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  1. lollipop73


    Thank you so much. Are there any other threads on the site I would find useful- if only to help my mind at rest
  2. lollipop73


    I will have to do something, to have acquired-within a ten minute phone call a £5000 debt is not something I can deal with.
  3. lollipop73


    thank you. So in laymans terms would this apply to my own circumstances? They would look at what I would have been awarded and should that have been less I would only have to repay the difference, and equally so should I have been awarded more I would be able to reclaim the additional amount backdated by 3 mths. And why did the advisor not tell me about this=she definitely only said the debt stands and there is nothing we can do about it, maybe there is nothing I can do. Sorry for going on-I am extremely concerned, I just cannot manage with this.
  4. lollipop73


    What is notional offsetting?
  5. lollipop73


    thank you for helping
  6. lollipop73


    Sorry-I suppose because I am just wanting to pour it all out I have spoken in a confused way-it is the working tax credits that have overpaid me. I work full time.
  7. lollipop73


    My husbadn and I have had very rough few years and last year he moved out for a couple of months. About 3/4 weeks later I phoned the helpline and told them. And about a mth and half after that we patched it up and he moved back in. I got a bill for an overpayment for the few weeks I didnt tell them he had moved out-around £900. I rang them yesterday to ask what this was all about and was told that because I didnt tell them straight away ALL the money I was paid was repayable and there is nothing I can do about it. I then began to talk with them about him being back. I could have
  8. Wow, it's been so long since I have had anything to report. I got the standard email from barclaycard but other than that nothing at all-touch wood.
  9. Hi, I have received a letter this morning cancelling my overdraft within 14 days. I am actually a lot more solvent than I have been in 2 years and was in the process of climbing out of my overdraft so I am mostly in credit. But if they take it off me within 2 weeks that means my mortgage won't get paid along with a lot of my direct debits-incurring charges and worse still knocking my mortgage arrears repayment back into a very serious situation. Thing is I have just tried to call the number on the letter to ask them to defer it-they won't even discuss it with me until the overdraft
  10. So we are almost neck and neck now. Seems odd to be over a year into this and not taken to court doesn't it? Will keep you all informed.
  11. Hi, I am not sure how to start on this one. Basically, my OH is now bankrupt and after months of waiting for some money I am owed it appears it will now not ever come. My intention was to pay all the balance off the cap one card and end the agreement, so I haven't spoken to cap one at all. Had a letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors yesterday threateneing legal action if I don't pay them some money. I have to be sensible here as income is now to all intents and purposes non-existent. What should be my first move. I cannot affprd to pay them anything at all now.
  12. Hi, My husband' business folded last year and he is now BR. The home is in my name alone-I bought it before we got married although we have always lived together at this address. After a terrible experience with an ex I made sure the house was in my name. There is very little equity, I have three children. My husband says they are not interested in the house but I want to make completely sure. Also I start another job on Monday ( after 6mths of intensively looking and one job turning out to be an OTE nightmare, I finally get one-yippee, the relief is immense), will this in
  13. Letter arrived from Trveor Munn, threatening court action. I shall send them the same letter as I sent to Moorcroft. ARC did not respond. Sorry Basa for not replying earlier. Yes it is the one in the thread of pt's ( Egg agreements-what I think is wrong with them).
  14. I just wonder if in the blurb about the training it will say something a long the lines of.....produced in consultation with various sectors including consumer action groups.........I shudder to imagine the consequences. Things I would like to see. Personal accountability for the individual bailiff attending and the MD's/owners of the bailiff companies when it all ( rather inevitably) goes wrong and their dogs are caught lying, extorting, intimidating or attempting to coerce entry when they don't have the clear legal right to force entry. Making it mandatory that the very fi
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