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  1. Elsa, thank you very much for such a substantial answer! I'll compose a letter and print it out together with the liflet you attrached. But I recon the lady would not even think about taking anything from my hands. She's really not a very nice person to talk to. But I'll definetely do my best to "take a soft approach".
  2. The situation is as follows: couple of times when I was running in the park a sheep-dog attacked me. It didn't bite, but rushed towards me aggressively barking. It was really scaring and I had to stop immediately. The same dog attacked my gilfriend in the same. It did it twice. Today it happened for the second time. My girlfriend told the owner of the dog to restrain her dog. The old woman told that she didn't have to do so, but would do it only as a gesture of good will... My gf told her that she must look after her dog at all times. Then the old woman started call her stupid and so on and so forth. So, I'd like to ask you where and how can I complain. I have no name of the owner and no picture of her and her dog. But they are regulars in that park and I'll be able to do the pics soon.
  3. Good evening honeybee13, I've allready double-checked my employment status - I am self-employed. There may be no doubt about it.
  4. Good evening I work in construction as a painter and decorator. I have no paperwork at all from the employer, but he paid me regularly with a cheque. I can easily prove it with my bank statements. Thanks.
  5. May be it is confrontational, but it's hard to be polite with him now. I know 100% that my employer has been deducting tax from my earnings. I worked for him for 6 months as self-employed.
  6. Hello! Glad to see you again! Yes, I'm talking about my tax return. I have no paperwork from this employer. He needs to post the payslips because I do not work for him at the moment. I found out something about my issue. Do you think it'd be wise enough to text him this: "Dear Employer. I've been trying to get my payslips for so long and you still didn't send anything. By doing so you violate my right to receive payslips showing pay and deductions, thus you break the Law - Employment Righs Act 1996, s8. If you refuse to send the payslips to me I'm afraid I'll have to make an application to an Employment Tribunal under section 11."
  7. Good afternoon, I'd like to know what should I do. The situation is as follows: I want to return my taxes back, but my employer does not give me payslips. Before I started working for him, he said he would give me payslips at the end of the tax year. He still did't send me anything. I reminded him about it one more time last week, and he said he would send the payslips via Royal Mail and I would receive it in around 2 or 3 days, but still he didn't send anything. Whom should I address to complain? Who will investigate this? Thank you.
  8. he receives a cheque(wages) every two or three weeks and this is it. the employer onec a year gives them some paper showing that he pays taxes for his workers.
  9. Thank you very much for such a big answer! My friend work every day and somtimes he works double shift. His employer pays him for the hours he works and not for the exact job done, I mean he works from 8 am till 16:30 and is payed 90 pounds beefore tax, if he stays for the second shift, night shift, he's got 180 pounds . He has no written contract, is formally self-employed, paying tax and paying a self-employed National Insurance rate? They work even on weekends sometimes. Last friday the employer told my friend that if he wouldn't come on site on saturday and sunday he will be dismissed and he must not come back on site monday.
  10. Good morning everyone! My friend has been working for one employer since october 2010. He works as a painter and decorator, self-employed. He wants to know if his employer has legal right to dismiss him any time without giving at least a week's notice. I know that it would be impossible if my friend was an employee, but he is a self-employed, and I we'd like to know exactly what the law says. Thank you in advance.
  11. )))Oh, now I see - as an employment law barrister you are not used to give free advice, that's why you try to make everything look so complicated. Now we know(thanks to honeybee13) that I am an employee Now as we established my employement status, we know that he must provide me with papers(payslips) showing that he pays my taxes. Of course I have no written evidence that he promised to pay my taxes and that he promised me payslips, but it is not my fault, because he he didn't offer me to sign any written agreement. Exactly - two people can ALLEGE that someone owes them money and then these two people can confirm this assumption(support this allegation) with providing the court with facts. That would be ridiculous and I didn't mean that. I'll show that the company has been a little tricky for the whole period I worked for it: they never paid money in time, never offered me to sign a contract, never gave me any payslips, didn't induct me before letting me work on site. By the way, one foreman was fired from that site around a month ago exactly because he told everyone to do substandart work, but in that case everyone started doing everything all over again properly and they were paid for the job. I meant written agreement - there is no written agreement btw me and the company That's true, but in this case I can provide some witnesses who will speak out in my favour. The company have been witnessing the superb quality of the job that I've been performing during the whole period of my work with them. As for the "little evidence that you are even telling the truth here" I can tell you that there appears that there exists no reason at all to say things of this kind about me. You on the contrary appears to be a little fibber as most of the lawyers are. Another reason why I alleged that you didn't know what s13 of the ERA was about: S13 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 clearly states that an employer may not make deductions from the wages of an employed worker unless the worker has previously given his or her written agreement or consent to the deduction being made.
  12. Thank you very much, honeybee13! Now I know that I am 100% employee.
  13. I haven't decided yet what to do. That's why I created this thread. I am self employed or an employee. ERA guarantees rights to both. He IS liable and he promised to pay the taxes and to give us payslips. The guys who work for him for couple of years say that he pays taxes for them. It IS true, because that drunkard forman phoned to us and told us if we didn't turn up on Saturday we wouldn't get our cheques at all(they owe us 1 week wages). It is getting to be two persons' word against anothers. If the company ignores my lba I'll definetely bring an action against them. I've got witnesses who will give evidence in my favour. Do you understand what is s13 in The Employment Rights Act 1996? Have you got any idea about it?? By the way, when I applied for my CIS card I registered as a self-employed. So I've got some clue about my employment status, but it looks like you don't know what s13 is about... Oh really? Who told you that I was going to tell about tricks while in court? I've got facts and witnesses to present in court. Are you trying to say that if I am not employee, I can't even raise a grievance? As I said before, there's no contract at all - do you know what does that mean? My "clever" strategy is the only strategy I believe is reasonable in this situation. I created this thread in attempt to find out if anyone can suggest another effective way out. When dealing with dishonest people it is very dangerous to be on the square. If the foreman lies that he didn't tell us to perform the job that way, why can't we lie that he didn't tell us that we will work for free on Saturday?
  14. Nice to see you too! Of course I will:) Here's the link to my new story http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?285288-Employer-wants-me-to-work-one-day-for-free!!&p=3209844#post3209844 ))))
  15. I think I'm self employed. I'll give the employer my NIN and UTR, he must pay taxes for me. Well, to be honest I don't know if I am an employee or a self-employed. I'm not sure that I want to keep such job. The thing is that I was told the terms of arriving at work over the phone. What I want to do is to turn up, wark all day long, collect the money they owe me, and after that I'm going to demand my money for saturday and I'm going to pretend as if I have never bbeen told the terms of arriving at work on Saturday. I think such trick can protect me from been cheated. I do expect that I won't be in employement with that company after saturday. But I'm going to fight for truth, I won't let them cheat me out of my money. So, taking in consideration that they have no evidence that I have accepted the terms of arrival on Saturday, what do you think if I send them a Letter before action on monday? Here is a draft: letter before action Dear XXX(name of the company) administration, or Dear director or whatever, On the 27th of November, at the end of the working day our forman told me and my friend that the company was not going to pay us one day's wages because the quality of the job we performed last Saturday(20.11.2010) was not acceptable. I want to let you know that we did exactly what the forman told us to do, we just followed his instructions, otherwise we would never start painting windows without proper preparations. Thus, we believe that not paying us a day's wages is unfair. I remind you that such retention is construed as unlawful deduction of wages, and is contrary to The Employment Rights Act 1996, s13. Consequently, you have 14 days to pay the amount due. Should you fail to do so, I will pursue a legal course of action to recover the day's pay. This will render you liable to pay further sums in respect of interests, court fees and costs. Yours sincerely. My name
  16. Good evening everyone! The situation is as follows: I've been working with a decorating company for about couple of months as a painter and decorator. I didn't sign any contract with them, and I didn't even pass induction when I first came on that construction site, and I didn' receive any payslips. Last saturday our forman told us to paint the windows in the basement without any preparations for the painting: without filling any holes or craks, and even without covering the windows with undercoat. He said "just gloss them and that's it" and he went home. We did exactly as he said and went home. That was the last day on that site because nothing left to be painted there. We've been working for a different company since monday and we were sure that we would receive our cheques at the end of this week. Couple of houres ago that forman phoned us and told that the site manager called him and told him that the job we had done on saturday was unacceptable and bla bla bla and that we must come this saturday and do everything properly and for free... I believe this is completely immoral and illegal to act like our forman. What do you think is the best way to do in this situation? I think the best way is to come on site, do what he says, collect the cheque(the cheque should be given to me the same day) and only afterwards act. I would really appreciate any ideas concerning this matter. Thank you.
  17. Honeybee13, I forgot to give any answer to you because my friend had sorted this matter out already. Thank you very much anyway! Now I'm going to create another thread concerning my own problem with employer.
  18. Hi everyone! I contacted Chris as dx advised me to do and now the problem is solved! It looks like the Currys are not guilty and it is just a technical issue. What I did is 1 - I unscrewed the panel and removed both memory modules, 2 - than I powered the laptop on 3 - Than I reseated the modules and powered the unit on again and ....now everything works!!!!!! Thanks very much to Chris! I'm really happy that I don't have to visit Currys ! Chris
  19. Hi guys, I've checked everything thoroughly and came to the final conclusion - the laptop is out of order. I did all the stuff that dx100uk advised me to do (Fn+ hotkeys, read the manual ... etc ) and I did everything as wheelergeezer said(tipped the screen and looked at the angle). The display is not faint or very faint - it is dark, dead. Now I'm going to write a private message to chris-t-2k7
  20. dx10uk, Thank you very much for such an extensive answer!!! First I'll check all Fn+ issues and then I'll get in touch with the man on ur link.
  21. Dear Sirs/Madams, I bought an Acer laptop from Currys 1 year ago. Nearly month ago 1 year warranty period expired, and couple of days ago the laptop stopped working. It turns on and everything seems to be ok with it but the screen is black, it shows nothing at all. I can assure that there is no defects caused by me or whoever else. There is no visible damage at all. No one never ever changed enything inside the laptop. I've always treated it with caution. What I want to know is can I bring it back to Currys and make them do smth to it... because it is really stressing to pay half a thouthand pounds to use a laptop just one year and go and buy another one...
  22. No one gave any comments about my draft. May be you could give me a hand and make mistakes corrected?
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