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    ok welcome to the site, hopefully you'll be able to stay this time read these first please as it should answer your basic questions, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/ when you're done there, you'll need some of these http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/
  2. i returned my letter today, and crossed that line out, purely through principal, they have borrowed my money why should i be quiet when i get it back? it will affect you only in this matter, you cant disclose any information regarding this particular case, however, any future cases are not covered by the confidentiality agreement
  3. i phoned my bank on many occasions, asking to stop the charges , as it was causing me financial misery, they insisted the best thing and only thing they could do was to give me a managed loan, thankfully i told them no thanks, and worked my way out of the o/d nightmare, so if there is a penalty clause for paying back your loan early it may be a problem, however as has been proved by someone recently, you need to specifically request the payment method when you win, (i.e. cheque) otherwise they will dump it in your account, or offset any managed loans with it
  4. couple of things, when you refer to an account it should be accounts as its more than one account, also "I calculate that you have taken from account number xxxx is (remove, "is" )£xxx, and from account number xxx £xxx plus £xxx (which) you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £xxxxx. I am enclosing a copy of the schedule of the charges which I am claiming which I have already sent you a copy of this in my original letter of the 20 June 2006."
  5. er, gift horse, and mouth, springs to mind
  6. you mean overdraft interest? its claimable but hellish complicated and wont add up to much , personally i didnt bother, as i didnt want to make any mistakes in the calculation that the banks could pounce on if a court claim was issued
  7. dont worry about this, the people who have had problems of this type have had a managed loan, which is to say that its an arrangement with the bank to pay back moeny they are owed for defaulting on an account (or getting way behind with payments on an ordinary loan) so if you have paid all your installments on time and have had no problems with the bank, dont fret, they cant do anything about your loan as it would be breach of contract on their part to cut short the loan period
  8. you use the registered office addres which is on the bottom of the letters they send you the canada square one
  9. nah its just a standard response letter, i must admit when i found out how much i would be claiming i thought of cool toys, but i've grown up an awfull lot since my daughter was born, and with this money i am going to wipe the slate clean, ofcourse anything left over might be nice
  10. perhaps the previous years might contain more charges, although i found that it wasnt as much, because the actual charges themselves were less back then
  11. i'm not 100% on this, i do know that if an account has had a default on, it doesnt matter with regard to reclaiming your charges, so i would think that the same would apply to CCJ , however i will need to check
  12. hi ive had a development today, i was wondering, there seems to be some correlation between those that have settlements on MCOL seem to get their money within 7 days, as opposed to those that accept an early settlement direct from HSBC seem to be taking much longer
  13. hey guess what, got a letter from dg solicitors today damn right , i got my money, so to all those who are a bit unsure at the moment, dont hesitate, dont worry i'm not going anywhere, and as soon as the money is credited, a donation will be winging its way along with a completed survey thanks to all those that have helped me learn the process, and given me advice/encouragement along the way
  14. basically it just sets out the wording there for you, you'll have to copy and paste all the letter into another program like microsoft word, or if you dont have that, then wordpad will do
  15. question answered 2 posts up
  16. good job, keep us posted as to your progress, any questions , you know where to come
  17. yes please send a pm to one of the mods with your claim number, the amount your claiming, and the date claim was deemed to be served or acknowleged also you can mention which court its in aswell
  18. unless they have something on the website which states that its an online promotion only, you should be able to get the difference back
  19. oh dear, this is what we are here for, if you had any questions you could have asked before it got this far, but dont worry , there is a solution, my advice is this, recalculate all your charges but do not include any o/d interest charges, the reason being they are hellish difficult to calculate accurately , and you wouldnt want the bank to use it as an excuse to get your case thrown out, best thing to do is resend your LBA with a revised total amount (i.e. minus o/d interest) and a new timetable of 7 days to comply, when you've done this let us know how you are getting on, dont fill i
  20. if you read through the faq's (link in my sig), there is also a step by step guide explaining exactly what to do and when to do it
  21. dont worry about it, the loan account is a seperate issue, they cant close it in the same way that you cant just decide to stop paying it, you both entered into a credit agreement, and they cant forclose your loan account as this would be breach of contract
  22. the accounts being closed is of no relevance, and as such the 40 days still stands, dont worry about it
  23. yes , no problem, its the same institution therefore you can send them a dpa request letter but ask for details on both accounts, (dont forget your £10 fee )
  24. is there no-one you know with a printer?, that you could email the spreadsheet to and print off there, only if you send off your statements and they "lose" them you'll have to start again, if you really cant do that, then i suggest you fill in the spreadsheet anyway, even though you cant print it off, for future reference as to dates and stuff
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