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  1. Hi all, Am getting some great advice from you all, OK, i owe natwest about £2000 but most of it is charges, they have now passed the debt on to capquest (dca), i want to reclaim the charges natwest have added but who do i claim them from, natwest or capquest? Any help please? cheers, xxorlsxx,
  2. Thanks Dpick, Yes the dca (robinson way) does own the debt as they sent me a copy of the cca, so should i sar the dca and tell them that want to reclaim the charges from them that crap1 have added? P.S this forum rocks..... cheers, xxorlsxx.
  3. Thanks Tiglet, yes i did send the dca a cca and they have sent it to me, but they took more than the legally allowed time of 40+2 days, can i do anything about this? Also do i contact the dca and tell them that im going to reclaim the charges from cap 1?......cheers, xxorlsxx
  4. Hi All, had a c/card with cap 1 and for reasons i wont bore you with i never made any payments back to them, (not good i know), anyway they have long since sold the debt to a dca and what started as a £200 debt is now a£900 debt, cap 1 had been adding charges that were unlawful untill they sold the debt. Once i have paid the dca the £900 can i claim the money back from cap 1 as their charges have been proved unlawful? Should i SAR them? cheers xxorlsxx
  5. Hi all, I have complained to thh FSO about Capquest and the non CCA, can anyone tell me who else to complain to (apart from c/quest) as the OFT and trading standards seem confused as to how they can help. Any suggestions welcome, many thanks, xxorlsxx.
  6. hi, all, ive got a loan with prov and ive just found out that my collection agent has done a runner! im now wondering if as a self employed agent if he would have held the cca or would it be kept at their offices? If the agents do hold the originals then the new agent wont have the original so cant legally collect the debt. Any thoughts? cheers xxorlsxx.
  7. cheers Curlyben, most grateful, Im also gonna s.a.r natwest and claim back all charges on my old account...let you know what happens. xxorlsxx.
  8. All they have done is put the account on hold for 28 days (letter dated 27 nov 07) then i got a letter dated 23 dec 07 putting the account on hold for a further 28 days!, they havent demanded any payments and they havent sent the cca but they have added £20 to the debt.
  9. Hi all, Im getting some great advice from you all thanks! Anyway, Capquest have gone past the 42 days allowed to send me the cca so im wondering if i should write to them and tell them that i will be making a complaint to the relevant authorities if they demand further payment without the cca? Any ideas? cheers, xxorlsxx.
  10. Dear ukaviator, can you please tell me where the thread has been moved to please? cheers.
  11. Hi all, ive been waiting for capquest to send me the cca and its now over the 42 days limit, should i write to the and say that they have now acted illegally and report them to the relevent authorities? If so wich part of the consumer credit act have they broken? Any advise would be great, cheers xxorlsxx.
  12. cheers curlyben, what about the fact that they are trying for another 28 days after their original 28 day period is up and they have put £20 on top? When the oiginal is up (which is about a week from now) they have commited a criminal act is that right? cheers xxorlsxx.
  13. not as yet curlyben....so do you think the noa is bullsh!t? cheers xxorlsxx.
  14. dear all, robinson way have replied to my request for the n.o.a but its just a letter on their headed paper which says "Please note this letter serves as a formal notice to you as hte assignment of account to robinson way of (address) ". the letter is also dated 15 feb 07, this doesnt sound right to me, any ideas would be great. cheers xxorlsxx have a great new years eve all.
  15. hi everyone, am getting some great advice from you guys hopefully this will continue....wrote to crapquest in nov (07) for the cca and they replied back with the old your account is on hold for 28 days etc, just got a letter from them 23 dec about the same account saying that they have just sent for my details from nat west but it looks like they have added £20 on top of the debt. the one month deadline from the date of my original letter is just about up so they cant have the cca and are trying a fast one. When the one month is up should i write to them stating that they have commited a cri
  16. hi all, i asked the dca for the notice of assignment and cca, they sent me a letter printed on their own stationary saying this is our notice of assignment, i thought that this was a document they had to have from the creditors to prove that they now owned the debt? All it seems is a letter from themselves (capquest) saying yes we own the debt but no actual proof! Any advice please. P.s they havent even mentioned the cca i requested.
  17. Hi folks, i had an account with nat west and after getting into debt they have closed my account and passed my debt on to capquest, can i still claim the charges back?
  18. thanks for the help ive already recieved from everyone. my debt has supposedly been passed on to capquest by nat west, ive admitted the debt but only over the phone, is it true that in order to collect this debt they have to by law send me the original debt details and the notice of assignment? would it be worth contacting nat west to see if i can deal with them instead of capquest? any advice would be great.
  19. cheers curlyben thanks for the info and so quick too!
  20. as a new victim of capquest i would love some advice on dealing with these horrible individuals. firstly can anyone tell me what a "prove it" letter is and where i can see one? I am in the process of writing to these leeches and have heard that they are required by law to send you all the details of the debt plus charges and a "notice of assignment" letter, is this correct? is it also true that if they cant or wont supply these details they have no legal right to pursue any debt from you? lastly, is it worth contacting the bank to who i owe the money to to find out if i can m
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