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  1. Hi all, My dad who is a private hire driver was dropping off a passenger at birmingham airport IBIS hotel. This hotel allows passenger drop offs/pickups only by private hire drivers and is a red route in all other circumstances. My dad recieved a fine i sent off an appeal to APCOA detail that he was a private hire driver and eligible to drop off. No response was received from and in return we got a debt recovery letter. I then sent off another email to APCOA stating that i had sent an appeal but not received a response. 4 months down the line and without a response
  2. Hi all, Need some advise in relation to a vehicle i sold. I advertised the vehicle locally and had a chap come down to purchase the car. He came down, and had a look at the car. I suggested we start the car up and take it for a test drive. The buyer was in a hurry and said it's fine and he is in a hurry. We got down to the paperwork, i showed him everything i had, service history/timing belt reciepts etc. He was happy with everything and we did the exchanged. I get a call in the evening and he said that the mot certificate nor the full service history was in ther
  3. Hi all, basically was declared bankrupt back in 2004 and also have a notice of discharge. Recently received a letter from Global Debt Recovery about an old debt. However this has already been resolved as explained i have a notice of discharge and no longer owe anything. Made the mistake of calling them and spoke to a rude guy who said i had been 'hiding'. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this matter, which letter i need to send? Thank you
  4. ok recieved a letter from "merit force collections" saying that baliffs will be knocking on my door in 10 days. I can stop this by calling bla bla. and a few weeks ago i recievd a letter from mackenzie hall saying i can pay half the original debt of 98. I only need to pay 49.00, which i ignored. however these letters are getting ridiculous and im getting a big shouting at from my dad if i dont do anyting. how do i make them stop. please help me:( If i pay them will they stop?? Also they have put a default on my file aswell!! I need that removed aswell.
  5. i have checked my credit report and lowells have defaulted me on a t-mobile account. That account has now been settled, can i get lowells to remove that default now that it has been settled or will that stay there regardless? thank you
  6. ok recieved another letter today however this time it was from RED Debt collection not lowells. They want the same debt and are asking me to call them, and then a little later on i recieved a text from lowells asking them to call. So im being followed for one debt by two companies.
  7. ye have done that, so i should just wait? they are just sending letters saying i have this many days bla bla. anything i should send to them?
  8. can anyone direct me to the no acknowledgement letter as i think i only sent them a prove it letter.
  9. ok recieved another letter. stating that after numerous occasions i havent got back, and if i do not pay within 5 days legal action will be taken including someone knocking on my door. wat to do please ladz
  10. is the no acknowledgment letter the one i sent in the first instance? thats when they sent me the terms and conditions. what should i write this time? or should i send the CRP letter stated in one of the above posts? thanks for ur help by the way
  11. they sent me a letter as i stated earlier with them sending me the terms and conditions and copy of the bill and amount that i apparently owe. in that letter it stated i should pay within 7 days to avoid court action. recieved a letter today saying i didnt contact them and that i should contact to avoid further action. Been gettin the calls for the past couple of days aswell.
  12. recieved a letter from them saying i should contact them as theyhave been sending me letters. also been gettin calls from them but as soon as they say lowells i just cut them off. wat do i do:(
  13. thanks guys, can you direct me to CPR31.14 please? thank you
  14. so will they actually issue court proceedings and do i have to go to court?
  15. nope no form of contract or anything i signed. Just a bill. and the letter says i need to pay within 7 days or legal proceedings will be taken. So i just ignore ye?
  16. the have sent me some form of terms and conditions. is that the contract? should i reply with any letter or no?
  17. ok folks, recieved a letter from them about a month ago saying they have not managed to get any statements so they are closing the account which i thought was a success. Just recieved a letter from them showing a statement which they recieved from t-mobile from december 2007 showing an outstanding amount. I have no knowledge of me not paying this. Im sure i have done. Wat can i do now? Should i call them or pay? cheers
  18. Hi all, just to update on this matter. Since sending them a 'Prove IT' letter i have recieved three letters from Lowlifes. First letter stated that they would contact t-mobile to get the statements for my account. 2nd letter sed they are still trying to get the statements and recieved a third letter today saying they are still waiting on the statements and my account is on hold. Now this has been near enough 2 months, so my question was, is there a time limit as to how long they have to get me the statements? Its been more then a month for sure. Was just wondering.
  19. oh thats good i posted here first then. Ive clicked on your 'Prove it' letter link maroon but it seems to take me to the main forums page? EDIT::: Got It now so should i just send this off and wait for a reply? what is the common reply i am looking to get? thanks
  20. I got a letter from these debt collection agencies in an apparent debt from t-mobile? I have a default registered on my credit report about the 98 pounds balance, but the account has been closed since may 2008? I got this letter and it says they have bought my debt from t-mobile in 2008 and as far as i can remember i have already paid some of this? I dont have a copy of the reciept or anyting cuz its been so long. I have been told i need to contact them within 10 days or they will take me to court. Luckily before ringing them i googled them and came across CAG (THANKFULLY)
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