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  1. good luck, and dont be a stranger
  2. well in response to your question i got my money in my account today, i ony sent the letter back to dg on monday evening
  3. just send a standard LBA letter
  4. try that instead, you have to appear reasonable incase it ever went to court
  5. dont worry, they wont charge you for them individually as long as you asked for the under a sar
  6. unfortunately at the moment you cant go back more than 6 years in charges, as for having a payment arrangement, or a managed loan, it wont affect your claim , however when you get your money, you will have to stipulate any specific request for where you want the money to go
  7. yes i believe there have been 2 such instances, however both of these were for reclaiming charges more than once
  8. fantastic news, thats quite a few today who've won
  9. fantastic news, well done, i got my money in my account today and i sent my letter back on monday night, so expect it soon, you're not he only ones who's life is going to be a bit easier now
  10. as always its up to you, if you really want that extra money then go for it, but be prepared to wait a few more weeks
  11. the reason the 2nd one is so long , is simply that it removes any loopholes or technicalities, that the bank may try to use to not give you your money, trust me its better to stick to the method which has been proved by over 1000 people so far
  12. maverik1979


    i sure was, go to internet banking bring up your current account or whatever account it is you are claiming from, then click on statements, then under the statement window, click on next set
  13. hell and welcome to hsbc side of things, ok some people are reporting a similar situation to you, but you're much better off as you've already sorted out your account, proceed as normal , your claim will be unnaffected
  14. dont worry about this too much , i relied on my statements that i had from online banking, some of the descriptions were just charge, if thats whats on the statement, then thats what it is, its what i put down, and i got my money in my account today
  15. hi paul, ok what to do is send your lba off as per your timetable, but do include a breakdown of charges with it, if you're unsure as to what this entails then let us know
  16. i've got to be honest, i didnt even entertain the idea of reclaiming overdraft interest precisely because of things like this, its a minefield, and its not worth it in my opinion, for the amount gained
  17. ok , the best thing to do is to download the spreadsheet from the library, and use this, unfortunately you are going to have to put all these charges (a description of the charge,the amounts they are for, and also the date they were taken) into the spreadsheet by hand ,, however this will also at the same time calculate the 8% interest for you note... do not mention the interest until you are submitting a court claim, so dont print that part off
  18. the oft report said that, anything over £12 will be investigated further, however they made no admission that the £12 charge was fair or indeed reasonable
  19. dont worry sarah, depending on what stage you are at , its all fixable , personally , the best thing to do is forget about o/d interest as its a bit of a minefield tbh, i know that some people have miscalculated and still got paid, but i dont think that the banks will take this forever, so just wait until you get to the court stage, then think about interest, and only the 8% apr one
  20. dont worry, you've come to the right place the breakdown of charges is fairly simple really, just the date , description , and amount of the charge, heres a handy spreadsheet , all ready for you, which will also calculate your 8% interest, should you get to submitting a court claim, for the inital purpose though, dont print out the bit with the interest calculation in it http://www.bankactiongroup.helpwithmypc.com/resources/BankCharges.xls
  21. dont panic, people are here to help you, if you need reassurance , come here and get it, dont be scared about going to court, for one thing no-one from hsbc has gone to court yet , but secondly, YOU are in the right and the bank knows this, you have them by their tail, and they want to escape, they will try and fob you off , and tell you, that you cant win, dont listen to them, stick to your timetable, and follow the steps, and you'll get your money
  22. the bankers draft thing is prob not a penalty , but a service, and therefore you cant claim it back, the total charges of £100 are for exceeding you allowable account balance by a few days probably
  23. if you fill in the spreadsheet provided in the library, and fill in all the dates and transaction amounts, and a description of each one, that will suffice, then you need to send this to dg solicitors, if you have already raised your MCOL, if not then send it to your previous correspondance address at HSBC, hope that helps
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