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  1. Hi All, Since cap1 sold my debt to RW along with the charges, i have just got the statements after i SARd them, they have added £250 in charges which i will use to reduce the debt (hopefully) can anyone tell me how i should put this in writing to cap1 to get that money off the debt please? Best Regards, xxorlsxx.
  2. Hi Vampyra, The dca sent me a copy of the cca so i thought that they owned the debt am i wrong? PS thanks for your quick response. Cheers xxorlsxx.
  3. Hi All, after a dca wanted me to pay them what i owe to cap1 as they owned the debt (the dca owned it) plus the disproportionate charges cap1 had added, i S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)'d cap 1 for the details so i could pay the dca off using this money, i have now recieved notice that the dca has passed back the debt to cap1, has anyone got any idea why this has happened, could it be that cap1 has bought the debt back because i was going to get the charges refunded and pay the dca? or is there a more sinister motive? do you think they may offer me a deal? Any help or thoughts would be gre
  4. Hi All, ive just had a letter from my local council saying that they have information that another person is living with me and they want details, the problem is that its not true i live alone. Can i request these details that they say that they hold under the freedom of information act or the data protection act? Any advice would be great , thanks, xxorlsxx
  5. Hi, I asked because the dca own the debt and i dont know how much they have added in charges etc, also they would have to go back to the oc for their records of charges on my account. and if they cant get the details i may not have to pay, even though they have the cca it does not have the extra's they have added. Am i wrong curlyben?
  6. Hi All, If you sent your SAR to a dca who now own your debt and they do not respond to it, am i right in thinking that i would not have to pay them a penny untill they complied? Cheers xxorlsxx.
  7. Hi All, I've got my cca from Cap1 but i've heard that the cca must have certain info on it to make it binding, one of these is the credit limit, my cca just says 'THE CREDIT LIMIT WILL BE DETEMINED BY US FROM TIME TO TIME AND NOTICE OF IT WILL BE GIVEN BY US TO YOU'. I thought that it should have the limit on the cca in £s. Any ideas?
  8. Hi Big valley, Sorry to hear that the CAB lady has reacted that way to you, generally the cab are very good. The only thing i can think of is try the CONSUMER CREDIT COUNSELLING SERVICE. they helped me out a lot you can find the number on the net or yellow pages. good luck.
  9. Hi 42man, the charge only came to my attention after i cca'd capquest dca and they sent me a letter saying that the account was on hold for 28 days blah blah and i noticed that they had added £25 to the original debt, and they did this whilst the account was in dispute! ive been in touch with them and they have not replied with either the cca or an answer about the charge. so im now going to make the relevant complaints and see what happens, i have waited 3 months for the cca now. cheers.
  10. Hi 42man, Thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately i dont have a scanner but i can get my hands on a camera so i'll take a pic and post it, i must say though that the copy of the cca looks kosher and it has my signature on it, my problem with them is really their notice of assignment letter wich is just a letter on their own headed paper saying 'this letter acts as the notice of assignment' I thought that a notice of assignment was a letter from the creditor to the dca giving them the legal right to collect the debt? am i wrong? Cheers...
  11. HiAll, Someone mentioned that the cca must come with all the 'trimmings' what are they, as r/way have sent me the cca but not a breakdown of the debt that i owe to capital one, does this mean that the cca is not enough on its own to enforce the debt?
  12. Hi All, I sent the dca a cca request and it has taken them more than the legal time to aquire and post it to me, i recieved it late so is there anything i can do as they have commited a criminal offence?
  13. When you say absolute deed of assignment rory, what do you mean, i ask because a dca sent me a letter simply stating 'this letter acts as deed of assignment', (robinson way) it looks dodgy and i certainly did not give any permission for any action. Any help?
  14. Hi All, Was just thinking about dca charges and how 'disproportionate' they are, cant these charges be challenged like c/card and bank charges? Any ideas?
  15. Hi All, I was just wondering if you could claim back 'disproportionate' charges from dca's as you can c/card co's and banks, any thoughts on this?
  16. Ive never seen a statement from them as i was out of the country, but the original debt was £200 and the dca wants £650 so i'd guess that they(cap1) have certainly added charges. Thanks for the link Sea-sidelady.
  17. Hi all Ive just got the address of Capital one so i can sar them, i had to laugh when i found out that their address(loxley house) is linked to englands favourite outlaw Robin Hood who folklore has it stole from the rich and gave to the poor......the irony eh.. LOL xxorlsxx
  18. Hi All, Cap1 have passed on my debt to a dca who now own it ( i checked), so im gonna S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) cap1 and pay the dca off, can anyone give me the address of Cap1 to send the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)? And also, im gonna pay by P.O. do i make it payable to capital one bank? cheers xxorlsxx.
  19. Hi, It sounds like im going to have the same problem with cap1, they have sold my debt along with the unlawful charges to a dca, Can i please ask you if i have to sar cap1 and pay the dca with the money, if so could you advise me what address to send the sar to? thanks, xxorlsxx.
  20. Hi All, Ran up a debt with Capital 1 and now a DCA are on to me, the problem is that although i made no payments to cap 1 they added charges, so now i want those charges taken off the debt before i make any arrangement to pay them off, as the DCA own the debt (and they do i checked ) do i SAR the DCA or CAP 1? Thanks, XXORLSXX.
  21. Hi all, i want to get all the information Experian have on me, by law can i accsess the information they hold on me for a minimal fee? or can i get it for free? Any Help? Cheers xxorlsxx.
  22. Thanks Saintly 1, im a bit confused as someone said that if the dca now own the debt they should repay the charges, not natwest, is this not correct? i ask this because i have the same problem with capital1/ robinson way(dca)
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