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  1. Hi All, Back in May (when i lost my job) i contacted all our creditors advising them that we would be unable to make our regular payments and enclosed a budget sheet (drawn up with advise from CCCS) and an offer of repayment (good will payment) Barclaycard were offered £1 as our budget sheet gave us a negative ballance of -£25.00 We recieved a response to this letter advising us that the £1 offer was insufficiant and that before they would be able to accept any token payment less than the amount required, they would need to recieve a copy of our budget sheet. We re-sent a b
  2. wow.. ok thanks... looks like i'd better start again as i'm not too sure where all my copies have gone.. (wasn't very organised back then) Anyone got 5 mins to run a brief start to finish process for me... ie... what forms & letters etc. thanks Bankfodder!!
  3. Hi All, I remember sending out letters some time ago to all my banks asking for charges to be re-paid... Barclay's if i remember correctly were the only bank of mine that issued a letter explaining that they were waiting for the high court decision before carrying on any further with my request... I've heard nothing.... so i guess they're still waiting???? or have people been paid out already??
  4. The account in default letter was sent due to their failure to reply to my original CCA requset sent some 14 days earlier (12+2)... it wasn't sent as a follow up to my Subject Access Request. Is it really 42 days that they have to respond to my SAR??
  5. Hi All, (Help Please) Ok... Have sent welcome a Subject Access Request on the 17th June inc £10 PO. No Reply That was followed by an Account In Dispute letter (dated 18th June) due to them failing to provide a copy of our agreement (CCA)...No Reply Both were recorded and delivered on the 19th June.... What Now ??????
  6. Ok... so it seems as though it may be possible that Welcome or Cattles will go bankrupt in the next few weeks.... but for those of us with loans on Welcomes books... what are the possible options??? Will the debt be written off.... lost in a mountain of incomplete paperwork... or will another company take over the debts??
  7. Does anyone have any advice following the upload of my Agreement, legal charge and default notices.... Your help would be appreciated....
  8. **UPDATE** My Wife received a "FINAL DEMAND" letter this morning from Lewis Debt Recovery asking for the immediate repayment of £16194.24. Looks like they are targeting my wife in stead of me.... is this due to me being the sender of all correspondence to date??? If we don't pay in full by 23rd June they may - * Instruct solicitors to commence legal action bla bla bla = CCJ:rolleyes: * A debt collector will visit. I sent a letter to Welcome yesterday declaring the account in default due to their failure to comply with my CCA request. I also sent off the SAR
  9. if the default notice is legally void due to the lack of date are they allowed to register the default with a credit agency
  10. What does each mean for me... another default = ? (good/bad) termination =? (good/bad)
  11. i don't have the envelope it came in.... i don't have a termination letter. All i have is what i've posted... and from what i've read i don't think i'll get much more lol
  12. Morning everyone.... I'm hearing a lot of rumors about Welcome or their parent company Cattles going bankrupt.... Please'o'Please tell me it's true.:D:D:D Does anyone know what it all means for us as customers???
  13. Thanks for the reply, Could we proceed to sell the house under their noses... would they find out?? i.e no more security??
  14. Thanks Wife... i did see that in other threads so am quite please my DN turned out the same....
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