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  1. Hi all, i recently booked a flight to scotland with bmi but could not travel so missed the flight i booked it with a debit card and have just written to them for a refund, what are my chances? Cheers for any advice.
  2. Hi All, I will keep it short, i will PM all who ask me to but first i must explain one thing that we see time and time again, often we have to adjust peoples income/expendature forms because we find that they have been bullied so much that they make sacrifices that they should'n't such as cutting back on food and heating so they can pay more. We never lie on behalf of our clients. I have seen people who have tried to commit suicide and other awful things. The DCA's threaten them with court and the client panics, they dont know for instance that being in debt is not a criminal offence and as su
  3. I would just like to reply to CAR2403, when you say that i am stooping to the level of a DCA OR BANK, i would say that i have been working for the CAB for a while now and one of our aims is "to ensure that individuals do not suffer through a lack of knowledge" (their rights). i cant say the same about DCA's OR BANKS. The benefit system is there as a safety net to make sure people dont fall below a standard of living, this does not mean giving them a disposable income, that is why we advise offering £1 per month and is generally accepted by the courts. i find your comment offensive in lik
  4. Hi All, I think that i must respond to some of the upset that my opinion has caused, firstly i stand by everything i have said, but in retrospect i should not have advised manipulation of any financial statement, when i said that HP should make sure that only £1 per month should left as desposable income it comes from the fact that i too am on benefits and as i'm sure many of you will know that your lucky to have any money leftover at all when you have met your living costs. When i advised HP to make sure that only £1 per month was disposable comes from the fact that many people in such
  5. Hi, firstly DONT deal with these parasites over the phone they will just try to intimidate you, secondly it is a good idea to change your account so these people cant get at your money, make a financial statement and work it out that you only have £1 per month to spare, only offer them this amount and no more. Contact BBC's watchdog, contact your local paper, contact the law society they can help you free of charge. If the worst happens and they take you to court (very unlikely given your illness) the court will only award them £1 per month. I wish you and your family my best regar
  6. Hi, i'm not sure but as the ppi is part of the cca i recieved (they had already ticked the box for me) i would like to think that the whole agreement is unfair therefore unenforcable. i hope that someone on here could clear this up. All the best.
  7. Hi All, ive been fighting a dca about a cc debt from cap 1, when i recieved my agreement to sign from cap1 they had ticked the ppi box for me, so it turns out that with all the bad selling of ppi's would this make the whole agreement unenforcable? This would be great as the dca (robinson way) have been hasstling me for ages and i would love to tell 'em' to 'do one', Any thoughts on this would be great thanks.
  8. Hi All, I will keep it short, i joined an agency who then offered me tempory work which i accepted, but then i found out it was only for a few days which is not what they told me, so i decided not to turn up for the start of this work and when i went to sign on, the benefits people told me that this agency had rang them with my details to tell them that i had refused to work. I explained to the benefits people what happend and they let me sign on, my question is, have they employment agency broken the data protection act by disclosing my information? I hope someone can answer this as i wo
  9. Hi All, I have been looking at my cca again from cap1, from what ive heard there must be prescribed terms and conditions, one is that it must have your credit limit, all mine says is 'the credit limit will be determined by us from time to time under this agreement and notice of it will be given by us to you', there is no actual monetary figure, is this agreement enforceable? Any advice would be great, cheers.
  10. Hi All, I SAR'd cap1 a while back and ive been looking at the statements they've sent, its a little confusing, the CC limit was £400 and the amount they sold on to the DCA was £615, i can only see one set of charges for £43, but in the statement they included a list of abbreviations for reference, one charge of £169 has the abbreviation "DNL" and the other "SOD", i cant find these in the list for reference they enclosed with the statements, can anyone shed any light on this for me? I really want to start proceedings against them asap, should i just call the £215 they've added as charges
  11. The CAB sometimes in special circumstances send an outreach worker to people who cant get to them, also ask to get an appointment with a debt caseworker who can do all of the negotiation for you. If they do pass the debt on to a DCA, dont deal with them on the phone, send them a CCA req and as you are on benefits and terminally ill (so sorry) offer them £1 per month and NO MORE, when the DCA scumbags realise that they 'aint' going to make a lot of money out of you they will lose interest and either pass it on to the OC or another DCA. Go to the 'whatchdog' website and tell 'em about t
  12. Hi, If they have only sent you a copy of the app form it's not good enough for a court to make you pay, as after all just because you applied for the card does'nt mean you actually had the card, untill you get the cca dont pay 'em a penny, you could if you like reply to them with a letter telling them that you are going to complain to the relevant bodies as their time limit is up for the cca and they've tried to fob you off with the app form. If they are still demanding money while the account is in dispute, report 'em to TS, FSA OFT.
  13. Cheers CB, i think thats what i'll do...
  14. Hi All, I'll keep it brief, started sending CQ £1 PM on a debt then found this site and got advice, so i CCa'd them and havent heard from them since, (one year now). Im of a mind to sue them for the payments i've made to them as they dont have the legal right to collect the debt, i hate these vermin and would love to get my money back plus intrest and costs, plus they have commited a criminal offence by not complying with the CCA so i may report them to OFT. Here's the thing, they only had a few quid off me so i'm thinking shall i let sleeping dogs lie? Any thoughts?
  15. LOL....thanks to both of you, you describe these monkeys really well. Cheers.
  16. Hi All, I live with my girlfreind so i've not been at my flat for a while now, i've been in touch with tv licensing to let 'em know that fact, ( i dont have a tv) they are still bombarding me with letters about 'interview under caution' etc, i've written to them and removed their 'implied rights' to my property and if they carry on with their threatening letters i would view it as harassment. Needless to say, these people still want to send an 'officer' round, im not going to spend weeks at my flat to 'prove my innocence', im just worried that they will get a warrant to search the flat
  17. Hi All, Last week new tenants moved in next door, the first thing they did was put up a satelite dish causing some damage to our property, we told them to take it down which they did, there is some damage to the rendering and some drill holes in the wall. Does anyone know if we should approach the lettings agent to ask for costs or the tenants themselves? we ar'nt sure of the rights and resposibilities of lettings agents so can anyone help? Cheers..
  18. Hi, No i hav'nt began to claim the charges back yet, but i'll do it next week, i have written to RW about four times now to get them to put in writing their acceptance of my offer being a full and final one, they just dont want to do it, these idiots dont seem to grasp that they're not getting the offer i made untill they accept it properly in writing.
  19. Thanks Pinky and fife, Robinalex, thanks for your input, but if you think that these scumbags wont sell the remainder of the debt to some other low life company your sadly mistaken, these people have no sense of morals and should be treated whith the contempt they deserve. Thanks anyway.
  20. HI, Yes the cab is very busy these days, dont give up, try to see a debt adviser, as i say they may write off the debt due to your circumstances, especially When you get a third party involved such as the cab. Good Luck.
  21. Hi Pinky, Yes i've not sent them the settlement money because they have not put their acceptance in writing and are unlikely to do so, so i'm carrying on sending them £1 per month. As for the cca, it looks ok,(my sig, terms, apr etc), unfortunatly i cant scan it and show it to you, it seems to have all the prescribed term and conditions. I'm just trying to get them to accept my offer as a full and final settlement in writing. can you direct me to a post about the Cap1 cca's please?
  22. Hi, I work at the CAB (im new) we had a case the other day which sounds similar to yours, each cab branch has a specialist debt worker and they are s!!t hot when it comes to dealing with this type of thing, they wrote to the agency and got them to write off the debt because they would never recover the money due to hardship. Also you can get a benefits check done for you, you would be suprised how many people especially incapacitated or disabled people ar'nt getting what they are entitled to. This forum will really help, you can start maybe by writing to the DCA and telling them that yo
  23. Hi all, Cap1 sold my debt to RW (they complied with my cca req) and confirmed that they own the debt, the problem is that cap1 also passed on the unfair charges, i know that i can recover the charges from cap1 but could i get RW to wipe out the charges as they own the debt? I made RW an offer awhile ago for a full and final settlement and they accepted, but they wrote back saying they may pass the debt on when i pay, (they are playing silly buggers) So if i write to RW explaining that they have bought a debt that has unfair charges and the account is in 'dispute' untill iv'e reco
  24. Hi All, Cap1 sold my debt to RW alomg with the unfair charges, if rw now own the debt, can i take action to get the unfair charges removed from the debt? Any ideas?....cheers.
  25. Many thanks CB,SP I am going to send the 'letter before action' to CAP1, and tell RW that the account is in dispute, One more thing, a while ago i made RW an offer to clear the debt, they wrote back saying that their 'client' would not accept the offer, this is strange as they have previously sent me the proof that they are the owners of the debt, is this false representation on their part? Also if they own the debt cant i claim the charges from them? Cheers..
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