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  1. Hi guys! Today I was at Curry's, and they exchanged me the camera for Cannon. Buut, it was not that easy as I thought. At Customer service a nice old lady asked me what happened and I described the situation. She said that she need one guy from their stuff to check if the camera faulty or not, he was a kind of expert. She gave the camera to him and he cheked hoew it worked. He admitted that the images were not clear, and that he would never ever buy an Olympus photo camera 'coz he knew that you can't expect a better quality from Olympus. BUT, the camera workes, and he told the lady it does work. She said sorry, added that she was not my enemy and told me to hold on a minute while she was talking to someone about my case. I said ok and saw her coming to the guys who had refused me to exchange the camera during my previous visit. After a brief chat with them she came back and with a face full of sorrow she started telling me something like "unfortunately, we can't ...bla bla bla..... coz the camera works...bla bla bla.. really sorry..etc" and so on and so forth. I listened to her very attentively , and when she finished I told her that actually she could do what I asked her and it was not against their policy. I brought up my list with SOGA quotes and tried to explaine why I was thinking that way. She looked a bit perplexed, asked me to hold on a moment and moved off for another chat with the same group of people. After around 5 minutes she came back with some guy from their stuff and told me smth like "we don't do like this but we gonna help you as a jesture of good will etc.. but next time never ever bring it back and bla bla bla..". Finally, they made me a refund, i added 40 pounds more and purchased a Cannon camera. When I was off the store I found these words on the receipt(see the circled ones on the picture): They made it look like the camera was not even extracted from the box. I'm sure they will exhibit it for sale again for a more naive customer to buy.
  2. Thanks Priority. Let's wait untill it's friday and if that guy is The Grinch I'll start composing a complaint letter.
  3. Rebel, now I've got a plan. SOGA is very helpful! Now I know what I'll tell the manager on friday. I'll tell him that according to Sale of Goods Act he must replace this product or make a full refund, because the camera is faulty. The faultiness is as follows: the red tint in all pictures and the images are all blurred. That means that the product is not of satisfactory quality. If needed I'll explaine him what 'satisfactory quality' means - Aspects of quality include fitness for purpose, freedom from minor defects, appearance and finish, durability and safety. 'The blured image in all pictures' mean that the camera is not free from minor defects. Low quality of pictures is a defect. Thus the camera is faulty. And according to their policy they should refund or exchange the product. I think I didn't miss anything. What do you recon? PS: Do u think it'd be good idea to record everything with a dictaphone? What if an in unlikely event the manager will refuse to exchange the camera and I'll threaten to file a complain against him(but to whom?).
  4. That's a good idea! I can't understand why it didn't cross my mind earlier this morning.. I think ur way is simple and very effective. Thanks a lot.
  5. Don't you find the words on the reverse side of the receipt funny ?
  6. Good evening dear caggers! Day before yesterday I bought a photo camera Olympus D-720(14 mega pixels, 10 optical zoom) from Currys. Yesterday I tested how it works and found that the quality of pictures is worse than the quality of those made with my old Samsung camera(10.1 mega pixels). The image is not really bad, but it is definetely not that clear, I can distinguish the differrence. I was very unhapy about that, that's why I packed everything back and visited Currys today. I told them that I want to exchange it for a Cannon camera, which is 50 pounds more expensive. I was eager to make additional payment and have a more expensive product, but they refused to do so. They told me that they can't help me because the product was opened by me and this goes against their policy. Well, I can't say that the camera is faulty, but I am dissappointed with the quality of images it can produce. I asked them to let me speak to a senior manager, but they told me that I can meet him only on friday. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me advice how to behave while talking to him on friday. I want to come ready for that conversation.
  7. thank you, I new it. By the way, what do you think should I do about the following: Eon took the electricity supply from BG last year, and it means that my supplier was Eon and not BG, so, as far as I understand BG can't present me a bill for the period I was not with them. Am I right?
  8. Please comment what do you think is happenning. What should I do if British gas try to force me paying for the period already paid? Can anyone explain what does "goodwill compensation" mean.
  9. eon rep? do u mean Eon representative? How can he sort out the problem with British Gas? Well, ok, could u give me the link please. I have no clue who's your eon rep is and where can I find him. thanks
  10. The meter reading is mine and I have all the evidence to supportt that I paid all my bills.
  11. Can anyone explain me what does it mean? Just have a quick look at the scan of the bill I received: picture1: Can anyone explain what these adjustment mean? There's no explanation in the bill about what the adjustment consists of. Goodwill compensation means that I can pay this sum only if I want to? If yes, why they included this sum in the total to pay? Most interesting thing is that I've payed all the bills untill for some reason the final electricity bill came. It happened last summer, 2010. Not long ago I found out that my electricity supply was taken from British Gas by E'on.? I told BG to sort it out, one man from BG promised to issue the first bill in my name but on the pictures you see what you see(the bill period is 2009(!)-2011). I do not owe anything to British Gas and all my bills are paid. What should I write to them? I believe it is cheating me out of my money.
  12. Thank you. I'm glad that all the rest of the text didn't catch your eye with anything suspicious in terms of style or grammar.
  13. That's a new case and a new thread, but not very differrent as you can see.
  14. Honeybee, can you see any grammar or stylistic mistakes in my draft of the Letter Before Action?
  15. Hi, Honeybee! The name of the offender is real. If this fact can cause troubles to the CAG, I'll definetely remove the name.
  16. Dear caggers! One of my friends asked me to help him with his employment problem. I told him that my friend had a similar case as his and I'll try to help him to compose A LETTER BEFORE ACTION. I'd like you guys to check if anything is wrong in the text of the letter(including English grammar and stylistic mistakes as English is not my native language). Here are details of the issue(to be more precise it is an email that my friend sent to his employer not long ago): And here is a draft of the letter: Mr XXX Address Postcode email address 31 July 2011Letter before action Dear I've tried to contact you many times to let you understand that your retention of my wages is against the law, but you never changed your mind and didn't pay me the money I had earned. You stated, that the reason for the deduction was 'POOR WORKMANSHIP' only when the pay day came, although you were very happy with the level of my workmanship throughout the whole period of time I'd worked for you (10 days). I remind you that such retention is construed as unlawful deduction of wages, and is contrary to The Employment Rights Act 1996, s13. Consequently, you have 14 days to pay the amount due. Should you fail to do so, I will pursue a legal course of action to recover the several days' pay(£885). This will render you liable to pay further sums in respect of interests, court fees and costs. Yours sincerely, Mr XXX
  17. The best way to sort the situation out is to ban such elderly ladies!
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