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  1. Thanks for the feedback... Been away for a couple of days hence the late reply. It's a Hitachi - I'll get in touch with them in the first instance. Will keep you posted.
  2. Hi All, First post... I bought a LCD TV from Dixons (online) last year (in June, just before the World Cup). It's since broken (this August) but I didn't get round to officially reporting it to Dixons until September. Dixons tack (phone calls and e-mails) has been that it's out of the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, so the repair will have to be chargeable (to me). However, having read other posts on this forum, I've since quoted the Sale of Good Act. Dixons are now willing to help. The thing is, I need to get an engineers report to determine whether it's a manufacturing fault, fair use or accidental damage. The engineer also needs to estimate the cost of the repair. Dixons will then assess my claim and determine whether they pay for the repair or replace the item. Has anyone been in a similar position, how did it go, and can you recommend how I find a qualified engineer? Cheers! Paul
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