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  1. well, for some reason the link can't be seen.. that is weird. well, anyway, if you just type into youtube search box the name of the video, you will be able to find it and watch it: Cockroaches in Sports Direct East Ham 2018
  2. She finished preparing the video at last. Here is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tmrt3HV2Wv4
  3. sgtbush, it looks like you are right.. BazzaS, thank you for the answer. The event was actually recorded on video. The thing is that I still haven't got the video or the link. She didn't have time yesterday to put it on youtube with a brief description. But she will definetely give it to me, and I will share it here.
  4. It is in no way a belief, it is a fact. I knew you wouldn't be able to disprove my words
  5. It looks like you don't understand how the law works. Of course they can't refuse to sell me anything and everything they have on offer. The law imposes strict limits on them. It is violation. You don't understand what public offer contract means. They can't force me to leave if they want to act by the law. I can't be banned for any reason they like, because the law strictly limits such sorts of reasons. Where did you do your researches on this?
  6. Well, in that case they can even ask me to kill myself on the spot, but it is my right to refuse to do so. It is not their right to refuse to sell me anything for any reason. It would be violation of my consumer rights, as well as forcing me to leave.
  7. well, the main thing was not if a shop was a private place or not really.. wasn't it?) the main thing is that the shop staff had no right to prevent people from recording an offence and had no right to demand them to delete the files from the smart phone.
  8. Technically, all of Britain is owned by somebody. Owners may be private individuals, companies, organisations or the Queen (e.g. a "public park" is probably owned by the local town council.) Any of those landlords can, and often will, impose limits on photography or film making as they wish. Mostly these landlords will not restrict non-commercial photography, but commercial work often requires permission and sometimes payment. A licence or permit may be required if you are filming an event where the organisers’ and/or the owner’s permission is needed. In practice, taking pictures from the public highway or many places generally accessible to the public is unlikely to be challenged. Council owned parks and buildings, transport stations, church property, shopping malls, theatres, stadiums and the like usually do enforce restrictions. Filming on public transport is the same as on private land; you do need the owners’ or operators’ consent.
  9. Thank you. Which way is better: 1) upload it on youtube and put the link here or 2) upload the video on some cloud storage and then jput the link here for people to be able to download it and watch. NB she is still on her way home to west london, so i think i'll be able to post the video here tonight She will give me the video later, she is still on her way home to west london, where she lives. Are the stores rights are above the main law of the UK? As far as i understand people have the right to record on video anything happening in public places. The shop is a public place. insects inside the clothes are are breach of health and safety rules, aren't they? Unhygienic state of the stores is an offence isn't it? Preventing people from filming an offence in a public place is unlawfull, isn't it?
  10. Oh, she will put it on youtube for sure, but she wants the shop administration to be brought to responsibility for their actions. That was an obvious violation of the law: 1) the cockroaches, bugs or whatever they were inside the clothes 2) the actions of the manager Should she just sit and wait how ordinary people watch it on youtube? May be better to report it to the local council?
  11. Good evening everyone! A friend of mine has just contacted me and told me a story of how she had just visited a Sports Direct store in East Ham, London. She was just looking around there in search of some clothes and when she tried to take a shirt from the hanger, huge insects started falling out of its folds. She began recording this with her smart phone camera and asked the manager to comment the situation. But the manager just told her to stop recording and "get out of the shop!" So she is not going to try and contact Sport Directs anymore and want to proceed with complaint straight to appropriate authorities. Please advise where should she write the complaint and how should she use that video as the evidence. Thank you in advance!
  12. Well, taking into consideration what you and Michael Brown said, it looks like there's no point doing so, as long as their actions do not contradict their policy and the law.
  13. Yes. They refused to service her and told her to leave. You'll be laughing, but they even tried to prevent her from entering... at 12:10!!
  14. Good morning! I have an interesting issue here. Last week a friend of mine came to a Post Office branch at Canning Town. There was already a small queue of just 3 people. It was Saturday. Closing time was 12:30. She came to the branch at 12:10. All she needed was to register her biometric details. The procedure normally takes around 4 minutes. But the staff of the Post Office refused to service her, because otherwise they would have to stay at work later than 12:30.. After several minutes of arguing my friend had to leave the branch, it was 12:20, still 10 minutes before closure. What should my friend have done in that situation? I'd like to know if the Post Office staff violated the law by doing so? If yes, how could the girl make them act in accordance with the law?
  15. I saw only the receptionist. Why do you think the day I missed is unrelated to the stuff of the clinic? It was clearly their fault that they failed to make sure that the appointment did actually happen. I can easily imagine the possibility that people are able to compensate what they lost because of actions of unprofessional workers of the clinics like this. Like i said, I saw only a woman at the reception, and I definitely had no notice of the cancellation. Of course I will have my refund from them, but I don't want to have anything to do with them in future. I'm not going to ask them or beg them to waive any fees for the next visit, as I am not going to visit them ever again. I need to know what can I do to them according to the Law.
  16. Good morning everyone! I've just returned home from my dental clinic. I didn't go to work today because i had this appointment. Can u imagine my shock when I came at the clinic by 12:00 sharp, it was the time of the appointment, only to know that the "hygienist is not in today".. They told me that they tried to contact me, but could't. But they are lying to me: there are no missed calls from them, no texts and no emails. Usually they do inform me of anything via text messaging AND email. If I was notified about such an important thing as a change to my appointment or its cancellation, I would have gone to work. But in this case I just simply lost one full working day's wages. I really am eager to know what can I do to the Dental Clinic? It is a private Dental Clinic(http://www.smileimpressions.com/), where I did use their NHS services couple of times, and where they imposed me paid services of a hygienist - I paid 25 pounds in advance for this appointment. They said they couldn't refund me my money today, and I need to come on Tuesday to have it. What can I do to make them compensate the day lost because their unprofessionalism and negligence? Should I write them some letter first, or what? Thank you in advance!
  17. I know they are not an employment agency in full sense. What I need from them is a week or couple of week's job, that's it.
  18. I've been looking for a job and sending out my cv everywhere. One of the agencies contacted me over the phone, then i sent them all necessary details in response to their email. There was some agreement attached to the email, which doesn't look like normal agreement. There are only two fields on the first page and some field on the last one. I don't know how to fill them: in the first field after "you" I will write my full name, but what should I write after "of"? And here i might need to fill the field only if i'm a limited company, which i am not.
  19. i tried calling at this time as well - in vain.that's why i decided to write a letter to them. they do not answer my calls and they ignore my correspondence.
  20. Previous years I got my money well before July. I did it online as usual.
  21. i couldn't reach them over the phone
  22. thank you
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