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  1. Should I send them just a short message like this? Thank you for your response dated xxxxx. Please provide me with the procedure which is set within your council for the things like that. I need to know what steps you are obliged to make when you get a complaint about a noisy neighbour.
  2. Ok, I understand that. Are they restricted to come to my place at the time I specified and witness the noise? What prevents them from doing at least something? What prevents them from asking me to provide them with more evidence(log, diary, recordings)?
  3. Well, but apart from my opinion were some facts, weren't they..? What i need from them is just send some letter to that address saying that it is not good to be very loud in the evening. Can the council do so? It is not a random shouting, it is a regular shouting or raised voices starting 10-11 pm. The person who responded to my letter is the Director for Commissioning – Enforcement & Safety. Hell knows what it means.. Should I report him to the council safeguarding team for refusing to take any action? He didn't tell me what other options I have apart from going to court and doing everything by myself. It is very strange that they didn't offer me to keep any diary.. They just don't want to do their job. I can just record the sounds coming from behind the wall every night at the same time – starting at 10-11 and ending around midnight or 1 pm. It is not from the neighbours above, above is only the roof, but it is a on the side. I don't know why they think that the noise comes from the neighbour from above.
  4. Good evening everyone! Here I wanna share my experience with you and may be get some useful advice. Here is the text I sent to the Council via their internet site form: I'd like to report you a regular and continuous shouting of my neighbour at night time. Every night after around 10 pm or 11 pm a very loud shouting of a woman comes through the wall from my neighbour's (the address is xx xxxx Road xx xxxx). Sometimes she shouts for no obvious reason, sometimes she shouts at her husband, sometimes she shouts while talking to someone over the phone, and sometimes she shouts at her little son, beating him up occasionally(I may provide you with an audio where you can clearly hear sounds of hitting, her shouting and his screaming). The woman is either mentally handicapped or she abuses alcohol. Whatever the reason, but her behaviour is obviously antisocial. She is a rowdy and inconsiderate neighbour. She just prevents me from sleeping. It is an absolute nuisance. I want you to make her stop or restrict the nuisance. Please inform her that she must not and have no right to shout or even speak in a raised voice at night when people try to have some rest after a working day. The woman is most likely unemployed and has no clue that people need to sleep at night. Now the shouting happens every single day after 10 pm or 11 pm and may last for hours. I can't bear it any more. This must be stopped. In around a week's time I got the following response from them: see the attached picture What would you do next, if you were me? In my opinion it was a sheer runaround, a reply without substance. They just don't want to do their job, and I pay more than a hundred pounds of council tax every month. The only thing I asked of them is to let the neighbours know that it is not good to be loud at night. As the noise is not of intermittent nature, but a regular one. What is the best thing to do next? Reply them and try to explain to them that it is not a normal noise, or move to another step and file a complaint about the Council?
  5. I can't disagree with you, and will do exactly as you advise once the agency refuse to cooperate. TW will definitely give me the leak allowance. Btw, I don't even know my LL, I'm only dealing with the agency.
  6. Thank you very much indeed. This is what I'm going to do, in case i'm unhappy with how the issue is sorted.
  7. Yes, you are right. Once the nice steps are done I'll switch to more decisive actions. By the way, just now I've received a text from the agent: "I will come back to you end of the day". So I'm waiting for the end of the day. As for the bill - I don't think I'm gonna pay it as it is now. I do not agree with the amount and going to dispute this bill and the next one. And TW know that I have the grounds.
  8. I think it is better to offer the LL a choice either to arrange someone to have a good look at everything himself or that will be done by myself, and I will send him the bill. But i'm a bit concerned about my next steps in case he tells me that he will not pay that bill... I want to try and do everything in an amicable way. Once I receive a reply from TW, I think I will writr to the LL something of the sort: They started sending me reminders to pay the 1st bill, the 2nd one is coming, and it's going to be huge too, because the average daily consumption is around 600 litres. What I need from you(the agency) is that the leak be repaired, only after that I will be able to claim my leak allowance from Thames Water. It's been a long time since I reported the problem, but it is not solved yet. this is hardly possible. anyway - no point asking the neighbours about that, because they are dodgy enough, and not too stupid to act against their interests..
  9. I'm not sure, but the bill doesn't say anything of the kind. The diagram of water usage shows that i'm using 550-600 litres everyday.. I can access it on my Thames Water account online.
  10. Here's the message I sent to TW today via their online form: Dear Thames Water, Thank you for the letter from your Customer agent A*** T**** dated 3d October 2018. I notified the agency I'm renting from about the necessity to sort out the leak. They sent a plumber to confirm that there is no visible leaks. Now the agency told me that they will contact Thames Water to deal with it. They want to arrange a visit of your plumber with special pressure testing equipment to be able to locate the leak. For some reason they didn't manage to reach you over the phone for several days, so here's the contact number of the person dealing with this issue: Name: A***(S*** Lettings agent) Number: 0794******* Or call here and ask for A***: 02084******
  11. I know what you mean and have no intention to wage a war against Thames Water. My idea is as follows: i'll write them a letter, via email or by post, informing them that i do my best in trying to make the LL to sort it out as soon as possible. TW themselves said in their letter that my consumption is unusually big. I don't want a war neither with the LL, nor with TW. But when I get a reply from TW I'll act the way you suggest - tell agency that i am billing them for plumber. Yes, i tried turning the stopcock off for a day when im at work - the readings were the same. But i didn't ask neighbours about anything, as they have their own meter just in front of their entrance gate.
  12. Yes, I am the account holder, and the bill came in my name. I am renting from an agency - it is a 6 months' contract started June 2018. I can prove that I contacted the agency in due time and reported them the matter. Well, I understand, that for Thames Water it is easier just issue me with bills and bombard me with reminders, but i do not have a slightest intention to pay for something, that i didn't use. I'm going to ask them to put the account on hold or smth of the kind, until the matter is solved. Do you think it is a reasonable thing to do? What would you do if you were in my place? I hardly use the water in the house - it is literally couple of washups a day, couple of toilet flushes, several showers a week, washing machine once a week. Same thing with the other tenant. We don't use 600 litres a day. Everyday, according to the readings. So why on earth do I have to pay for the water loss that is happening because of the LL(agency) don't do their job properly??
  13. Updating We didn't meet on Monday, as I came home early, and the agent was not in the office, because he thought I would come back from work later in the day. So he said he would call them on his own then. Well, since then I hear no reply from him. I sent him a text 2 days ago asking him if he had called to the water board, but still no response. What I'm thinking to do now is to write a message to Thames Water, telling them to contact my agency and get all information about the attempted leakage location by the agency's plumber. Let them agree with the agency about sending a man from Thames Water. What else would you write to them, if you were me? Should I tell them, that i'm not going to pay the bill until they sort the leakage issue out and recalculate the bill and issue me a leakage allowance?
  14. We agreed with the agency that i would come to their office next Monday and we would call Thames Water together. Just now I've received a text from Thames Water, reminding me that my payment is due.. my first bill - 186 pounds for 2 months
  15. That was what I did in the first instance. But the Thames Water redirected me to the LL.
  16. Yesterday that plumber came, tried to find any signs of the leak, didn't find any, then left. He said that he would tell the agent to contact Thames Water, and they would send their man with the pressure testing kit. Well, today i'm going to call the agency and find out if they arranged that visit or not. I think I'm not going to pay my first bill until the issue is sorted and until i get my leak allowance from Thames Water. It is in the kitchen on the ground floor. I'm not sure about the situation with the hoses there. What if they are not split? Can it be a cause of the water loss.
  17. Thanx. On Tuesday a plumber from the landlord should come to locate the leak. I think he must have some special equipment to be able to do so, as no visible signs of a leak can be seen anywhere.
  18. am I right to understand that if I have the leak not my side it does matter what time of the day I turn my taps off, and the meter won't increment..?
  19. ok, do you think there is a difference when to do such test - morning/afternoon/evening? both neighbours' houses has their own meters outside. well, i dont know.. i contacted Thames Water, and they sent me the leak allowance form and suggested me to contact Homeserv(god knows what it is). So I supposed that such matters should be solved by the agency i'm renting the house from. As there's no visible leaks anywhere. Well, today's water consumption is 167 for the period from 8:30 till 17:30. Looks like 2 people living in the house consume more than 300 litres while they are sleeping at night and working during the day far away from the house. Good news. I've just contacted the agent to let him know about the recent readings, and he said that it is not normal, and we gonna meet up tomorrow to sort things out.
  20. it looks like 154 litres of water were used for 2 washups and 2 toilet flushes... is it normal?
  21. i suspect it. as i do not use such amount of water for sure. everyone has their own meters it is a water meter outside on the pavement; i didn't notice a movement at the moment i was taking a photo of the meter reading after I'd turned all the taps off in the house.
  22. Last week I took the meter readings 2 times: 1st - at 22:30 pm, and the 2nd reading - at 8:00 next morning. 2 toilet flushes and 2 washups were made in between the readings. Just look at the figures: I passed the readings to the agency. But for some reason they asked my to do another test - turn off the main valve before going to work and then turn it on when I come back home to see if the meter readings changed.. Well, i tried to do so today morning, but then i changed my mind, as I'm not a plumber and i'm not sure what can happen if i twist and turn something in a wrong way.
  23. Hi everyone, I moved into a rented house June 2018. Recently I received my first water bill, and it shows me that my average use was around 600 litres of water a day. So the amount to pay is £186 (for 2 months - June and July!!)!! That is a complete nonsense - only two people live in the house, and we don't use water more, then anyone else - we never leave the taps open when not necessary, never take shower more than literally 3-4 minutes. But here comes this bill... Thames Water acknowledges that the amount of water consumption is really unusual . They suggest me to contact some "Homeserve", and sent me a leak allowance form to fill. Well, I reported the matter to the agency i'm renting the house from. But it looks like they are a bit reluctant to sort it out. They didn't say "no", but more than a week passed since i reported the problem, and they still didn't arrange anything to establish if it is an external or internal leak.
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