggle* technically the income IS solely benifits though there has been the occational cheque from family members for birthdays etc huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
  13. thankyou again Steven bein that i live in a village with NO car etc and my shoping option is the local COOP or 40 mins on 2 buses to Tesco a large potion of my income goes on 'basic' housekeeping *giggle* and (rather bizzarely my 8 year old likes to keep those reciepts) the income and expenditure form states in CAPITALS that ALL figures MUST be monthly ,cant help wondering if this is them being more 'helpfull' as most benifits are paid weekly or 4 weeks, if i change their form to weekly am i giving them grounds to reject it (i wonder?) anyways thankyou so much for your continued help to this newbie, ya a star huggles (cos thats what trolls do best)
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