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  1. Thank you for your comment Connif. The point I was trying to make does in no way contradict your statement. I am sure that your success in providing service had more to do with the quality of service you provided rather than the profit you made from it. If all took this approach, success would follow success leading to satisfaction all round. Short term profit, I stress should not be achieved by poor methods. This in the long run only leads to failure. Sorry if I did not make this more clear.
  2. Although I can understand the frustration caused when things do not go as the customer expects, I feel obliged to defend the poor salesperson who, perhaps due to lack of appropriate training or whatever is reduced to being called spotty Oik or moron or whatever the no doubt absolutely perfect customer deems he is entitled to call him...or her. He is someones son, or daughter.....maybe yours. Be mature when you complain and refrain from personal attacks on the person who errs.....we all do at some point. Do you always get things right........hmmmmm ? The question is rhetorical by the way.
  3. I can sympathise with a lot of the comments being closely associated with the situation in general. I would like to say that the sort of service, although not always accurately reported by the consumer, is, in many cases caused by many factors, including I am afraid to say the lack of true concern generated by management. They are driven by their immediate superiors to produce results based on spreadsheets created by the unseen motivators to achieve "profit". Service will never be a direct contributer to profit in my view but should be provided to encourage customers to return to , in this case Comet for further purchases. I know...... that it is the short term appearance of profit encouraged, often untrue figures which contributes to this quality of service. I would apologise to anyone who is subjected to inferior provision of service as management seem to be unable to respond likewise. Anon.
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