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  1. I am a sole trader. They are against me trading as.
  2. As my log-in name suggests, I am desperate. Just came across your excellent forum, so am hoping for some expert advice. My circumstances are........ Divorced living on my own. Own my own home on mortgage with about £350k equity. Not in arrears on mortgage. Up to my overdraft limit. Up to my credit card limit. Business debts of about £100k with six on CCJs, which I am paying off at an agreed amount each month. Now the killer..... Just received a statutory demand from The Inland Revenue for £25k, which I can not pay. They have listened to my pleadings and have given me until the end of January to come up with the cash or face a Bankruptcy hearing. I have approached a brker for a loan, but this has been refused due to my CCJs. Is there any alternative to me selling or losing my home, or has anyone got any better advice. By the way, my business is a good successful one which usually turns over a good yield each month, however the past two months have been bad. I am confident that this is just a temporary glitch, as I have been in business for 20 years and seen bad cashflow come and go. Help me to get out of this situation, if you can. Many thanks.
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