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  1. Hi, Honeybee! Yes, that is correct - I am expecting a tax refund after I submitted my tax return.
  2. pugilist

    Tax return issue

    Hi everyone! May be anyone can advise me what to do next. I still didn't get my tax return money and I can't understand why. 6th Jul 2015 I sent this message to HM Revenue and Customs: Dear Sirs, My Tax Return documents for the year ended 5 April 2015 were posted to you on the 5th of May 2015, today is the 6th of July 2015, but I still have not got my tax return money. Can you please update me on the situation? I need to know what's happening, why I still haven't received the money and when can I have my money. I sent this letter to the following address: Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AS It's been more than one month since the 6th of July, but they didn't reply me in any way. What should I do next?
  3. I agree, your version looks wiser.. But I have already sent my text.
  4. Well, it looks that most people here think that I'm gonna need to pay the penalty.. There's no justice in the world..
  5. It looks like they have some commission of each person fined.
  6. Good evening everyone! Here what happened to me this morning(it is actually the text I have just composed to send as an appeal against an unfair decision): I came to St James train station(zone 3) at around 07:09 am. My train was at 07:12 as usual. I wanted to renew my 7 days travel card (zones 1-3), but the ticket machine wasn't working, and I went to the ticket office and asked for help. And the lady behind the glass told me to go across the street to top up at some shop. If I had done so I would have missed my train. Well, I couldn't accept it as I just started a new job, and the person in charge there doesn't like it when people are late, so I could have lost a job over that. Thus I jumped on the train and traveled to the Liverpool Street Station hoping that I would be able to buy my travel card there and avoid coming at work late. When I came to the Liverpool Street Station I asked the staff there to help me out and let me out to the nearest ticket machine to buy my 7 days travel card, but they were not helpful and preferred to issue me with a penalty notice. I believe it was an unfair decision as I was not going to travel without paying, and it was obvious that the fault was not mine and I was going to buy the ticket at the Liverpool Station. You can look up in your records and you will see I regularly buy zones 1-3 travel card. The guys were really eager to make me pay 40 pounds(!!) without even trying to show any sign of understanding my reason, to say nothing of complete lack of intention to consider my concerns/request. The guy named Mohammed said it was my fault and I should have foreseen things could develop that way and I should have come to the station much earlier than three minutes before the train arrival. Then he told me that they(he and another guy of the staff) called the lady at St James Station and she said that she had offered me to buy a ticket to Liverpool Street Station. But in fact she didn't say anything of the kind, she just refused renewing my travel card and suggested me to go across the street to do so. Mohammed, the guy who issued me the penalty notice, made some notes(along with my details - my full name, date of birth and address) describing the situation into his note pad and asked me to sign the text. I refused to do so unless he crossed out the clause about the woman's offer to buy a ticket from her, because it was not true – she didn't make that offer. She just offered me to go across the street to top up my oyster and stared at me in silence with eyes wide open and expression of her face showing no care that in that case I will inevitably miss my train. I am going to appeal against their decision to charge me 40(!) pounds. At the back of the penalty notice there is an email and a post address to make an appeal. Should use those contacts, or anyone had better suggestions? Any advice is very welcome. Thank you very much.
  7. Around 50 pounds. Tomorrow I'll check and give you the details. I'm ready to bring them to answer. I won't leave it like that. I'm I can't understand - is it not a crime what they are doing and they can go away with it with no repercussions?
  8. Well, they owe me not much. Yes, I have. They are very easy. And I also have all our phone conversations recorded by the way. To my mind this is an obvious attempt to cheat me.
  9. Well, the thing is that we agreed that they would pay 13 pounds per hour. I worked 16 hours and received the exact amount as if they payed me 13 pounds per each hour and took 20 percent from the total amount. 1) I want them to provide me with the payslip proving that they had payed the tax or 2) I want them to pay me the missing amount so that I could pay the tax myself.
  10. I sent a recorded delivery letter with the above text. I attached all the unanswered email correspondence printed. Almost two weeks passed, but they didn't reply. What should I do next? They simply ignore me!
  11. Thank you. Here's the text I've just composed to send. To me it looks ok. What do you think? Dear XXXX administration(or customer service? or smd else?), Since I never received a single answer to any of my emails, I am contacting you in writing . Please find copies of unanswered emails enclosed. Hope to here from you soon. Regards, Mr XXX
  12. I've already sent them several emails, I even sent them a message via their contact us form on their official site. Do you mean to make a request in writing and send by post?
  13. Several weeks ago a recruitement agency offerred me a couple of days' painting and decorating job. We agreed I would be paid 13 pounds per hour. The job was done in two days' time. The forman sent the timesheet to the agency. There were 16 hours in total. The payment arrived into my account later than they promised. But that is not a big deal. The amount was just several pounds less than it should have been after 20% tax. So I asked them to give me full break up of the payment and I asked them to send me a timesheet. Since then they stopped all correspondence with me.. I sent them around 5 messages, but received no reply. Can anyone please give me an advice what to do with them?
  14. Thank you. I have no written agreement for anywhere. As for the previous place where I lived, I dont know who lived there before me. I know that the flat was owned by some relatives of my LL. At the time I moved in he was registered at differrent place. Most likely that he gave my details when I moved in, and he transferred all his papers to that address only after several months of his moving in there. Now all his papers come to that address. What do you think if I send them this text without signing the letter: Dear T Water staff, please update your records and note that since at least December 2012 a person named Mr XXX has been a living in LL at this address and he is responsible for any utility bills including water charges at this address. I don't want to sign the letter as i don't want to be involved with a correspondence with Thames Water on this matter. But if in future I need to prove that they were given the name of the LL I will be able to provide the copy of the letter and the special delivery receipt.
  15. Thank you. It's been already two months that I live at different address, as I moved out of that property. I have no tenancy agreement. It was oral one. I know the full name of the person who let me a room there. He (and his two little daughters) receives house benefits for the flat. Yes. I don't even want to be in correspondence with Thames Water, as I think they will never let me go if I start communicating with them. What if I write a letter form occupier saying that Mr XX (my name) doesn't live at this address and the LL is Mr YY.. ? No name at the end and no signature.
  16. Good afternoon everyone! I've been renting a room in a flat with live in Landlord for 5 months. The landlord and his 2 little daughters live in the other room of this 2 bedroom flat. I didn't register with Thames Water and have no idea why the bill came in my name. I don't mind paying bills, but this situation seems ridiculous. As far as I know everywhere people pay around £100 pounds a year(!) for water. But here they ask £500 for the 4 month's period. The landlord receives benefits from the Council and it is very easy to establish who is the main person here. Why on earth would Thames Water chose to send such a bill in my name?? Can anyone please help me and tell me what to do??
  17. Sorry, it was not a 3 Shop, but O2 shop. But it does not make any difference.
  18. So, why do we have ID cards (ID is short for identity document!!) if this is still happening in the EU? Why is the ID accepted to enter the country, to open a UK bank account, to vote in local UK and European elections... I think this is ridiculous and I wonder whether there is any EU/national legislation which could be used in this case..
  19. Well, how he can change the provider without passport then? Don't such shop's policies contradict the law? Is such a contradiction not a violation to the UK and European law?
  20. My friend, a European national, came to a 3 Shop to ask them to change his tariff to a cheaper one. They told him it is there policy that he must provide them with his passport and not ID card. The thing is that he waits for his passport to be send by HO back in around several weeks time, thus now he can use only his ID card for such purposes. As far as I know ID cards are accepted literally everywhere throughout Europe and UK. I believe it is against the law to refuse to accept it. Today I'm going to go with my friend to that 3 Shop and ask them the reason why they refuse to accept his ID card to change the tariff. Can anyone give an advise?
  21. Emmzzi, becky2585, You are right. I thought over your words and just let that one go.
  22. I already lost time and money because of them. Now Justice is all I want. I don't need employment from them any more. I even stopped picking up the phone when they call me. I've already had two missed calls from them, but I'm not going to bother to call them back.
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