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  1. I have an appointment today, the problem is that occy healths recommendations do not have to be followed, it is just that for the last two years they have followed occy healths advice and i am not confident that this new manager will be so understanding.
  2. Hi Everyone, I work in the NHS and was taken off long hours shifts due to health problems after a recommendation from occupational health two years ago. A new manager has come in and is changing things round and i may be made to participate in these shifts, can i be forced to do these shifts as i think that i would have to give up my job. Any advice is very welcome, Thank You.
  3. HI All, After contacting Amazon management team UK the claims company promptly paid! Thank you everyone.
  4. Hi, they agreed to pay almost straight after we claimed which was 6 weeks ago, they claimed that they had transferred funds to my account which they had not, they then said that my IBAN number was wrong the latest was that they would wire the money in a day or two which was a week ago, i have contacted the amazon uk management team who are going to contact ARC claims to find out why there has been a delay i am going to wait a few days and see, if i get no joy the i will try a letter of claim. Thank you both very much for the advice.
  5. Hi All, I will keep this short, we had a delivery from amazon, the driver damaged our car, we complained and filled out an online claims form from a company called ARC claims based in New Jersey, they agreed to pay for the damage but are actively stalling payment (Various reasons). I have Googled this company and many people are still waiting for payment, i am considering taking amazon uk to a small claims court, any advice would be great. Many Thanks.
  6. No they didn't ask but i have checked their website and there is a list of prohibited items that they won't carry, believe me when i say it's a long list. On this list is everything known to man, according to the list they can't carry anything, it's laughable, i don't think we can claim anything from them as toilets are on the list so will have to put this down to experience. It would have been better to spend the petrol money and deliver it myself. VP have agreed to a partial refund. Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks for that, vic plumb sent us a photo of damage so we can now contact DPD but have a feeling there will be a denial by them so will have to fight for refund. Many Thanks Guys.
  8. Hi All, To keep along story short, we bought a toilet didn't like it so sent it back to victoria plumb through DPD couriers, we have been told the goods were damaged and won't get full refund. Who is liable? Many Thanks.
  9. Hi All, my network provider (Tesco) uses o2 which i am still having problems with sending texts, is it a breach of contract? Thanks for any info.
  10. Hi All, I work for the nhs and for the last 2 years have not been part of the on call and out of ours working due to a recommendation from occupational health because of back problems. A new manager has started who has said that i should be taking part in these out of hours shifts regardless of my back problems, someone has suggested that because it has been 2 years of no extra shifts it may be implied contract. On the other hand management do not have to follow recommendations made by occupational health i am afraid that if i am put on extra shifts i may have to take more time off sick leading to dismissal what can i do? Thank you for any advice.
  11. I totally get the fact that i do not need a spotify account at all to make it work but now that i have it set up i can't play anything off spotify unless i go premium but thanks anyway.
  12. HI, I got the speaker from curry's, i got the speaker to listen to music through spotify which was free. But now i have to upgrade to a premium account to listen through the sonos speaker, it will not even let me listen to music through youtube and such. Non of this is clear on the packaging. Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hi All, I purchased a sonos speaker to listen to music through my pc, when i set it up i have found that i have to subscribe to spotify prime (9.99 per month), it will not play anything apart from the radio and spotify prime, the packaging does not explain this and i want to return it to get a normal wifi speaker but the shop i bought it from says their returns policy says they will not give me a refund unless its faulty. is there anything i can do as this was not explained to me on purchase or explained on any marketing material. Please help it has cost £200.
  14. Hi, The policy says that staff can't smoke in uniform which is fair enough we accept that, the issue is that staff are being challenged while on their way into work in the street, not in uniform and before the start of their shift. They can't tell who are members of the public and who are staff unless they recognise you. They are concerned about the hospital reputation but they could supply a shelter as they do at other hospitals but choose not to. This seems to be an attack on our right to smoke in a public place, if they are so concerned about the image of the hospital what next? over weight members of staff not allowed to eat cakes outside the hospital?
  15. Hi All, My employer who is a large hospital have just amended the smoking policy to not only cover all areas within the grounds of the hospital but also the streets surrounding the hospital. To my knowledge these streets are run by the local council and not run by the hospital therefore it is perfectly legal to smoke in public open spaces. People are asking if this policy can be enforced by a disciplinary as the hospital have no administrative control of the surrounding areas and feel that their civil rights are being violated. Any advice would be great thanks.
  16. Hi, when i changed accounts it was with a switch guarantee so any payment is sent to my new account, my new bank has just tried to contact them but its bank holiday and can't get an answer. My gut feeling is that payroll has messed up my account number, if i could i would bloody claim compensation as i have cancelled plans. Thanks for your reply.
  17. Hi all, payroll has not paid my wages into my new bank account, i filled out all relevant forms and was told i would be paid on the march payroll, they have not done it and i can't contact them as it is a bank holiday and i have had to cancel most of my plans i'm so angry that they have no system in place for this sort of situation. can i claim compensation from them for this? I am confident that they will refuse this so who or what body could i contact about this? Any ideas or help would be great. Cheers.
  18. Thanks for the info, but dont they only have to go back 6 years? cheers
  19. Hi All, i had a mortgage from 1996 to 2002, i think i had PPI so have claimed, HSBC say they cant find a record of my PPI but i'm pretty sure i did have it. Is there any other ways to check for this PPI as i don't have the documents or policy number or mortgage statements. Cheers.
  20. Hi, we believe that our employer has breached our contracts by withholding staff entitlements once we have won our grievance can we then sue them? Any advice welcome. Cheers.
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