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  1. DJ, many thanks for the reply.I'm unsure as to working out the charges at the moment so have included some info. The loan is still running at the moment but was processed as starting 30th November 2003 (I would need to double check as it may have been 30th Dec 2003) to be paid over 84 months (there's been a couple of permitted payment breaks over the loan term but the final payment is now due in August 2011). The copy of the original agreement I have states that total loan payment protection figure is £1318.32 for the £9k loan. The loan interest rate was quoted at 7.66% (APR 7.9%) & monthly instalments were £159.11. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, applied for an Egg Loan in October 2003 (processed Nov 2003) which included PPI. I was self employed at the time & was never advised that self employment was not covered. I cannot for the life of me find the original PPI documents (have moved house since) but I have received a photocopy of the original signed agreement from them. On the loan agreement there is a paragraph at the bottom titled "Your Loan Payment Protection" which only mentions that this is the premium payable in respect of an accident or sickness - nothing about unemployment. Does anyone know if there could possibly have been two options of PPI that you could choose to cover the loan, one including unemployment & one with only sickness & accident? I am sure that it covered all three conditions but have no backup to prove it. Thanks in advance
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