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  1. No nothing like that, no legalities mentioned. Dear Mr Capital Con Local Government Finance Act 1992 - Council Tax I have received a copy of your communication with regard to the further Enforcement Fees added to your council tax debt held with JBW bailiff. I am writing to confirm that the fee of £235 has now been removed from the JBW account. I note from your communication that you made a payment of £137 on 17th March 2016 and I can confirm that this cleared this debt in full. If you have any further queries blah blah blah
  2. I've already said what the council put in their letter in post #106 above, unless you want it word for word?
  3. Ok finally an update. Apologies for not replying sooner but to be honest I didn't have any new information to give. JBW were quite adamant that they weren't letting this go. In fact, they confirmed in writing (now there's a first!) with a letter sent out shortly after the 17th April (the date they had said "an agreement" was due to be paid) saying they would send out an enforcement agent to recover goods at FURTHER cost to myself. I didn't even bother contacting JBW as it was pointless. I had already sent a letter to the council outlining ALL of the point
  4. The extra £115? I was told the liability order had been paid off in full??
  5. Why would both people I spoke to say exactly the same thing, or are you implying I'm telling porkies, I assure you I am not.
  6. When I spoke with them today (and also on the 17th March) I was told the amount I owed the council had been paid in full and the only amount outstanding was the last £235 fee they applied. To go one further when I made the payment on 17th I specifically asked if the amount that I was paying was only going to be used to pay the council and the reply I got was "if you pay the remainder today we will contact the council to tell them the debt has been paid in full, we will then withhold any further bailiff action for a period of four weeks while we review the case" When I spoke today I asked
  7. So if not back to court then what will happen? They can knock on until they're blue in the face for all I care!
  8. When I made the last payment I was told the full amount would be used to pay the LA meaning I owe them nothing. The only amount outstanding is the £235 fee they added. I have already told them that the case was passed over to an EA agent AFTER I made my late payment. They are obviously desperate to get there hands on the £235 which I am point blank refusing to pay, if it goes back to court I am more than happy to explain the situation and hopefully somebody will see sense!
  9. Ok I have finally heard back from JBW, they have refused my request to remove the fees on the grounds that they emailed me twice (I received neither) and sent text messages (again none recieved) the dates they have given for the messages are the day BEFORE I made payment. I have already paid what I owed to the council so the only amount owed now is the £235 fee. I simply refuse to pay it, what will happen now, if the bailiffs re-appear can they add more charges, they WONT be gaining entry so will have no goods to take?? back to court?? Prison?? Any help appreciated
  10. Sorry only just got these replies, I'm not sure how I would go about recording my own calls? They stated that all their calls are recorded anyway so they can check back to see exactly was said. Ok I will send off a letter as well to see if that helps. And no there is no car outside the property.
  11. They took the final payment to clear the existing balance which was due on 27th March. The fee which is outstanding is still to be paid. I didn't record phone call, I thought recording calls in UK is illegal?
  12. I received a text message from JBW yesterday saying "DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE, if you do an enforcement agent may re visit your home and further costs added to your account. Please contact us immediately" So I called them and spoke to somebody where I explained that I will not under any circumstance pay the £235 fee, I did say I would pay the remainder of what was owed on my council tax bill. I told him the bailiff will not gain access to my property and he had no vehicle to seize. He said if I made the final payment and wrote to customer services regarding the late payment situation (
  13. Thanks, it's not the council tax I'm refusing to pay it's the ridiculous £235 fee they have added. I cannot see how they can justify doing so with no notification whatsoever knowing full well if they had contacted me I would've paid the remainder of the balance off but then they wouldn't of been able to apply their "fee"
  14. I am named driver on her car. I presume the debt is solely mine, if somebody wants to share it they are more than welcome My partner doesn't live at the address and the account is in my name only
  15. OK full course of events is as follows: 27th February was my payment date which I missed. 1st March was when I made the payment online by logging into my account on JBW website (how I always paid). Leaving just one payment left to make on March 27th for the balance to of been cleared in full. 14th March I returned home to find a note through the door from bailiff saying a charge of £235 had been added to my account and to contact him direct. About 5mins after returning home knock on the door said bailiff was there who asked me if I had a car I said I didn't he said he would ch
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