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  1. Dear xxx in my previous letter to you I informed you that the deduction was unlawful and why. Now It looks like you are aware of it but try to explain me why you made this unlawful deduction. Here I once againe attract your attention to The Employments Rights Act , s13, according to which you violated several items of the Act: * The deduction was not required or authorised by statute; (may be I shouldn't include this point?) * The deduction was not authorised by a relevant provision of the worker's contract of employment; * I have not previously given my written agreement or consent to the deduction being made. This time I advise you not to ignore the law and pay the amount due. I hope you understand this time that a legal course of action to recover the day's pay will render you liable to pay further sums in respect of interests, court fees and costs. But I just want you to give me my money back. That's why as a gesture of good will I give you another 14 days to pay the amount due.
  2. So, when he finished with Flat 4 he worked for one more week. Noone, noone did tell him that the standart of work was unacceptable and that he had to spend one more day to correct the work! Thus, as far as I understand, it look like * The deduction was not required or authorised by statute; * The deduction was not authorised by a relevant provision of the worker's contract of employment; * The worker has not previously given his written agreement or consent to the deduction being made. According to the S13 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 ( http://www.hrmguide.co.uk/hrm/steele/bulletin13.htm) that employer could not make deductions from the wages of my friend. What do you think he'd better do at this point?
  3. Good evening everyone! Here is what they answered to him: The office manager is lies saying that Site Foreman informed him about anything! When he finished with that Flat 4, he was told to do another flat, Flat 2!
  4. Today I've got another surprise from Virgin: I received my first bill from them. Everything is fine apart from Manned installation charge of £35.00... That person said the installation will be free!!! Plus he said that it will be not 2 months free broadband but three months broadband for me, but there's no mention about three months free, only 2 months free... I've got the name and the phone number of the man who lied to my friend(he has a witness, his gf). I want to bring him to account.
  5. I agree with you. But I am 100 percent sure now that they cheat their customers out of their money intentionally. I'll do my best to expose them.
  6. Well, actually it was my friend who signed the contract for me. I was not present at that moment. He asked that Virgin shop's stuff if Unlimited was completely unlimited or there were some resevations. And the Virgin sales man assured him saying smth like "it is absolutely unlimited" and didn't mention anything about traffic management.
  7. Thank you everyone! locutus, I think I follow their own complaint procedure, even though I don't believe much in success. But at least I'll do my best.
  8. Good evening everyone! I have Virgin broadband around one month. During my first week with them speed drops started to happen. I have "up to 10mb" package, but my download speed was sometimes less then 1mb , much less (200 - 300 kbps!!!)and for quite a long period of time. I wrote lots of complaints, but most of them were ignored. Lately I wrote another coplaint listing reference numbers of the previous complaints, and they answered me at last. Please read my recent correspondence with them and andvice me what is the best way to behave in such a situation: This is what they asnswered to my last complaint: From: Virgin Media Web Team To: [email protected] Sent: Tue, 3 August, 2010 15:38:19 Subject: Re: Virgin Media Helpsite Webform - Complaint Form (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Our Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Hi Pugilist Thanks for your Email regarding the constant drop out of your broadband connection. I apologise for any inconvenience this matter may have caused. I have looked into this matter for you, it appears you have been traffic managed on a constant basis over the last few months. I have included the link with regards to our broadband traffic management policy below: Virgin Media Broadband:Traffic management - & Traffic management At the moment you have the 10 mb service, and your daily threshold is 1500MB, if you exceed this, your speed will be throttled back 75%, this would explain why your broadband is suffering from dropout. There is also a tool which is mentioned near the bottom of the link provided, called a DU Meter*. This would advise you when and if you have reached your limit. I would also like to suggest if you are constantly streaming from your PC, then I would suggest upgrading to XL broadband as this would give you more freedom and a higher threshold. Kind regards Steve Kelly Customer Complaints Virgin Media This is what I've just sent to them: Hi Steve, thank you for reply. I am really surprised to hear about "traffic management". Before signing the contract no one told me about that. I was going to have "up to 10mb" package with unlimited downloads. I regard this as cheating me out of my money. I am not going to continue to be subject to the "traffic management", because if anyone let me know about "t.m." I would never ever sign such a contract. Please sort out this matter as soon as possible and let me know what you have done. Thank you, Regards
  9. Thank you very much Bigredbus ! I'll pass this letter to my friend and he'll send it. I'll let you know what happens next. No matter the result we'll buy you a drink if we meet up (proper drink)! :grin:
  10. address of the company...................................................... my address Letter before action Dear XXX(name of the company) administration, This is the answer to your letter dated 23/07/2010. Your letter contained remittance advice and information about retention of my wages. The reason of deduction was formulated as follows: DICK SAID LOSE ONE DAYS PAY-POOR WORKMANSHIP. By this letter I'm letting you know that such retention is construed as unlawful deduction of wages and is contrary to ERA 1996, s13 and that you have 14 days to pay the amount due. In case you fail to do so I will pursue a legal course of action to recover the day's pay. Regards, My name
  11. Thank you very much! That's a really good advice! I'll draft a letter and post it here for you to have a look and may be do some mistakes corrected!
  12. Moral compensation is not that important. But he wants the money back. Today he received a letter from that company, there were 2 sheets of paper: 1. remittance advice and 2. INVOICE with the following handwritten wording: DICK SAID LOSE ONE DAYS PAY-POOR WORKMANSHIP
  13. He didn't sign any contract with them. Since the beginning it was meant a job for just several weeks. I think soon I'll be able to post the contents of the letter here. It should come definetely. He just wants his money back. And, if it is possible, compensation for moral damage. Thank u
  14. He worked there three weeks: 1st week: 2 days 2nd week: 4 days 3d week: 4 days He was on day work since 8 till 16:30. He hasn't got anything in writing about the missing day, but he expects tomorrow or day after tomorrow the pay slip to come. He was dissmissed because the builder whom he was replacing returned from his holyday
  15. Well, the problem is as follows: my mate works in construction, he was dismissed from his job last week. Today he told me that he had checked his balanced and found out that they had paid him for three days instead of four days. The company let him know over the phone that they were not happy with the quality of the job and that was why they were not going to pay him for one day. Where should he appeal against such an arbitrariness??
  16. Good morning everybody! My question is as follows: if a foreigner not from European Union (e.g. who is on sudent viza here) buys a National Lottery or EuroMillions and wins a big amount of money can he eventually get his prise or not?
  17. Hi everyone, I want to make an online order of spare parts for Land Rover. I found several sites selling such spare parts. But when I emailed them and asked to tell me the price of the parts I need they didn't answer. I don't know how much do they cost and have no time to go to one of their shops in person. I just have no idea why they do not reply to me. Perhaps here someone can have a look and estimate how much would they cost and tell me the approximate price? Here is the list of the spare parts that I want to order: 1--Shift lever/selector lever oil retainer 1pc. The link where you can see the image of the spare part I need: http://s58.radikal.ru/i159/1005/55/2d4aa1914c53.jpg 2--(Gearbox) output shaft mounting bearing from the flywheel 1pc. http://s08.radikal.ru/i181/1005/ed/f720325e52c7.jpg 3--(Gearbox) output shaft mounting bearing from the wheel 1pc. http://s61.radikal.ru/i173/1005/a6/1ba37ac92ade.jpg 4--(Gearbox) clutch shaft oil retainer 1pc. http://s56.radikal.ru/i153/1005/09/6f0cbfdfe767.jpg 5--(Gearbox) clutch shaft mounting bearing from the wheel 1pc. http://s54.radikal.ru/i144/1005/bb/bcbed6a3fa46.jpg 6--(Gearbox) clutch shaft mounting bearing from the flywheel 1pc. http://s49.radikal.ru/i125/1005/2b/ef81e5688d3a.jpg Thank you. PS VIN SALLNABA8YA556158 Year of manufacture 2000 Engine 18K4FN08 № 620852
  18. Thank you very much. I've already passed him these words. Later I'll have a look what is on that link you gave me.
  19. Ok ok. So, what do you think about the amount of the fine ?
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