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  1. Hi Odc A Bit Of Advise On This One Please Basically Had A Peronal Loan With Alliance And Leciester In 1999 Hit Hard Times In 2001 And I De Faulted On Payments In 2003 They Sold The Loan To Teressa Holdings Who Over The Last 6 Years Put The Debt Out To Various Debt Collecting Companys I Have Not Made A Payment Since 2001 In November 2007 Terssa Holdings Give The Debt To The Biggest Scumbags Of All Mackenzie Hall But Thanks To The Sound Advice Of The Consumer Forum They Have Now Threw The Towel In The Company Who Are Dealing With It Now Is Rockwell Debt Collectors Who Go Down The Same Lines As Muppet Hall Court Action Balliffs Etc But Ive Just Found Out Rockwell Are Part Of The Teressa Holdings Group What Is Baffling Me As Teressa Holdings Have Held This Debt For 6 Years Why Haven T They Just Took Me To County Court And Got A County Court Judgement Against Me ???
  2. hi nailpost can u advice me on this i did a cca on muppet hall on july the 8th i give them 10 days to send me a copy of the credit aggreement i recived it today august the 19th so are they breaking the law by taking over a month to reply to me when i looked at the credit agreement it has well and truly been doctored when u ask for a copy of cca what should it have on i would not know as its the first time ive asked for one i took the loan out in 1999 the date on form shows 2000 they show my annual income more then than what im earning now my old address is correct and my signature is correct to but what they havent sent me is the amount of loan i allegelly owe i thought i need to see this because i am disputing the amount and its over 9 years old so its status barred thanks loony tune
  3. hi nailpost bit of advice what to do about this one or are muppet hall just total loonys did a cca on them gets a reply back from them in writing at my new address stating that my account is on hold until they get a cca back of original lender thursday morning they send me a automated txs at work didnt even give my name just to contact them thursday afternoon another automated txs to my old address asking this time by name again to contact them so these idiots are writing to me at my new address but phoning me at my old address ??????? why do they want me to contact them when account is on hold any advice what to do about this one especally getting phone calls at work
  4. Thankyou For Sound Advice So What Will Muppet Hall Do Now That I Have Cca Them Carry On Chasing Me Or Give Up Themselves Trying Regards Loonytune
  5. hi odc just to say thankyou to u and all the people who have giving me some brilliant sound advice over the last couple of months i think muppet hall backsides have caved in over a status barred loan they were chasing me over over the last couple of weeks they have been leaving automated messages abd sending me the same garbage letters legal action etc so last week i sent them the cca letter i give them 10 days to reply to it they replied in 7 days the letter was very nice they bascially told me that if the do not recieve the cca within 28 days from the original lender to send to me yeh they would be closing the case and i would hear no more from them loony tune
  6. hi odc can you give me advise on this one recived letter from muppet hall today they state i have defaulted on a payment plan ive never agreed to one bascially the letter said if i do not contact them within 72 hours they will give the alleged debt to merit force who will then come to my house and merit force may take legal action against me what power to merit force have thanks loonytune
  7. hi tiglet found this one rather funny got letter from the muppets yesterday at my old address were i dont live anymore they have already replied to me at my new address in letter was standing order and telling me to pay 35.00 per month they said this is a goodwill gesture one month they threatened u with legal action next month a good will gesture very strange muppets indeed
  8. hi tiglet muppet hall rang my old address today and very underhandly asked my ex partner for me by my first name obvious one of there cons to try to get hold of me i sent them my new address last november etc my ex partners brother lives with her with same first name as me so she straight away assumed it was for him she rang straight back and asked what surname they wanted the muppets said mine she told them very clearly i didnt live there anymore they said they would send somebody out to prove i didnt live there i gather this company is merit force just 2 questions has muppet hall ever sent these people to call on anybody as they threatened and what power does merit force have if any thanks loony tune
  9. hi lambie 22 just forget about muppet hall and all the muppets in the company just ignore the daft B-------S they go away the people on this site are brilliant and give u top advice they threatend me with legal action 3 months ago im still waiting not a word from them even the trading standards know they have never taking anybody to court when they first contacted me they did intimadade me but thanks to this site i laugh at them now talk to people on this site they will give u any advice u need and there are brilliant keep smiling
  10. hi godmother loony tune here just to let u know i havent heard a thing from muppet hall for nine week no phone call no nothing
  11. thanks for the very sound advice godmother i did ask for a copy of the debt in writing any dealings between muppet hall and myself has to be in writing as i made it very clear to them when i requested the cca off them
  12. thanks for that godmother so how can they get money off u for the so called debt they say u owe when they dont take legal action i also asked them for a copy of the debt i give them 28 days to reply 29 days later no reply
  13. hi hippy chick just some advice off u when mh contacted me 2 weeks ago at work why would they phone me because 5 weeks prevous to that when they rang me there last words to me was we are taking legal action against you so why would they want to contact me direct when they threatened me legal action???
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